#AndNEW: Black Label Pro Midwest Championship Changes Hands

Has anyone had as great of a month as Kylie Rae? She’s on a roll like a Pokemon Pokeball! Kylie’s proven herself to be one of the top wrestlers on the indie scene. She’s gone against some of the toughest men and women in the world. Now Smiley Kylie’s holding prestigious gold, and she’s reaping the benefits of her skill and hard work! Did the BLP Midwest Championship change hands?

#AndNEW: Kylie Rae wins Black Label Pro Midwest Championship

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/thatrosetattoo

Kylie Rae took on Black Label Pro Midwest champ AJ Gray at Black Label Pro‘s Quantum Leap. She would make history with this win as the first reigning female BLP Midwest champ. In a card packed with excellent matches, this title bout stood out.

AJ Gray is one of the best on the scene, no doubt, but he had his work cut out for him! Now I’m glad to see that one of the hardest working women on the independent scene is holding the gold. Rae went toe to toe with AJ Gray, put it all on the line, and she came through with the victory after a hard-fought battle.

Gray showed dominance for a large part of the match, but Kylie’s skills stood out and enabled her to capture the win. This title change is a monumental event for the promotion, as Kylie Rae ushers in a new era as champ. It’ll be great to see what kind of new competition this win will garner for Smiley Kylie in the near future. Congratulations to the new BLP Midwest Champion, and many thanks to AJ Gray for a solid reign! It is a title reign that will see Kylie Rae as the flagbearer for Black Label Pro and their Midwest Championship. Who will step up and challenge Rae now for her championship?