Anna Jay – ‘The Queen Slaying The Star of The Show

Professional wrestling is an industry that relies on youth. In a profession where any match could be your last match, it is vital to have new stars at hand.

In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest of women in professional wrestling. Women are proving their abilities to draw throughout a male-dominated industry, and new stars are rising because of this.

Anna Jay is one where fans initially asked where, but where did she come from? The Star of the Show has little history, but so far has made a great impression in her brief career.

Anna Jay –
Start in Wrestling

Anna Jay was born Anna Marie Jernigan on July 16th, 1998. Anna was born and raised in Brunswick, Georgia, where she started watching wrestling at a young age. It is interesting to think about the newest generation of talents and who they were influenced by.

Unfortunately, talents like Trish Stratus and Lita were nearing the end of their careers when Anna started watching.

However, she still had the opportunity to watch great talents like Mickie James and Beth Phoenix in their prime.

She graduated from Glynn Academy High School in 2016 and then enrolled at the College of Coastal Georgia.

Shortly after, she pursued her dream of being a professional wrestler. In late 2017, Anna Jay would enroll to train at the 1 Fall Power Factory in Norcross, Georgia. Anna would learn from two great trainers during her time at the Power Factory.

One being QT Marshall and the other being former WCW star Glacier also known as Ray Lloyd.

Minor Setback Leads to Major Debut

The world of professional wrestling has its risks. There is always the chance of landing the wrong way or even just a freak accident.

In April 2019, during training, Anna Jay suffered an injury to her shoulder that would require surgery. She would be out of action for 4-6 months.

She would come back 5 months later, fully healed, and it was time to make her professional debut.

On Sept 14th, 2019, Anna Jay would make her debut at Glaciers charity event “The Battle of Altama.” Ray Lloyd was interviewed ahead of time and talked about the show. He also shared some benevolent words about his trainee Anna Jay.

This will be her debut show. She’s the epitome of what we look for in pro wrestlers.

Anna Jay has a great work ethic and attitude and toughness. She is going to surprise a lot of people.”

– Ray Lloyd “Glacier” on Anna Jay

Anna Jay had the full support of her trainer and got the opportunity to make her dream come true.

She had overcome her first obstacle with her shoulder injury, and it was time to make her mark in this business.

Anna Jay –
‘The Star of The Show’

She would take her momentum from her debut show and would look to be prominently featured in another promotion.

After just 10 days, she made her debut at Georgia Premier Wrestling. She was supposed to make her debut at GPW’s Reloaded show 3 days prior, but The Star of The Show was not happy with her working conditions.

Anna Jay would later get into a long-term feud with rival Thunder Blonde. The two would clash in a hair versus hair match on the January 17th, 2019 Edge of Darkness show.

Anna Jay would come out victorious in a well-built match. Anna Jay not only shows her in-ring workability in this match, but the character work is top-notch.

The Star of The Show would soon shine too bright to just be in Georgia Premier Wrestling. So, instead, she would get experience working at Empower Wrestling.

It was here that she had the ability to really hone her craft.

In the early months of 2020, with 3 years of experience, Jay was making a good impression.

However, it would not be long after this match against that she would get the opportunity of a lifetime.

Anna Jay is All-Elite

On April 1st, 2020, Anna Jay made her AEW Debut. Thankfully for her, it was not some horrible April Fools joke.

She competed against Hikaru Shida in a losing effort. However, she must have felt comfortable in the ring because it was where she took her first bump.

During the early days of the no-fan shows, AEW taped a few weeks’ worth of television at The Power Factory.

Just 5 days later, AEW announced that they were signing Anna Jay. She would work a few more matches on AEW Dark.

Then, on June 20th, 2020, she would face against another newcomer Abadon. In another losing effort, she saw herself at 0-3 and lying in the center of the ring.

However, after the match, the Exalted One, Mr. Brodie Lee, extended his hand, and the rest of The Dark Order helped her to the back.

Ann Jay Joins The Dark Order

We would see Anna Jay resurface a few weeks later wearing a mask. Thus aligning herself with The Dark Order. She appeared with Mr. Brodie Lee while they watched Evil Uno and Stu Grayson from the announce table.

Anna Jay also found herself in the Women’s AEW Deadly Draw Tournament. She would be randomly paired with former NXT Talent (and friend) Tay Melo.

The two would have a tough task in the first round against Nyla Rose and Ariane Andrews, then former WWE talent Candice.

Anna and Tay pulled out the win and, with that, provided Anna Jay with her first win in AEW. The two would lose in the Semi-Finals against Ivelisse and Diamante.

This past episode of AEW Dynamite saw her finally attack while paired with The Dark Order. Following her leader’s desolation of Cody, she was given the nod to attack Brandi.

Anna would leave Brandi unconscious in a matter of seconds. This a big character development for Anna Jay.

After suffering loss after loss, she has seemingly changed her direction by aligning herself with The Dark Order.

The Star of The Show is a very young and promising talent. She has had great training and has a great support system with her former trainer just an earshot away.

The future is bright for The Star of The Show, and at a young age of 22, her potential is limitless.