Angel Amoroso ECW Original returns to the ring after 20 years

On January 14, 2023, Find Yourself Wrestling had a pro wrestling food drive at Bar Breakers 537 US-9, Waretown, NJ 08758, United States. The food drive will be to benefit the St. Joseph’s Food Pantry in Toms River, New Jersey. Angel Amoroso is now the acting General Manager.
Tickets are on sale here.
A few highlights for that evening will be the first-ever Balls Mahoney Memorial Cup which will be part of a 20-man over-the-top-rope battle royal, special guest referee Chris Mahoney. This will be the first time fellow ECW legend Jason Knight will be stepping in the ring in over ten years, and this will be the first time ECW original Angel Amoroso will be stepping in the ring in 20 years.
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“I got my start in Wrestling in the 80s as a well-known heckling front row fan, of mostly NWA shows, from a radio show fan group run by Joel Goodhart, promotor of Philadelphia’s TWA wrestling.

Dennis Carluzzo and Larry Sharpe were family friends and gave me opportunities starting out as a timekeeper, announcer, ring card girl, then eventually the first female valet/manager of The Pitbulls, Gary Wolf, and Anthony Durante.

At 15 years old, I debuted  as a manager and finally Wrestler, with side jobs doing everything from wardrobe, booking, and promoting shows for Larry Sharpe and eventually for myself with TCW wrestling by 1993, a promotion that gave birth to the youth gone wild wrestling era of guys like Trent Acid, Steve Corino, Nick Berk, and many others.”

Angel Amoroso was also the first female to take chair shots and bleed for a pro wrestling promotion as well as a well-known wrestling manager. She wrestled for numerous companies and shared the ring with numerous WWE, ECW, and WCW legends. She was also a promoter and an MMA fighter.
Angel Amoroso was also the first female in ECW to be considered hardcore. “ECW was the testing grounds for all of what was to come for the future generations of wrestling. Whether it be the introduction of Hardcore Unadulterated Violence, nudity, or the flood of fighting females, ECW was the pioneer promotion that started combining great storylines with excellent new talent from around the world.
With new original characters, introducing new match styles, using weapons, and a real shoot style, blood drawing, brawling chaos type show that completely changed the face of traditional professional wrestling” said Amoroso.
When asked who were some female wrestlers, she looked up to; Amoroso said, ” My female Icons were Nancy Benoit. As a valet, I spent most of my childhood around her while traveling with the NWA. She was very smart and always had the best advice.
As a wrestler, Luna Vachon, her look, her style of wrestling, her family, and her history were just a few things to admire. She was also a very helpful and genuinely loving human being who put up with a lot of shit with a crooked smile. Sherri Marteland and Wendi Richter taught me so much.
I actually learned more from them, by wrestling them, than any wrestling schools ever taught. I was blessed to absorb all I could from such skilled veterans. Last but not least by any means was Madusa! She was the breakthrough female who I looked up to the most as far as technical skills and the ability to be showcased as one of the most talented females overall.

ECW original Angel Amoroso returns to the ring after 20 years

Oftentimes she has been mistaken for Angel Orsini, who is another ECW alumni. Despite both wrestlers working for similar promotions, they have never met. However,  there has been a lot of heat between the two of them over the years.
On January 14th, in the spirit of Billie Jean King vs Bobby Riggs, this is the promotion’s first-ever intergender match. Amoroso will be managing fellow ECW alumni Little Guido, aka Nunzio; they will be going against Angel Orsini, co-capt of “the PItbulls Mad Dogs of War” pro wrestling faction.
“World’s sexiest man will manage Orsini,” Jason Knight, who will be with his new valet Nadia Steele and their bodyguard, the Intimidator Pitbull number 3.
Angel Amoroso expressed,

“Angel Orsini and I have a history. It goes back to when I left ECW, Jason Knight was looking for a replacement for me! “The Original Queen of Hardcore “and the ONLY important Angel in the history of professional wrestling! He trained Orsini as his “Prodigette”, and she transformed from “Riptide” to “Angel” overnight!

Confusing fans and promoters alike as being ECW’s Angel. She then received all of the work I lost. The first and last strike was taking my family’s money. As I retired for two decades, more recently, I agreed to drop the beef between us upon my coming back to conventions and doing virtual signings with different wrestlers.

I figured we could get along enough to make some money to make up for what she took from me, but at The Icons of Wrestling fan fest,  as I was about to present Gangrel with Luna Vachon induction into the women’s pro wrestling hall of Fame, I became violently ill.

After thinking about what could’ve caused this, I quickly narrowed it down to a protein bar that Angel Orsini gave to me with a huge smile on her face! Obviously, it was poisoned! I had to leave the event, preventing me from making my money!

My cousin Nunzio was a witness to this and agrees that Angel Orsini needs to be taught a lesson about who she is and isn’t; she’ll never be The Queen; SHE’S JUST A BI****! Truly a female DOG and fooling around with the family’s money was the worst mistake she’s ever made.”

Orsini responded recently with,

I have no recollection of Angel Amoroso when I was wrestling, and I don’t understand what her issue is; I met her at Icons and took a photo with her.”

When asked what she is currently working on, Amoroso expressed,

“I currently I have a show with ECW original, The Ironman Tommy Cairo, Wrestling Rewind on our YouTube channel: Variety Vault with a crew of other shows in varying topics, including Nascar, paranormal activity, horror movie reviews, MMA, only fans hosts and of course Wrestling Recap covering current wrestling.

I also have an upcoming podcast, “Married to Wrestling ” with Co-host Cory G on (his YouTube) every Sunday at 7 pm starting January 29th. I will be at Wrestling Con 4, where I’ll be hosting Wrestling Rewind live and also signing with Dr. D David Schultz, brought to you by Mr. Big.

And recently becoming the ambassador of the women’s pro wrestling hall of Fame, there’s a lot of work to do for future inductees, and more is coming in every day! There is a documentary in the works. There is a book in the very near future….”

Amoroso is also starting to get into business for herself and will be having virtual signings and meet and greets. She has already booked, ECW originals Tommy Cairo, Jason Knight, Gary Wolf for a Facebook live signing for fans here
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