After The IMPACT for 2/02/23 (8-Man Tag Match BATTLE)

On Thursday February 2nd, 2023 IMPACT Wrestling aired another episode of IMPACT as we are still on the road to No Surrender. as we review after the IMPACT for 2/02/23.

After The IMPACT for 2/02/23
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After The IMPACT for 2/02/23
Tag Team Match

Bullet Club vs. Kushida & Kevin Knight

Kevin Knight & Bey began the match locking up before Knight got a headlock on Bey but Bey reversed it with a headlock of his own before hitting a shoulder tackle on Knight. Bey & Knight evaded each other’s attempts before Bey hit a sliding dropkick and a double stomp to the back of Knight.

Bey hits a chop on Knight before going for another one but Knight evaded and hit a springboard crossbody, a scoop slam & a senton on Bey for a near fall. Kushida tags in and worked on Bey’s left arm before hitting a dropkick on Bey’s arm. Knight tags back in and slammed Bey with an Irish whip but Bey tossed him onto the apron with a Bandera.

Knight went for a springboard move but Bey caught him with a dropkick mid air for a near fall. Ace Austin tags in and hit a running thrust kick on Knight before hitting a drop toe hold on him, allowing Bey to hit another double stomp on Knight’s back for a near fall.

Bullet Club aimed their offense on Knight in their corner before Austin hit a snapmare into a head kick for a near fall. Knight laid in the strikes and attempted to tag in Kushida but was turned into he corner. Knight flipped over Austin and tags in Kushida who hit Shotes on Bullet Club before hitting a cartwheel dropkick on Bey. Bey went for a springboard move but Kushida caught him mid air and locked in the Yuji Gatame before Bey reversed it with a pin for a near fall.

Knight tags in and hit a vicious dropkick on Bey. Kushida got Bey in his shoulders before Austin had Knight on his shoulders, starting chicken fight before Kushida hit a dropkick Austin before Knight hit a leaping Hurricanrana on Bey off the top rope. Kushida had Bey on his shoulders before Knight hit a leaping shotgun dropkick on Bey for a near fall.

Austin laid in his offense on Knight & Kushida before hitting a springboard Spinning Roundhouse kick on Knight. Austin evaded Kushida on the apron before hitting a PK Kick on Kushida.

Knight drops Austin onto the outside & went for a springboard splash to the outside on Austin but Bey caught him and hit a mid air cutter on Knight onto the apron. Back in the ring, Bullet Club hits Knight with 1,2 Sweet for the win.

Winners: Bullet Club

The Design confronted Sami Callihan backstage ahead of their 8 Man Tag Team Match in the Main Event. Deaner told Callihan that he would show him mercy after his trials the previous week but that he had to prove himself to The Design in the Main Event.

There was a video vignette promoting the IMPACT debut of Steph De Lander & she is debuting next week.

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After The IMPACT for 2/02/23
Gisele Shaw vs. Savannah Evans

Match starts off with Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans arguing before Evans hit a jab on Shaw. Shaw hit two slaps on Evans but Evans responded by hitting a series of punches on Shaw before hitting a chop on Evans. Shaw hit another slap followed by a series of chops on Evans, but Evans responded by sending Shaw to the corner with an Irish whip, hitting a big chop and a double underhook suplex on Shaw to send her to the outside before the commercial break.

After the break Shaw laid her knee pad on Evans’s neck before going for an Irish whip but Evans reversed it by hitting a side slam on Shaw. Evans & Shaw exchanged strikes before Evans hit two lariats, a Samoan Drop, a spinebuster, and a fisherman’s suplex on Shaw for a 2 count. Evans went for the Full Nelson, but Vidal distracted the referee to allow Shaw to gauge Evans’s eyes before hitting a Rising Knee Strike on Evans for the win.

Winner: Gisele Shaw

After the match Shaw cuts a promo & she says that she aims to get all the spotlight for herself, now calling herself the Black Widow of IMPACT Wrestling for breaking up every tag team in her sight.

Backstage Kenny King was confronted by Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice & Dice took King’s popcorn and told him that he would arrange King a meet & greet unless he wanted a fight. King told Dice & Swinger that the next time he saw them it would be in a ring as he would talk to Santino Marella to make a match.

Marella made the match between King & Swinger official before Steve Maclin confronted Marella backstage. Maclin tried to make a Triple Threat Match for No Surrender but Marella told him that he can get a match if he wins the #1 Contender’s Match series to earn a shot. Dirty Dango confronted Maclin to earn a qualifying match but Marella told him to go away as he was already in one of the qualifying matches.

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After The IMPACT for 2/02/23
Crazzy Steve vs. Sheldon Jean

Crazzy Steve made quick work out of Sheldon Jean before hitting a Diving DDT on Jean for the quick victory.

Winner: Crazzy Steve

After the match X Division Champion Trey Miguel attacks Decay but Steve bit Miguel’s face before spray painting Trey Miguel’s logo on his chest, aiming for the X Division Title.

Jordynne Grace was interviewed backstage by Gia Miller, saying she still had a guaranteed rematch for the Knockouts Title. Grace called out the newly entered Steph De Lander for a match next week.

Santino Marella sat down with ECW & IMPACT Wrestling legend Raven to get some advice. Reese confronted Raven backstage to get the flock back together, but Raven told him to simmer down.

Bully Ray cuts a promo in the ring, but he was constantly interrupted by chants from the crowd due to their apathy to Ray. Bully Ray detailed his history with Tommy Dreamer before he called him the biggest phony in the history of the business before calling him a snake but Knockouts Champion Mickie James interrupted Bully.

James told Bully Ray to get the hell out of IMPACT Wrestling but Bully Ray refused and asked her what was wrong with her. Bully Ray threatened to smack James in the face & told her to be careful. James smacked Bully Ray in the face, to which Bully Ray responded by body slamming James.

Bully Ray got James before being joined by The Good Hands to powerbomb James onto a table but Dreamer made the save for James. Dreamer & James challenged The Good Hands to a match immediately but they refused. Santino Marella came to the ring and made the tag team match for next week.

Backstage Killer Kelly was confronted by Taylor Wilde & she told Kelly that the spirits told her that they wanted them as a team before the Knockouts Tag Team Champions The Death Dollz teleported before telling Kelly that Wilde & Kelly would team against them for a match for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Kelly & Rosemary were thrilled while Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka laughed nervously.

After The IMPACT for 2/02/23
Kenny King vs. Johnny Swinger

Johnny Swinger got on the ropes to begin the match. Swinger continued to corner himself on the ropes to evade Kenny King’s offense before he went for Karate like offense on King but King was bamboozled before aiming for a spinning heel kick on Swinger but Swinger sat down in shock. Zicky Dice distracted King but King saw the distraction coming and hit a Scorpion Kick before hitting the Royal Flush to put Swinger away.

Winner: Kenny King

Kenny King cut a promo afterward saying that he was putting the IMPACT Locker Room on notice.

Backstage Masha Slamovich was confronted by Bully Ray & Bully told Masha that he knew she would take care of Knockouts Champion Micke James before telling her that she would become the new champion. Bully told Slamovich to not allow James to show her disrespect again. Slamovich talks in Russian before storming out of Bully’s sights.

Matt Cardona presented a diss track on Joe Hendry to the IMPACT locker room but everyone walked away. Cardona will challenge Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry for the Digital Media Title next week.

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After The IMPACT for 2/02/23
8 Man Tag Team Match

Josh Alexander, Frankie Kazarian, Yuya Uemura & Rich Swann vs. The Design

Deaner & Rich Swann began the match before Deaner immediately tagged in Sami Callihan and told him to get Swann. Swann & Callihan locked up before Callihan got a wrist lock on Swann before hitting a pop up headbutt on Swann. Alan Angels tags in and kicked Swann’s chest before laying the punches on Swann. Swann hit a lariat on Angels off the middle rope before hitting the Tijeras on Angels.

Yuya Uemura tags in and hit a leaping dropkick on Angels for a near fall. Deaner tags in before Josh Alexander tags in too. They exchanged chops before Deaner bit Alexander’s face before Angels tagged in. Both teams got in the ring and began to brawl before Alexander’s team stood in the ring. Alexander hit a living crossbody on Big Kon before Swann hit a cannonball on The Design before the commercial break.

After the break, Uemura was hit with a back elbow before Frankie Kazarian tags in. Kazarian hit a chop and a Russian leg sweep on Angels. Kazarian cleaned the house before hitting a springboard elbow drop on Angels. Swann & Kazarian hit a double hip toss on Angels for a near fall. Swann went for a rolling splash, but Angels caught him mid air and hit a powerslam on Swann before tagging in Deaner.

Deaner hit a body slam and a knee drop on Swann before Big Kon tagged in and kicked Swann in the abdomen. Kon got Swann in a double nerve hold before pulling Swann’s nose & check before Callihan tags in. Callihan hit a chop to the back of Swann’s neck before Deaner tagged in. Deaner placed Swann into the corner before hitting a shotgun dropkick on Swann’s bum, cranking Swann’s neck into the middle turnbuckle.

Angels tags in and laid in the stomps on Swann before hitting a neckbreaker on Swann for a near fall. Kon hit a back drop on Swann before Angels hit a middle rope dropkick on Swann for a near fall thanks to Kazarian breaking the pin. Deaner tags in and got a front face lock on Swann before slamming him onto the mat.

Swann leaped over Deaner and tried to make a tag, but Deaner caught him and tagged in Kon. Kon hit a leg drop on Swann before tagging in Callihan. Callihan went for a corner splash but Swann hit a thrust kick on Callihan before starting the superkick party on The Design. Swann hit an enziguri kick on Callihan before tagging in Alexander.

Alexander hit Angels, Deaner & Callihan with German suplexes before hitting a diving thrust kick on Kon for a near fall then Alexander quickly responds by locking in an Ankle Lock on Kon but Kon hit an up kick to break the hold. Uemura tags in and hit a dropkick on Kon but Callihan tagged in & gauged Uemura’s eyes.

Alexander hit a double lariat on Deaner & Callihan but Deaner hit the A Town Down followed by a lariat on Alexander. Swann hit a thrust kick on Deaner, but Angels caught him with a rolling elbow into a German suplex. Kazarian hits One Final Beat on Angels, but Kon nails him with a spinebuster.

Uemura hit a dropkick and an exploder suplex on Kon. Uemura hit a leaping enziguri kick on Callihan before climbing to the top rope but Deaner dropped him from the top rope before Callihan hit the Cactus Driver on Uemura to score the win for The Design.

Winner: The Design

Next Week’s IMPACT

Digital Media Title Match
Joe Hendry (c) vs. Matt Cardona

Non Title Match
Knockouts Tag Team Champions Death Dollz vs. Killer Kelly & Taylor Wilde

#1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way No Surrender Qualifying Match
Brain Myers vs. Dirty Dango

Jordynne Grace vs. Steph De Lander

#1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way No Surrender Qualifying Match
PCO vs. Shera

Tag Team Match
Knockouts Champion Mickie James & Tommy Dreamer vs. The Good Hands


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