#AndNew Brittany Blake Wins WSU World Championship

Brittany Blake has had a singular goal since the re-launch of Women Superstars United in March of 2019. This came after the promotion took a nine-month hiatus. She had a brief stumble at Something Entirely New, taking her only loss of the year in WSU against Leyla Hirsch. Blake bounced back and racked up a body count that includes Jinx, Diamante, and Gabby Gilbert. Every month she would show up and go to work, which is more than the current champion at the time Tessa Blanchard did.

The Journey

To determine who would face Blanchard, WSU management set up two title eliminators to join Kris Statlander (then WSU Spirit Champion) in a triple threat match. Brittany defeated The Pink Dream Alex Gracia in her WSU debut. Diamante also qualified over Aja Perera. Statlander lost her title at the same event, Is It Fall Yet? Since Statlander was champion at the time the tournament was seeded, her bye to the final was unchanged. Blake received an amazing opportunity to go to Japan which left her unavailable for Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus. WSU management assured Blake due to her commitment to WSU and impressive record (4-1) that she would be awarded a future title shot. The winner of the match between Kris Statlander and Diamante would determine an interim WSU World Champion until a title match with Tessa Blanchard could be booked and that winner would be the undisputed WSU World Champion.

Statlander overcame Diamante at Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus on October 18th. On December 2nd, WSU management announced on social media that Tessa Blanchard agreed to step aside as WSU World Champion, effective as of October 18 and Kris Statlander would be promoted from interim champion to the WSU World Champion. Officially, her title win would be that match against Diamante. Just a few days later on December 5th, management announced that Brittany Blake would finally get her WSU title shot.

The Opportunity

At CZW Cage of Death 21 on December 14th, she would challenge Kris Statlander. The significance of this match was not lost on Blake. She is a WSU original and has had a great year. In addition to her work at WSU, she’s debuted in Shine Wrestling and went to Japan. Cage of Death is also where Blake debuted for CZW in 2015. Her opponent, Kris Statlander, is also a woman who’s had a great 2019. The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien picked up the WSU Spirit Championship and made it the workhorse of WSU. She also had a brief reign as IWTV Independent Wrestling Champion. In the culmination of many months of longing, Blake wasn’t about to take it easy in this match. To beat the Alien, you have to take the fight to her.

Both women threw out many of the biggest moves in their arsenals, like a satellite DDT, an electric chair and a Texas Cloverleaf. Despite the champion’s heart and determination, it was Blake’s drive that propelled her to victory. Picking up the victory and your new WSU World Champion is Brittany Blake. Following her win, Blake was visibly emotional and rightly so. She is a WSU original and has fought tooth and nail to the top of their roster. On the stage of Cage of Death, they gave the CZW faithful a real taste of women’s wrestling at its finest. Replays are available via CZW Studios and FITE.TV.

There will be not much time for resting on her laurels for Brittany Blake. Her first title defense will be at the WSU double-header on December 28th. At 3:00 PM will be The Reckoning and Blake will defend her championship against the Undead Bride, Su Yung. Following at 7:30 PM will be No Need For Glasses: We Have 2020 Vision. When reached out to for comment, Brittany Blake had this to say:

“This past weekend has been so surreal. When I came back to WSU earlier this year, I had no idea how things were going to play out, but I knew I wanted to help better the company. My first ever match was in a WSU ring. In all honesty, back then I never thought I would ever be good enough to be the Women’s Champion but as time went on I became more confident in myself and never backed down from any challenge thrown my way. For this all to culminate at CZW Cage of Death was poetic to me. I was trained and graduated from CZW and made my CZW debut at Cage of Death a few years ago. I can easily say that my match with Statlander has been one of my favorites. With that being said, I plan to give WSU the fighting champion that they deserve and continue to take on the best women in the world, starting with Su Yung later this month.”

Stay tuned to the Pro Wrestling Post as we will have full previews of The Reckoning and No Need For Glasses: We Have 2020 Vision.

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