AJPW Champion Carnival 2020 Participants Revealed

During the AJPW show on February 11th where Kento retained the Triple Crown Championship for the 10th time to tie to record for most successful defenses in one reign, they would announce the official participants for their Champion Carnival tournament. For those that need a reminder, the AJPW Champion Carnival 2020 is their round-robin tournament that will last a month and the winner will receive a Triple Crown Championship match in May or June. We have our eighteen confirmed participants listed down below.

Kento Miyahara (Triple Crown Champion)
Jake Lee
Yuma Aoyagi
Naoya Nomura
Shuji Ishikawa
Ryouji Sai
Takashi Sugiura (NOAH)
Davey Boy Smith Jr (MLW)
Gianni Valletta
Ayato Yoshida (2AW)
Hideyoshi Kamitani (BJW)
Shigehiro Irie (OWE)
Joel Redman (FREE)
Lucas Steel

This is much better than last year’s line-up as we have more people from other promotions or free agents coming in due to Joe Doering and Bodyguard injured along with Dylan James getting fired from the company. While there were a couple of people I’d take out to replace with someone from a different company, they’re mostly there to play spoiler. It’s great to see Joel making a return after being one of the highlights last year. The biggest surprises in this are Davey Boy Smith Jr making his debut and Takashi Sugiura performing in the Carnival for the first time.

There are no official block announcements yet as that will be announced next month when Kento Miyahara defends the title against Suwama to try and make history by breaking Toshiaki Kawada’s record for successful defenses in a single reign. The tournament will start on April 6th and the finals will take place on May 5th. If you wanna watch the tournament? Subscribe to AJPW on ajpw.tv and sign up as this will be a great place to start for those that are new to the product. AJPW Champion Carnival 2020 tournament looks to be quite the tournament.