#AndNEW Superkick’d Pro Wrestling Champion, Tarik!

Superkick’d Pro Wrestling held yet another successful event on November 22, 2019, specifically in regard to Tarik. With it being called Rumble In The Dot, you better believe that the Toronto promotion had a card that truly was a rumble! The card was already stacked with some of the independent’s best, including Jake Something, Kobe Durst, and Psycho Mike. It also featured a huge First Blood match between The “White Russian” Anton Alexiev versus Stratos Fear. Independent wrestling fans flocked to yet another successful and exciting show by Superkick’d Pro Wrestling. With what’s already been described as a hot crowd, it’s no wonder why fans are still running off the adrenaline all the wrestlers left in the fans’ bodies!

At Rumble in The Dot, Superkick’d Pro Wrestling was Punched, Kicked, and Chopped into a new championship direction. Tarik won the Superkick’d Championship off long-time champion Orlando Christopher!

Most fans thought that when Tarik lost the Smash Wrestling Heavyweight title to rival Kevin Bennet earlier this year that it could slow Tarik down. However, it may only have done the complete opposite. This victory over Orlando Christopher last night at Rumble In The Dot marks the fourth title win this year for Tarik!

Photo credit: Superkick’d Pro Wrestling
This year he was one-half of the Pro Wrestling Eclipse tag team champions alongside independent legend and Pillars member Tyson Dux!

They lost the titles to the Hu Warriors. It didn’t stop Tarik from Punching, Kicking, and Chopping his way through the independents. He even invaded Quebec with fellow Pillars members, winning the NSPW Tag Team Championship! Later in the year, Tarik took this championship year to another level when he won the Pro Wrestling Eclipse Heavyweight championship off Cody Deaner!

Now with the Superkick’d championship victory being his fourth title, one must wonder if Tarik will finally win back the Smash Wrestling Championship this year from rival Kevin Bennet, making 2019 a five-title win year? With all this momentum and the year wrapping up, Tarik seems to be on the best path the wrestling Gods can send a good brother leading into a new year!