Sami Callihan retains AAW Pro Wrestling Championship | #AndSTILL

On Saturday, March 16th, AAW Pro presented Hell Hath No Fury from the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, Illinois. In front of a raucous crowd, AAW Pro Champion Sami Callihan put his championship on the line. He did so against WRSTLING faction member Jake Something. It was a battle that surely did as much for Something as it did for Callihan. This feud against WRSTLING has been building over the past few months. It reached a fevered pitch to date on this night.


As mentioned earlier this week, the event it had all the potential of being a coming-out party for Something. With only a couple of years of competition under his belt to be not only facing but contending for a championship on an established independent promotion, it noteworthy. Going into the match, Something has the size to make a difference, especially against Callihan. The longtime tag team competitor had an opportunity to show just how talented he is as a singles competitor.

Callihan’s manager JT Davidson didn’t even have the opportunity to introduce the champion out before Something laid him out. From the opening bell, it was strike after strike after strike. Throughout the match, Callihan’s sadistic and aggressive nature was evident throughout the match. This was evident through his use of chairs in an attempt to seek revenge for what was done to Davidson at the beginning of the match.

Sami Callihan retains AAW Pro Wrestling Championship.

We noted earlier of Something’s size, and strength is a factor. By the looks of Callihan throughout the contest, they certainly were evident. Whether they were his Black Hole Slams or powerbombs, Something was on a quest not just to defeat Callihan but to ensure he didn’t walk out of Hell Hath No Fury without the aid of an ambulance. In a blaze of glory, Something even attempted to powerbomb Callihan through a row of chairs that were set up in the ring.

The problem was Callihan avoided said set up chairs. In fact, he dropped Something through the same chairs that were set up. As insane as that was all to witness, the most remarkable observation during all of this was that Callihan covered Something for only a ONE count! It ultimately took a piledriver through a chair to finish off Something. Callihan then covered him for the three count winning the match and retaining the championship.

Fans left this match knowing that they had seen something special. In a win by Callihan, he continues to show a systematic dissection of WRSTLING with his win over Something. This could very well be leading to a one-on-one encounter for the AAW Pro Championship. One between Callihan and WRSTLING leader David Starr. With that said, enough can’t be said about Something’s performance on this evening. If he didn’t turn heads, then it’s likely someone had a stiff neck. Jake Something has shown that he will be amongst the company’s biggest threats moving into the balance of 2019 and beyond in such a short time. 

However, as it stands, moving into AAW Pro’s next event, Epic: The 15th Year Anniversary, the winner and still AAW Pro Wrestling champion is ‘the draw’ Sami Callihan.