#AndNEW: Keith Lee captures NXT North American Championship

Could it be that the Gold Rush has finally come to an end for the Undisputed Era? If last night’s NXT Championship match between Keith Lee and Roderick Strong is any indication it may be. For fans of NXT, they witnessed the years of commitment, determination, and sacrifice. The witnessed the dawning of a new day as fans’ Basked In His Glory. Keith Lee has captured the NXT North American Championship.

His win came after weeks of attacks by the Undisputed Era. Whether it was a gang mentality or not in an attempt to beat him down, Lee overcame the challenge. Since arriving in NXT it had felt as though for one reason or another, Lee hadn’t been elevated to a position where he had worked to be. This likely coupled with injuries albeit put a brief halt to his climb up the ladder.

With time, and opportunity Lee eventually was thrust into a position where he could be spotlighted. It appeared as though Lee’s involvement in the NXT ‘invasion’ of Smackdown and Raw helped to raise his overall value. This along with his performance in the NXT TakeOver: War Games and the Men’s team vs. team vs. team match at Royal Rumble, all had many raising their heads and taking notice.

Once 2019 came to an end, Lee appeared to be used in several matches that put him in immediate contention for the NXT Championship. While he may have not have been successful in those matchups that isn’t to say that he wasn’t successful. Fans were continuing to react to his matches. His incredible feats of strength coupled with his remarkable agility spoke volumes about his future.

With each entrance and a ceremonious ‘bask in his glory’ chant in unison fans didn’t just want to see him compete.

Fans wanted to see  Lee win. On Wednesday, January 22nd, the fourteen-year veteran and Limitless captured the NXT North American Championship. While championship success isn’t new to Lee it is to him in the WWE. In particular his time in NXT, Lee had never captured a championship in two-plus years with the company. What will this championship win mean for Lee? Consequently, what will this championship win mean for the Undisputed Era? Does not having a title put Roderick Strong at a disadvantage? Could Keith Lee have put the wheels in motion for dissension within the group? Only time will tell leading into TakeOver.