#AndNEW: Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy capture Raw #TagTeamTitles

This past week’s edition of Monday Night Raw fans saw a new alliance and tag team champions as well. Earlier in the evening, Seth Rollins slated that he and Buddy Murphy would challenge for the WWE Tag Team Championship. In an attempt to even the odds, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe would come to the aid of the Viking Raiders. When it appeared as though the Viking Raiders would be at risk of losing the match, a brawl ensued. Owens, Joe and the Authors of Pain would battle outside the ring. During this brawl, it was announced that they wouldn’t be permitted back at ringside. The match resulted in Murphy and Rollins winning the tag team titles.

The match itself was a back and forth affair. It first appeared as though the match was in the favor of the Viking Raiders. The match had moments of sheer dominance for both Erik and Ivar. However, as the match progressed Buddy Murphy and Seth Rollins began to make a comeback. Buddy and Seth would use an array of strikes to gain an advantage. Each time it seemed as though the match was in the favor of Buddy and Seth, the Viking Raiders would thwart their effort.

After Buddy hit an entrapped knee strike to Erik he made the tag to Seth. Rollins would climb the top turnbuckle and hits a frog splash on Erik. He followed this up with a pinning attempt but only for a count of two. It would then come to Rollins hitting his curb stomp finisher for a count of three.

The winners and new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions are Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy

While the win is likely something fans didn’t see coming it is something that further builds on the Monday Night Messiah character. With the inclusion of Buddy Murphy as Seth’s ‘newest disciple,’ it certainly shows that the company is working to creating a Church of Rollins of sorts.

The championship is Murphy’s first championship since he captured the WWE Cruiserweight Championship as part of the 205 Live roster. He is currently coming off a series of losses to Aleister Black. Murphy’s alliance with Rollins appeared to seemingly come out of nowhere last week. If the current angle of the Monday Night Messiah continues to grow fans can anticipate that this will be a longstanding reign for the duo. Murphy has long been someone fans had wanted to see succeed.