Alex Shelley Captures BLP Midwest Championship | #AndNEW

In the first match of the Tubro Graps 16 tournament, a shocking surprise took place. A new champion was crowned in the first match. Alex Shelley captures the BLP Midwest Championship against Kylie Rae. The matchup came across as a David vs. Goliath affair. For Shelley and Rae, while both competitors put their utmost effort into this contest, it was shocking to see the early result. During the match, Shelley certainly had things in control and, if anything uses Rae’s anger against her.

In what was nothing short of an absolute shock, Rae was often caught in a moment of anger or frustration, and Shelley took advantage of that time and time again. For each time Rae showed a sense of fire, Shelley would be unphased by this. Each time she hit Shelley with a fury of strikes, the result was met with one strike to thwart her efforts. He would swipe at her bow, which would set her off. Another instance would be with Shelley while sitting on the top rope would hoist Rae up. He would then proceed to slam her from the middle rope! Rae would roll from one end of the ring to the outside as Shelley slowly made his way to her.

Alex Shelley Captures BLP Midwest Championship

As the match was reaching its closing moments, it didn’t matter what Rae did; Shelley was coy throughout. He would take Rae’s best efforts and put an end to it. With Rae caught in a submission position, she had nothing more that she could do but tap out. It was shocking as Shelley was now positioned as the favorite in the tournament, moving forward. What happens now as the tournament continues? As of the time of this writing, there was no confirmation as to whether or not he would continue to defend the title as he moves through the tournament. If he does, we may see another title change take place this evening. Stay tuned to see if that does take place this evening here if the title changes once again.


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