AJPW Grand Champion Carnival 2002 | AJPW Saturday Night RetroView

On April 13th, 2002, All Japan Pro Wrestling have their Grand Champion Carnival from Tokyo, Japan in Nippon Budokan with AJPW Grand Champion 2002. We have 3 Title matches (Junior Heavyweight, All Asia Tag Team & Triple Crown Heavyweight). There is also the start of the Giant Baba 6-Man Tag Team Memorial Tournament.

We find out the next challenger for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Title as World Tag Team Champions Satoshi Kojima & Taiyo Kea face off.

AJPW Grand Champion Carnival 2002
Nobukazu Hirai vs. Yasu Urano

The match starts off with a lock up then Yasu Urano gets an armbar to take Nobukazu Hirai down. Hirai regains the advantage however with an arm drag takedown and holds it for a submission hold. They trade mat holds, headlock by Hirai, Urano tries to Irish whip out of it, but can’t but he finally does manage to do so, but gets shoulder tackled down for his trouble. Scoop slam by Hirai and he kicks on Urano while he is down on the mat.

More kicks, but Urano whips off a pair of arm drag takedowns. Arm submission by Urano, but Hirai reverses it with a scoop slam.  Hirai throws Urano into the turnbuckle and lays on the chops.  He attempts to Irish whip Urano out of the ropes, but it is reversed, and Urano performs a tornado DDT off the ropes. Urano dropkicks Hirai out of the ring and hits the Pescado over the top rope.

Kicks by Urano outside the ring, he throws Hirai back inside, and hits a missile dropkick off the top rope then goes for a cover but only a two count. Urano bounces off the ropes, but Hirai catches him with a lariat. Cover, but a two count, then Hirai picks Urano up, Irish whip, and a back body drop. Hirai applies a single-leg Boston crab, but Urano reaches the ropes.

Side slam by Hirai, cover, but Urano kicks out. Hirai now applies a regular Boston Crab, but again Urano reaches the ropes. Hirai picks Urano up, and they traded punches. Hirai gets the better of it, though, and knocks Urano to the mat. Hirai attempts a brainbuster, but Urano slips behind him and gets a schoolboy for a two-count.

Drop toehold by Urano into a pin, but another two count before Urano goes for a hurricanrana but Hirai catches him and delivers a quick powerbomb, then an elevated Boston Crab by Hirai and Urano taps out.

Winner By Submission: Nobukazu Hirai (5:39)

After the match, Hirai offers a handshake & Urano accepts.

AJPW Grand Champion Carnival 2002
6 Man Tag Team Match

Kaz Hayashi, Jimmy Yang & Hi69 vs. Kazushi Miyamoto, Gran Naniwa & Ryuji Hijikata

Hi69 & Kazushi Miyamoto start things off with a waist lock by Miyamoto, reversed by Hi69, but back into a back wristlock. Hi69 gets out of it, headlock takedown by Miyamoto, reversed into headscissors by Hi69, and both men are back to their feet then they lock up, arm breaker by Miyamoto, and he tags in Ryuji Hijikata. Snapmare by Hijikata into a reverse chinlock. Hi69 escapes the hold and lays on kicks to Hijikata’s legs. Jimmy Yang is tagged in, Irish whip and a high dropkick then goes for a cover but got a two count.

Irish whip by Yang into the corner and a running shoulder thrust.  Backbreaker by Yang, another cover, but again Hijikata kicks out. Yang slaps on a Cobra Twist, but Gran Naniwa reaches through the ropes and pokes him in the eyes. Naniwa is tagged in, and he pokes Yang in the eyes again. Then he goes to the top rope, crabwalk, but he misses the elbow, which allows Yang to tag in Kaz Hayashi & they lock up, headlock by Hayashi, follow by an Irish whip and a shoulder block by Hayashi.

Hayashi bounces off the ropes, headlock takedown, reversed into a headscissors by Naniwa but Hayashi quickly gets out of it then they traded slaps but Hayashi cheats by nailing a spinning heel kick.  Scoop slam by Kaz followed by a slingshot swanton from the ropes.  Hayashi tags in Hi69 who delivers an elbow to the head for a two-count. Headlock applied, but Naniwa muscles his way to his corner and tags in Miyamoto. Kicks by Miyamoto in the corner and a vertical suplex then goes for a cover but Hi69 kicks out at two.

Cross armbar by Miyamoto, but he can’t get it fully locked on before Hi69 gets to the ropes. Miyamoto continues working over Hi69’s arm, scoop slam, and Naniwa is tag back in. Naniwa grabs Hi69’s arm, goes to the top, does the crab walk, and comes down on Hi69’s arm & he thinks Old School but with a crabwalk instead of walking across the top rope.  Armbar by Naniwa is applied but Hi69 makes it to the ropes. Naniwa tags in Hijikata, Irish whip into the corner, and Hijikata nails the running forearm shot to the face.

Modified vertical suplex by Hijikata, cover, but Hi69 kicks out at two.  Cross armbar by Hijikata, but Yang breaks it up.  This brings in Naniwa, who tosses Yang out of the ring in quick order. Irish whip by Hijikata, but he misses the kick with allows Hi69 to hit a dropkick. Hi69 picks up Hijikata quickly, scoop slam, moonsault then hooks the leg but a two count. Hi69 goes for a high kick on Hijikata but Hijikata sees it coming and sweeps Hi69’s leg out from under him.

Kick to the head by Hijikata and he manages to tag in Miyamoto. Miyamoto clubs on Hi69’s back, Irish whip, and a running forearm. Cobra clutch/giant swing by Miyamoto, cover, but Hi69 kicks out then a waistlock by Miyamoto, reversed but Miyamoto switches things back and applies the Argentine Backbreaker but Yang runs in so Miyamoto swings Hi69 into him, knocking him down. Hayashi then runs in, and Miyamoto kicks him in the stomach before tossing Hi69 onto him. Irish whip by Miyamoto reversed, and Hi69 nails the jawbreaker.

Kick by Hi69, then a Shiranui off the 2nd rope then Hi69 tags in Hayashi but Miyamoto sees him coming and delivers a rough release belly-to-back suplex. Miyamoto tags in Naniwa, who snaps off a tornado DDT. Hayashi goes for a suplex, and Naniwa lands on his feet, but the Naniwa attempted hurricanrana is reversed by Hayashi into a powerbomb. Hayashi goes to the top rope, Naniwa runs over to knock him off, fails, and Hayashi delivers a hurricanrana.

Hayashi goes for a dive on the slumped Naniwa in the corner, but Naniwa avoids the charge.  Spinning tornado DDT by Naniwa off the 2nd rope, cover but it got a two count.  Naniwa goes for a powerbomb but Hayashi reverses it into a facebuster. Naniwa tags in Hijikata as Kaz tags in Yang. Yang misses a flying heel kick but Hijikata misses a kick of his own so Yang maintains control. Irish whip by Yang, reversed, and Hijikata nails a kick to the head.

Hijikata picks Yang up, Irish whip, reversed, Yang kick flips off Hijikata in the corner, charges again, gets flips over onto the apron, goes to the top rope and hits a diving neckbreaker. Cover, but Miyamoto breaks it up. Hayashi comes in as do Hi69 & Naniwa, Kaz & Hi69 get their opponents out of the ring and then hit simultaneous topes over the top rope then inside the ring, Yang delivers Yang Time for the win.

Winners: Kaz Hayashi, Jimmy Yang & Hi69 (10:30)

AJPW Grand Champion Carnival 2002
Tag Team Match
Hiroshi Hase & Hideki Hosaka vs. George Hines & Tomoaki Honma

Hideki Hosaka & George Hines starts us off with a lock up follow by a armbar by Hines, reversed into a wristlock by Hosaka, then into a waist lock by Hines into a waist lock for Hosaka and finally Hines takes down Hosaka with a front face lock. Hosaka reverses that into a wristlock and pushes Hines into the corner for the clean break. Side headlock by Hines applied Hosaka Irish whips his way out of it, but Hines shoulders him down.

Hosaka goes for a hiptoss, but Hines reverses it into one of his own. Hosaka dropkicks Hines out of the ring, and then follows him out with a tope suicida. Hosaka slams Hines into the ring post before bringing him up onto the apron. Once there though Hines nails Hosaka with a Scissors Kick. Hines rolls Hosaka back into the ring, cover, but a two count. Hines gives Hosaka a Russian leg sweep, cover, but another two count.

Hines tags in Tomoaki Honma, who quickly nails a running forearm to the face.  Honma bounces off the ropes, but Hosaka catches him with a hurricanrana. Stomp to the back of the head, and Hase is tagged in. Chops to the chest by Hase, side headlock, Irish whip, but Hase shoulders Honma down. Hase then gives Honma the old Giant Swing, swinging him around 30 times. Hase goes to yell at Hines and they taunt each other.  Finally Hase feels the effects of the swing he just gave and tags in Hosaka.

Kick by Hosaka then goes for a cover, but only a two count. Reverse chinlock by Hosaka, but Honma suplexes out of it. Hines tags in, Irish whip, and a dropkick. Pair of headbutts by Hines, and then he applies the sharpshooter. Hosaka reaches the ropes however, so Hines applies an abdominal stretch. Hines tags in Honma, double suplex, cover, but only two.

Chinlock by Honma is applied followed by a series of kicks to the back.  Hase is tagged in, double Irish whip, and a double shoulderblock takedown. Boston Crab by Hase as Hosaka decides to come in and kick on Honma.  Hase breaks the hold, puts Honma up on his shoulders, and then drops him over his knee for a gutbuster.

Hase tags in Hosaka, kick and an elbow by Hosaka, cover, but a two count. Hase is tag back in, and he suplexes Honma onto the ropes.  Honma lands on the apron, so Hase & Hosaka suplex him back over the top rope then goes for a cover by Hosaka, but a two count. Hosaka knocks Hines off the apron, delivers a knee drop to Honma, cover, but a two count. Hase is tag in, and they together kick on Honma’s midsection.

Elbow to the midsection by Hase, he tags in Hosaka & Honma takes a knee to the gut. Shoulder tackles by Hosaka in the corner, and Hase is tag back in. Scoop slam by Hase, he bounces off the ropes, and gives Honma a kick to the head. He then does it again just for good measure then Honma goes nuts on Hase with a variety of blows to the head. Hase trades the blows, but Honma downs him with a lariat. Honma tags in Hines, who goes to work on Hase.

Irish whip by Hines and a scissor kick to the face.  Hosaka runs in, so Hines of course kicks him as well.  Running Scissor Kick to Hase in the corner, cover, but a two count.  Hase fights back with some chops, Irish whip, reversed, and Hines nails the full nelson sit down powerbomb. Cover, but Hase kicks out. Hines goes for a belly 2 back suplex, but Hase holds him off long enough for Hosaka to run in and clothesline him down.

Hines tags in Honma, who throws Hase into the corner. Chops by Honma, Irish whip, running forearm blow, and a bulldog to finish Hase off. Cover, but Hase kicks out. Series of slaps by Honma, which brings in Hosaka to help. Hines runs over to cut off Hosaka, Hase comes up from behind to get a wristlock on Honma, Honma reverses it, Hase gets it back on, and Hosaka comes out of nowhere with the spear on Honma. Hosaka knocks Hines over the top rope as Hase gets the northern lights suplex on Honma to get the win for the team.

Winners: Hiroshi Hase & Hideki Hosaka (11:56)

AJPW Grand Champion Carnival 2002
Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Masanobu Fuchi vs. Kendo Kashin

The match starts off with a lock-up to start this match off then Masanobu Fuchi pushes Kendo Kashin into the ropes, clean break Kashin asks for a handshake. Fuchi hesitates, so Kashin grabs Fuchi’s hand and shakes it then they lock up again Kashin pushes Fuchi into the ropes, but instead of a clean break delivers a pair of uppercuts. Irish whip by Fuchi and a dropkick, then another dropkick by Fuchi. He picks Kashin up and goes for a suplex, but Kashin grabs the ropes to block it and bails out of the ring.

Kashin eventually comes back into the ring as they lock up, side headlock by Fuchi reverted into a drop toehold which is held for a leg submission. Fuchi lets Shin up before bringing him back down and applying the headscissors.  Kashin manages to get out of it, and the 2 struggle for position. Fuchi wins that battle and applies a modified STF into a modified Wakigatame.

Wristlock by Fuchi, then he rolls Shin over to apply a combo wristlock/headscissors.  Kashin again manages to get out of it after a few minutes and applies a camel clutch. Fuchi quickly gets out of it and begins to work on Kashin’s left leg and ankle.  Shin regains control and applies a headlock, but Fuchi is quickly to the ropes.  Kashin clubs on Fuchi’s back but Fuchi fires back with gutwrench powerbomb. Fuchi goes for the suplex, but Kashin blocks it. Fuchi instead places Shin on the top rope, joins him, goes for a superplex, but a low blow sends him back down to the mat.

Kashin climbs down and goes the rolling cradle for a two count.  Kashin kicks on Fuchi, picks him up, and tosses him out of the ring. Kashin follows him out and throws him into the guardrail.  Kashin kicks Fuchi down and tosses him back into the ring.  Kashin climbs up to the top turnbuckle while having his legs around Fuchi’s neck and applies a reverse triangle choke over the top rope. Kashin gets back into the ring after releasing the hold and kicks on Fuchi while he was down.

Blatant choke by Kashin with some tape from his wrist, which the referee finally breaks up.  tree of woe by Kashin as he chokes Fuchi some more then a pair of uppercuts by Kashin follow, but Fuchi fights back with his own punches then a big kick finally knocks Kashin down, Fuchi picks him back up and tosses him so he straddles over the top rope. Choke by Fuchi by the ropes, snapmare, and copious punches to the head. Fuchi places Kashin laying across the top turnbuckle and stretches him over it. Fuchi lays Kashin against the ropes, climbs out to the apron, and stretches him again.

Kashin rolls out of the ring, Fuchi follows him out, Kashin quickly gets back in the ring, and when Fuchi re enters he is met with a barrage of kicks.  Kashin bounces off the ropes, but Fuchi manages to apply the sleeper hold.  Clubs by Fuchi to the back of Kashin and he nails the backdrop suplex. Fuchi picks Shin up and delivers another backdrop suplex. Cover, but Shin kicks out at two & as Fuchi goes for another one, the referee gets bumped, as Kashin applies the cross armbar.

The referee quickly awakes, as Fuchi is tapping with his legs wrapped around the bottom rope then the referee sees this, calls for the break but Kashin will not break the hold so the referee stomps on Kashin until he breaks it then he shoves the referee to the mat and pushes him down with his foot. Fuchi gets up though, hits a kick, and nails another backdrop suplex. Fuchi goes for a fourth backdrop suplex, but again Shin reverses it into a cross armbreaker for the submission win.

Winner: AND NEW Junior Heavyweight Champion: Kendo Kashin (16:55)

AJPW Grand Champion Carnival 2002
Quarter Final Match Of The Giant Baba Memorial Cup
Steve Williams, Mike Rotunda & Yoji Anjo vs. Barton, Jim Steele & The Cedman

Mike Rotunda & The Cedman start things off with a lock up, and a fireman’s carry takeover by Rotunda back on their feet then they lock up, and an armdrag by Cedman then the lock up again for a 3rd time before a knee to the gut by Rotunda, Irish whip, he goes for a back body drop, Cedman kicks him in the face, he bounces off the ropes, but Rotunda gets the armdrag takedown. Scoop slam by Rotunda, but Cedman avoids the elbow. Hiptoss by Cedman, but Rotunda regains the advantage and tags in Yoji Anjo. Knee lift by Anjo and he works over Cedman in the corner. Snapmare by Anjo and a fist drop.

Cover, but a two count. Side headlock by Anjo & Steve Williams is tags in. Kick to the gut by Williams but Cedman fights back. Williams hits a stiff punch though, knocking Cedman down. Chops in the corner by Williams and another jab to the face. Cedman fights back with chops but again Williams knocks him back. Williams slams Cedman into his Cedman’s corner, which allows him to tag in Jim Steele. Waist lock by Williams into a single leg takedown, but Steele reverses it into a wristlock.

Punches by Steele, snapmare, and a running neck snap from behind. Knee smash by Steele, but Williams punches him back. Punch to the back by Steele and he slams him into the turnbuckle. Williams is not affected though lock up, knee to the gut by Steele, Irish whip, but Williams gets his boot up when Steele charges. Williams goes for a clothesline, Steele ducks it, Steele goes for a clothesline, but Williams ducks it then a lock up, side headlock by Steele, Williams gets Steele in the corner and delivers a series of shoulder blocks to the ribs.

Kick to the head by Williams, then he slams him into the turnbuckle.  Williams chops on Steele in the corner, but Steele fights back.  The two trade punches, side headlock by Williams, Irish whip, the two collide in the middle of the ring, but neither man goes down.  Williams bounces off the ropes but can’t knock Steele down. This time Steele bounces off the ropes but he can’t knock Williams down.

Now they both go off the ropes, collide, and again they both stay standing.  Kick to the gut by Steele, club to the back, Irish whip, reversed, ducked clothesline, and a flying shouldertackle.  Steele picks Williams up, Irish whip to the corner, Steele charges, but Williams moves out of the way which sends Steele up and over the top rope.

Outside the ring Rotunda works over Steele, sending him into the guardrail and the steel post.  Finally he does throw him back in, where Williams proceeds to kick him in the midsection. Barton randomly comes in and starts beating on Williams, but the referee gets him out. Williams hangs Steele in the Tree of Woe and chokes him with his boot. Finally he stops and Anjo is tags in. Chops by Anjo and a kick to the chest. Irish whip by Anjo and he nails a running kick to the head. Anjo chokes Steele in the corner, and Williams from the outside chokes him as well.

Rotunda is tag in, Irish whip, and a clothesline in the corner.  Steele manages to sneak in a DDT though and tags in Cedman. Clothesline by Cedman, he knocks Williams off the ropes, spinning elbow on Rotunda then hooks the leg but only got a two count.  Irish whip by Cedman and a powerslam. Cover, but another two then a full nelson bomb by Cedman then goes for a another cover, but Williams breaks it up.

Anjo tags in & he delivers a reverse DDT for a two count. Anjo knocks Cedman into the corner, Irish whip, and Anjo nails the flying forearm. Another Irish whip, but this time he gets a drop toehold put on him as he charges this allows Cedman to tag in Barton & Barton delivers a series of forearms, Irish whip, and a clothesline in the corner.  Barton follows that with another clothesline in the corner, Irish whip, and a boot to the face.

This does not really phase Anjo though, as he hits a series of shots to the midsection and stomps on Barton’s foot. Williams tags in but Barton catches him with a shot to the stomach.  Cedman is tagged in, he comes off the top rope, and hits a flying clothesline.  Cover, but a two count.  Williams tries to fight back with a series of elbows, but Cedman hits him with a dropkick.

Full nelson is applied by Williams, Irish whip, reversed, Williams charges, but Cedman kicks him in the face for his troubles. Cedman goes to the top rope, but Anjo runs over to stop him from jumping off. Williams joins him on the top rope and hits the superplex then goes for a cover but Cedman kicks out. Anjo comes in the ring to hit a running forearm, then Rotunda comes in to hit the airplane spin.

Williams applies the STF, but Steele comes in to break it up. Anjo runs in to take care of Steele as Cedman gets a back body drop on Williams. Williams quickly gets a spinebuster though then goes but Cedman kicks out then Williams hits a back suplex to get the victory.

Winners: Steve Williams, Mike Rotunda & Yoji Anjo (16:16)

AJPW Grand Champion Carnival 2002
All Asia Tag Team Titles Match
Mitsuya Nagai & Shigeo Okumura vs. Arashi & Nobutaka Araya

Nobutaka Araya & Shigeo Okumura starts things off then a big lariat by Araya starts things off quickly but a two count. Araya picks Okumura up and clubs him on the back then they trade punches and forearms but Okumura gets a release German suplex and drops Araya right on his head. Araya fires back with a lariat, and both men are down. Araya is up first, but Okumura takes him down with a side headlock.

Araya gets to his feet, but Okumura tags in Mitsuya Nagai & they lock up and a test of strength, which is won by Nagai. Arm wrench is lock in but Araya pushes Nagai back into the corner and tags in Arashi then a lock up, Arashi pushes Nagai into the ropes, and a clean break. Another lock up, side headlock by Arashi, Irish whip, and Arashi knocks Nagai down.  Scoop slam by Arashi, he picks him up, and they start trading blows. Arashi gets the better of it, and he tags in Araya then a Irish whip, and a double shoulder block on Nagai.

Cover by Araya, but only a two count. Clubs to the back by Araya, but Nagai manages to tag in Okumura. Snapmare by Okumura and a reverse chinlock is applied.  Araya slowly gets back to his feet, but Okumura tags in Nagai. Kick to the gut by Nagai and he begins to work on Araya’s left arm. Headscissors by Nagai, but Araya makes it to the ropes. Nagai goes for a kick in the corner, but Araya catches his foot and applies a single leg Boston Crab.

Araya tags in Arashi, who stomps away on Nagai. Arashi picks Nagai up and continues kicking him.  Nagai returns with punches and tags in Okumura.  Okumura and Arashi trade punches, Irish whip by Arashi and a spinning elbow. Arashi tags in Araya, Irish whip, and a dropkick. Cover, but a two count. Scoop slam by Araya and an elbow drop. Cover, but another two count. Chin lock applied by Araya but Okumura reverses it into a reverse wristlock.

Stomp to the arm by Okumura, arm wrench, and Nagai is tag in. Nagai also works on the arm of Araya and then tags Okumura back in. Arm wrench by Okumura into an armbar.  Araya reverses it into a headlock and tags in Arashi.  Irish whip by Arashi and a dropkick.  Arashi applies the single leg Boston Crab on Okumura but releases the hold.

Araya is tagged back in, Irish whip, and a clothesline. Cover, but a two count then Araya nails the piledriver then goes for the cover but Okumura kicks out. Araya tags Arashi back in, Araya holds Okumura for Arashi but Arashi hits Araya by mistake. Nagai runs in and assaults Arashi, and then goes back to the apron so that Okumura can tag in him. Kicks by Nagai on Arashi followed by knees in the corner.

Vertical suplex by Nagai then cover but Arashi kicks out. Nagai goes for a suplex, but Arashi reverses it into a Diamond Cutter.  Arashi tosses Nagai out of the ring, allowing Araya to throw him into the guardrail before sending him back into the ring. Araya takes over as the legal man and delivers the STO for a two count.

They traded forearms, but Nagai gets the advantage with a series of kicks and tags in Okumura. Clothesline in the corner by Okumura then Nagai comes off the top rope with a knee to Araya’s face.  Swanton by Okumura then goes for a cover but it gets a two count.

Lariat by Okumura, but Araya kicks out once again. Okumura with a brainbuster then goes for a cover but Arashi breaks it up. Arashi goes ahead and hits a release German suplex on Okumura while he is in the ring anyway, then goes to the apron so Araya can tag him in.  Arashi clubs on Okumura’s back, Irish whip, and a clothesline in the corner.  Powerbomb by Arashi, but Nagai breaks it up. Another powerbomb by Arashi, he goes to the top rope and nails the frog splash.

Cover but somehow Okumura kicks out. Back suplex by Arashi, cover, but another two count. Arashi tags in Araya, he bounces off the ropes, but Okumura catches him with an exploder.  Nagai is tag in, and he is mad.  Irish whip, and he knees him in the gut then a Running knee smash by Nagai then goes for a cover, but a two count. Fisherman’s suplex by Nagai follows, another cover, and this time Arashi breaks it up.

Okumura runs in to take care of Arashi, scoop slam by Nagai on Araya, he goes to the apron and nails the springboard knee strike.  Cover, but Araya kicks out. Arashi comes over to beat on Nagai, then catches Okumura with a clothesline.  Powerbomb by Arashi on Nagai, Araya makes the cover, but Nagai kicks out. Nagai punches on Araya, but Araya returns the blows.  Araya hits a stiff lariat, cover, but again Nagai kicks out. Scoop slam by Araya, he goes to the top rope and nails a moonsault then goes for the pin but only got a another two count.

Araya bounces off the ropes to gain momentum, but Nagai catches him with a pair of kicks to the head. Nagai finally tags in Okumura, Okumura to the top rope, and he hits the missile dropkick.  A release dragon suplex by Okumura drops Araya right on his neck and head, cover, but Araya barely kicks out.  Wakigatame by Okumura, as Nagai runs in to apply a guillotine choke on Arashi. Arashi finally breaks free though just in time to save Araya.

Enzuigiri by Nagai on Arashi, but Arashi comes back with a spinning heel kick.  Clothesline by Arashi on Okumura and a spinning heel kick by Araya on Okumura then a cover by Araya but Nagai runs over to break it up. Arashi applies a Guillotine Choke on Nagai, as Araya delivers a brainbuster on Okumura then goes for a cover, but Okumura gets his shoulder up then hey both slowly get up, and Araya nails a lariat for the win.

Winners & NEW All Asia Tag Team Champions: Arashi & Nobutaka Araya (23:27)

AJPW Grand Champion Carnival 2002
Triple Crown Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Match
Satoshi Kojima vs. Taiyo Kea

The match starts off with a lock-up then Taiyo Kea gets Satoshi Kojima into the turnbuckle and gives a clean break then they lock up again, armbar by Kojima, reversed by Kea, reverted to a wristlock, drop toehold by Kea into a front face lock, reversed by Kojima into a wristlock, and Kojima releases the hold then they lock up again, kick to the gut by Kea and he takes Kojima down to the mat.  Arm submission by Kea, snap mare, and an elbow drop.

Another arm submission by Kea, Kojima slowly gets to his feet and gets a schoolboy for a two count.  Side headlock by Kea, Irish whip, and Kea shoulder blocks Kojima down. Kea bounces off the ropes, dropdown, leapfrog, and a twisting DDT by Kea. Kojima rolls out of the ring and Kea follows him. Chops by Kea on the outside, he goes to Irish whip Kojima into the guardrail, but it is reversed on him.  Kojima re enters the ring and comes over the top with a pescado.

Kojima slams Kea into the apron and chops him, but Kea returns with blows of his own.  Finally they go back into the ring, snapmare by Kojima and a running swanton. Elbow drop by Kojima and another one. Kea fights back with a vicious chop and knocks down Kojima with a straight right. Scoop slam by Kea and a splash off the top rope for a two count. Kea picks Kojima up and delivers a snap suplex then goes for cover, but another two count. Irish whip by Kea and a elbow to the chest then a another cover, but again Kojima kicks out.

Kea goes for a kick, but Kojima catches his leg and gives him a dragon screw before Kojima begins attacking Kea’s leg before applying a leg submission hold. Kea manages to get to his feet, chops Kojima, but Kojima blocks the suplex attempt and does one of his own.  Chops by Kojima in the corner, Irish whip, and a lariat in the corner.  Another chop by Kojima, Irish whip, and a jumping forearm in the other corner. Kojima goes to the top rope and nails the elbow drop to the midsection then hooks the leg but Kea kicks out at two.

Kojima goes off the ropes, but Kea catches him first with a super kick and then with a dropkick. Kea is to his feet first and delivers a modified back suplex for a two count. Scoop slam by Kea, he goes to the top rope and hits the big splash.  Cover, but only a two. Kea goes for a fireman takeover, Kojima blocks it, and the two trade chops. Kea gets the better of it, bounces off the ropes, but Kojima catches him with a Koji Cutter & both men are down but not for long as Kojima gets to his feet first, picks up Kea and delivers a hangman’s neckbreaker for another two count.

Kojima nails a Michinoku Driver II but Kea doesn’t sell it and delivers a quick Shining Wizard.  Now he sells it though and both men are out on the mat. Kojima gets to his feet first, goes off the ropes, but Kea catches him with a Frankensteiner for a two count. Kicks by Kea knocks Kojima down to the mat. Kea picks up Kojima, attempts to lock on the cobra clutch suplex, but Kojima makes it to the ropes.  Kea kicks him loose though and delivers a cobra clutch Russian leg sweep.

Kea maintains the hold & hits him with a Surfing Suplex & both men are out but both men get to their feet, and Kea slaps on the Hawaiian Smasher for a two count. Kea bounces off the ropes, but Kojima catches him with another lariat for a two count.  Kojima now bounces off the ropes, clotheslines Kea in the back of the head, goes off the ropes again, Kea goes for the Frankensteiner again, but this time Kojima catches him and powerbombs him to the mat then goes for the cover, but only a one count then Kojima takes off his elbow pad, delivers 1 final lariat gets the win.

Winner: Satoshi Kojima (17:13)

AJPW Grand Champion Carnival 2002
Triple Crown Heavyweight Title Match
Keiji Mutoh vs. Genichiro Tenryu (c)

Keiji Mutoh starts the match with a single-leg takedown on Genichiro Tenryu, but Tenryu prevents him from capitalizing and manages to get back to his feet then they lock up, Mutoh gets Tenryu into the ropes and gives a clean break then they lock up again, waist lock by Mutoh, reversed into an armbar by Tenryu, Mutoh rolls out of it and gets Tenryu with a single leg takedown, Tenryu tries to get the armbar, can’t, and Mutoh slaps on a leg submission.

Tenryu reverses it into an ankle lock but Mutoh makes it to the ropes then another lock up, side headlock by Tenryu, and a takedown with the headlock still applied. Mutoh slowly gets back to his feet, Irish whip and a shoulder tackle knocks Mutoh down. Shining Wizard by Tenryu and then he mimics Mutoh’s kiss to the crowd. Mutoh gets up quickly, as he does not appreciate having his move and kiss to the crowd stolen.  Mutoh goes out to the ramp to think things over and recuperate.

Back in the ring now, Tenryu catches Mutoh with a jab and some chops, Irish whip, but Mutoh half hits a dropkick.  A much better dropkick by Mutoh sends Tenryu out of the ring, and Mutoh follows him out with a pescado.  As Tenryu rests against the guardrail, Mutoh hits a wicked Shining Wizard, smashing Tenryu back onto the guardrail.  Mutoh applies a cross armbar on the outside, Tenryu taps, but since it is on the outside it doesn’t count.

Dropkick by Mutoh to Tenryu’s arm, sending him into the guardrail yet again.  Mutoh gets back into the ring, and as Tenryu enters Mutoh dropkicks him in the arm twice.  This sends Tenryu back outside again. Tenryu gets back into the ring and immediately is dropkicked in the arm again. Dragon screw leg whip by Mutoh and he applies a wrist lock on Tenryu’s injured arm.

AJPW Grand Champion Carnival 2002
[Photo: prtimes.jp]

He reverts it into a cross armbar, but Tenryu makes it to the ropes & both men are up quick, but Tenryu sidesteps the Mutoh dropkick. Chops and jabs by Tenryu, but Mutoh snaps off another dragon screw leg whip.  Arm submission by Mutoh again and the cross armbar is applied, but again Tenryu quickly makes it to the ropes. Kick by Mutoh to the arm of Tenryu and he hits his quick elbow drop. Chop by Mutoh, Tenryu returns with a knee to the gut, but Mutoh regains the advantage with a rake of the eyes.

Irish whip by Mutoh out of the corner, he goes for his handspring elbow strike, but Tenryu catches him with a clothesline to the back of the head.  Chops by Tenryu in the corner, Irish whip, and a clothesline by Tenryu in the opposite corner.  More chops, another Irish whip, and a running chop by Tenryu.  Scoop slam by Tenryu, he goes to the top and nails the elbow then goes for a cover, but it gets a two count.

Tenryu picks up Mutoh and gets a powerbomb, cover, but Mutoh kicks out. Tenryu goes for a clothesline, but Mutoh catches him with a Frankensteiner as he charges in. Cross armbar applied by Mutoh, but Tenryu is by the ropes and easily gets out of it.  Mutoh goes for the single leg takedown but Tenryu resists it with several punches to the head. Enzuigiri by Tenryu, followed by jabs to the face and chops in the corner. Irish whip, and Tenryu hits the running chop in the opposite corner.

Multiple chops in the corner by Tenryu, he hits the spider suplex from the top rope, but misses the elbow drop then Mutoh dropkicks Tenryu in the arm as he tries to get to his feet and slaps on another cross armbar.  Tenryu is again by the ropes though and the referee calls for the break. Tenryu jabs on Mutoh but Mutoh catches with a dropkick to the leg.  Shining Wizard by Mutoh, then another one, and then another one then goes for the cover but Tenryu somehow kicks out at two.

Mutoh picks on Tenryu as he hits a backbreaker then goes to the top rope, but Tenryu rolls out of the way of the moonsault.  Rolling kick by Mutoh to Tenryu’s arm but Tenryu fires back with a lariat. Tenryu charges again, but Mutoh halts him with a dropkick to the knee.  Tenryu comes back quickly with a clothesline, Mutoh blocks it, but Tenryu fires back with another one then goes for a cover, but it got a two count.

Tenryu picks Mutoh up, goes for his brainbuster, but Mutoh knees him in the head. Mutoh connects with an overhead kick.  Shining Wizard by Mutoh then he goes for another moonsault, and again Tenryu moves out of the way.  Tenryu hits Mutoh with a jab, but Mutoh snaps off a back suplex.

Mutoh delivers a backbreaker, goes to the top for his third try at a moonsault, but Tenryu gets his knees up follow by a lariat by Tenryu, cover, but a two count. Tenryu picks Mutoh up, goes for the brainbuster Mutoh tries to fight out of it but Tenryu nails Mutoh to the mat with the brainbuster to get the victory.

Winner: AND NEW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion: Genichiro Tenryu (19:38)