#AndNEW: Freelance Wrestling Tag Titles Change Hands at ‘Lucky Punks’

It’s fairly safe to say that the Take-It-Homewreckers define the term ‘Lucky Punks’! Freelance Wrestling gave a chance to new talent to shine and grab an opportunity at this show. This gauntlet match set that example at the tag titles changed hands at as Freelance Wrestling presented Lucky Punks.

Freelance Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match

The five tag teams involved included the reigning Freelance Tag Team champs, Shane Sabre and Space Monkey. Collectively known as the Space Pirates, these two work together amazingly as a team. This match would make their sixth defense of the title, but there was no predicting the moment of when the champs would appear in the match.

The gauntlet match would start out with the Philly Marino Experience (and they use Susussudio as their theme song, which makes them tops with me) taking on the team of Missa Kate and Davey Bang. Missa and Davey had a solid gauntlet opener with PME and ended up with the first victory. The Space Pirates were out next in the gauntlet, however, and defeated Missa Kate/Davey Bang.

The Four Star Heroes (team of Matt Knicks and Chris Castro) were out next. The Space Monkeys rallied together to defeat them, but the wear on the team was starting to show. Once the Take-It-Homewreckers were out, it was clear that they would capitalize on their fortunate situation. The reigning champs were visibly shaken by their previous two matches. The crowd was staunchly behind the Space Pirates, and the Pirates were still able to put on an impressive defense in the final round of the gauntlet.

Match Conclusion

The amount of near-falls in the gauntlet’s last round left me on edge! Space Monkey especially remained strong until the end of the match despite taking a lot of punishment throughout. It almost looked as if the Space Pirates just may have achieved a well-earned and well-fought victory. The Homewreckers would not have this, however, and teammate Bucky Collins prevented a close pinfall on his partner Mikey by pulling the ref’s leg. The ensuing distraction allowed outside interference from Freelance wrestler Darin Corbin on the behalf of the Homewreckers. This alliance between Darin and the Take-It-Homewreckers, at last, proved whatever it’s worth as the Freelance tag team championship was stolen from the Space Pirates! The tag titles changed hands as Freelance Wrestling presented Lucky Punks.

Now that the Take-It-Homewreckers hold the gold, you wonder just how much tougher things will get for them. Time will tell if this affiliation with Darin Corbin holds steady.