#AndNew EVIL Captures IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Titles

When Tetsuya Naito defeated both Switchblade Jay White and The RainMaker Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 14 it was a historical moment for NJPW. As Naito became the first-ever Dual Champion. Just six months later, the first Dual Champion would lose both belts. To a man he called a teammate, a brother, and a friend just a day. Yes, EVIL is your #AndNew IWGP Double champion.

EVIL betrayed his Los Ingobernables De Japon leader a day earlier after beating Okada at the New Japan Cup 2020 finals. He used The Bullet Club’s help during the match against Okada, but due to The Bullet Club and Okada’s tense relationship, no one thought too much of this. It was only after EVIL held the New Japan Cup up and Los Ingobernables leader Naito came to the ring to celebrate with his teammate anyone noticed something was wrong.

Naito went to fist bump his Los Ingobernables brother but EVIL turned it into a ‘Too Sweet’, confusing Naito before he then attacked his former leader. The Bullet Club then came to the ring and helped their new teammate continue his attack on Naito. Going into EVIL’s match at Dominion on the 12th of July against Naito tensions were obviously now high.


#AndNew EVIL Captures IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Titles

EVIL used his new Bullet Club connections during Dominion. He came stalking out to the ring with all his new brothers in toe, ‘Too Sweeting’ the air. Coming to the ring was not the only way EVIL used Bullet Club’s help. There was constant interference from the club. Members constantly distracted Red Shoes and climbed into the ring to attack Naito. LIJ tried its best to stop as much interference as possible.

The Osaka fans were shocked as BUSHI ran to the ring and started to also attack Naito. BUSHI distracted the referee while EVIL hit Naito with a low blow and then an Everything Is Evil to win the match and the belts. While fans were rightly shocked it turned out everything was not as it seemed. BUSHI wasn’t in fact BUSHI but was Dick Togo. Togo threw a ‘Too Sweet’ in air. And declared he would not only be a Bullet Club member but also be managing EVIL from this point on.

This current title run is the first time EVIL has captured either the IWGP Heavyweight Championship or the Intercontinental Championship. Though EVIL didn’t seem to be allowed much of a celebration. Hiromu Takahashi ran straight to the ring breaking up Bullet Club’s attack on Naito and challenged EVIL for the belts. Takahashi declared that he didn’t care which belt he challenged for but give him a title shot. EVIL didn’t want to entertain this idea as he left the ring with his two new belts. Leaving Takahashi stropping like a child refused dessert.

We are left with so many unanswered questions after Dominion. Will Takahashi get his title shot? How will Los Ingobernables De Japon cope with the loss of EVIL? What does this all mean for The Bullet Club having 2 new members? All we know right now is EVIL is the #AndNew IWGP Heavyweight Champion and the Intercontinental Champion and newest member of The Bullet Club.

All images and videos courtesy of New Japan Pro Wrestling and SirLARIATO 


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