Alpha-1 Wrestling’s “Escape From Your Basement” To Stream For Free

Ontario independent wrestling promotion Alpha-1 Wrestling has announced their first show since February 13th, 2020 called “Escape From Your Basement” will be streamed live on their owner and promoter’s channel.

Alpha-1 Wrestling has promoted events in the Hamilton, Ontario region since February 2010. The promoter and owner, former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team champion Ethan Page, announced via Twitter his intentions to stream the upcoming limited attendance event “Escape From Your Basement” for free.

The event will feature an Alpha Male title match between current champion Mark Wheeler and former Alpha Male titleholder and former IMPACT tag team champion Josh Alexander. The event will get hardcore with an Outer Limits Title match featuring Steve Brown, Jodie Threat, Holden Albright, and BMD. A special challenge match between Kobe Durst and Ethan Page will also take place, with Durst earning a title shot if he manages to beat Page. A tag team number one contender’s match will also take place between Space Pirates (Space Monkey and Shane Sabre) versus Fight or Flight (Gabriel Fuerza and Vaughn Vertigo).

The event will be streamed on Ethan Page’s channel. It will later be available for streaming on the IMPACT Plus App.

Alpha-1 Wrestling’s “Escape From Your Basement” To Stream For Free

Alpha-1 Wrestling held their last event on February 13th, called “Deadly Encounter.”. Their follow-up event “This Is The Way” was cancelled on March 20th due to COVID-19. It is one of the international promotions whose events are available on the IMPACT Plus app. They  along with SMASH Wrestling, River City Wrestling, and Border City Wrestling.


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