#AndNEW: PACO wins AAW Heritage Championship

On Saturday, November 30th, AAW Heritage Champion, Jake Something defended his title against PACO. Fans knew that Something would be defending his title but there wasn’t widespread knowledge as to whom Something would be facing. With that secret being kept close to the vest, PACO came out and faced the much larger Something for his AAW Heritage Championship. Early on in the matchup, Something showed no regard for PACO.  Despite early attempts by the challenger, Something was proving to be just too big and strong for PACO. With chops left and right by the challenger, PACO gave it his all in the match. However, Something stops it by hitting a Michinoku Driver on the challenger.

As the match progressed, Something was tossing PACO from one end of the ring to the other with no regard or compassion! PACO refused to relent in the matchup despite the beating he had received. The story being told in this match was one of refusal to lose or surrender to the much larger champion. The match continued on and PACO began to mount an offense on the apparently more fatigued champion. Armed with an array of strikes, PACO was taking the fight to the champion. This series of moves culminated in a tornado DDT by the champion and a pin attempt..1…2..kickout!

With the crowd clearly behind PACO, Something appears out of his element. The desire of the challenge combined with the emotion of the crowd is apparent. A desperate man will take it upon himself to take desperate measures. Something takes a chair out from under the ring and sets it up between the ropes. PACO can smell he has the champion on the ropes and is closing in for the kill. The challenger then hits a DVD on the champion and quickly follows it up with his signature frog splash. PACO then makes the pin but only for a count of two once again!

After this takes place a former ally of Something comes to ringside in the form of Eddie Kingston!

Kingston’s appearance and distraction on the microphone are exactly what the challenger needed. A sunset flip into a Canadian destroyer and the challenger follows up with a pinning attempt. 1…2…3! The winner AND NEW AAW HERITAGE CHAMPION is PACO!

After a hard-fought victory, PACO has captured the AAW Heritage Championship. Un next for PACO will be Hakim Zane for the AAW Heritage Championship at the Windy City Classic XV