#AndNEW: Champion crowned at Ballroom Brawl 13

ECCW’s Championship belt had quite the weekend!  It was defended twice in the 2-night event in Vancouver BC at ECCW Ballroom Brawl 13. Firstly, defended by Artemis Spencer vs Bandido, and then defended again in what turned out to be a 4-way match for the title.

Photos / ECCW

Artemis won the title on January 11th, 2019. Spencer and Bandido had a great match, however, Bandido emerged victorious ending Arty’s reign at just over 1 year and 1 week.

Photos / ECCW

We also saw Beef Boy (W) Vs Judas Icarus which ended when Eli Surge threw in the towel on behalf of Icarus who didn’t appear too happy about the situation.

In night 2 we saw El Phantasmo and Beef Boy fight for a spot in a 4-way title match where Bandido would defend his new belt. El Phantasmo won the match but returned to the ring to announce that no one deserved to see him fight twice in one night, and defaulted the spot to Beef Boy.

The 4-way title match was Bandido (C) Vs Jeff Cobb Vs Beef Boy Vs Judas Icarus. The match was hard-fought, with a WILD ending and ended with Judas Icarus rolling up Beef Boy and taking the win at Ballroom Brawl 13.

ECCW Ballroom Brawl
Photos / ECCW

Icarus debuted in indy wrestling in 2016 and resides in British Columbia. He is quick, high flying, and known for a lack of shoes in the ring. He has a variety of submission moves as well as a mean kick.

In the aftermath, the crowd roars in celebration, streamers are thrown, Icarus rightfully celebrates, and we see some frustration from the previous night boil over as Icarus turns on Eli Surge. One wonders what this will mean for his stables of the Moonshine Mafia or the Uprising. Time will tell.

I had the chance to ask Judas how he was feeling about his recent win and how he’s been feeling in general.

” Wrestling is kind of insane, this time last year I was honored to be on Ballroom Brawl 11 in an 8 man tag match that I loved every second of. Yesterday I faced two of the best wrestlers in the world in Bandido and Jeff Cobb, as well as one of my best friends in the world, Beef Boy, for the ECCW Championship and won. From that tag match to main eventing two nights at the Commodore Ballroom with over 900 people is just so cool I can’t even explain how it feels. It will be hard to hit a higher high than this for the rest of the year but I hope I can get there.”

I have been lucky enough to see Judas Icarus at several events over the past year. 2020 looks like it will be a good year for Icarus.  You can check him out at 321 Battle, ECCW, DEFY, and 365 Pro Wrestling in the Pacific Northwest. Once you have your eyes on him though, do NOT blink, you never know what you’ll miss.

Pictures collected from @ECCW on Twitter

Originally written by Kelley Jacobi