After The IMPACT for 02/09/23 (Digital Media Championship Match)

On Thursday, February 9th, 2023 IMPACT Wrestling its latest episode as we review after the IMPACT for 02/09/23. We had 6 matches as we got the Digital Media Title on the line as Joe Hendry defends against the 2nd ever Digital Media Champion Matt Cardona, we will find out witch 2 men will go into the #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way match at No Surrender as Brian Myers faces off with Dirty Dango & PCO goes 1 on 1 with Shera.

We also have a Non Title match as the Knockouts Tag Team Champions Death Dollz faces off with Killer Kelly & Taylor Wilde & Jordynne Grace is in action against Steph De Lander & we also have a tag team match as Busted Open Radio (Knockouts Champion Mickie James & Tommy Dreamer) goes against The Good Hands.

Kicking off this week’s IMPACT with a recap of last week’s episode.

Matt Cardona was walked to Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry’s dressing room with Champagne before he was sent to his actual dressing room, which was a storage room.

After The IMPACT for 02/09/23
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After The IMPACT for 02/09/23
#1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way No Surrender Qualifying Match

Brian Myers vs. Dirty Dango

Match starts off with a lock up before Dirty Dango leaned Myers to the corner before dancing to taunt Myers. The two locked up again before Myers got a headlock on Dango before hitting a shoulder tackle on Dango. Dango hit a wheelbarrow arm drag before hitting another arm drag, a knee drop to the arm and a butterfly suplex on Myers for a near fall.

Myers went for a sunset flip on Dango, but Dango held off and hit a leg drop on Myers for a near fall. Dango & Myers brawled on the outside Myers slams Dango onto the apron before he headed back in the ring.

Dango got back in the ring at the count of 9 but Myers greeted him with a stomp to the shoulder before locking in a snapmare sleeper on Dango. Dango broke the hold with a body shots, but Myers slid to Dango’s ankle to trip him. Myers hit a suplex on Dango but Dango kicked out at one.

Dango & Myers exchanged strikes before Myers hit a DDT on Dango for a 2 count. Myers got a headlock on Dango before making him run the ropes but Dango hit a headbutt on Myers’s head.

Dango hit a series of chops on Myers, 2 Irish Whips into uppercuts, a Russian leg sweep, & the Dirt Bag Shuffle on Myers before hitting a Falcon Arrow on Myers for a near fall. Dango got to the top rope & hit a hammer strike on Myers on the apron.

Dango went for a diving crossbody on Myers but Myers evaded and hits Roster Cut on Dango. They got back in the ring before Myers hits the Roster Cut to get the win.

Winner: Brian Myers

Gisele Shaw & Jai Vidal ruined everyone’s lunch at the cafeteria before Deonna Purrazzo confronted Shaw for insulting her former tag team partner Chelsea Green. Purrazzo accidentally spills Chilli onto Shaw before Head Of Authority Santino Marella stops the incident. Marella made a match between the two at No Surrender before tasting the Chilli spilled on Shaw and say that it’s lacking salt.

Backstage Gia Miller is with the X Division Champion Trey Miguel & he says that he did not know what Crazzy Steve wanted & that he called him Crazzy Ass Steve. Miguel’s logo tainted in blood was shown on the monitors.

The Good Hands cuts a promo ahead of their match against Busted Open Radio before running down on how un useful the State Florida was before Skyler told Hotch to end this quickly to leave that cesspool.

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After The IMPACT for 02/09/23
Tag Team Match

Busted Open Radio vs. The Good Hands

Match starts off with Busted Open Radio double teams Jason Hotch then Mickie James hit a double axe handle on Hotchs elbow before getting a wrist lock on Hotch but John Skyler tags in before James greeted him with an arm drag. Busted Open Radio hits a drop toe hold into an elbow drop on Skyler before Tommy Dreamer tossed The Good Hands to the outside.

Dreamer hits a double lariat off the apron on The Good Hands before James hit a diving crossbody on The Good Hands. Back in the ring, Dreamer got Skyler in a Cloverleaf but Hotch broke the hold before The Good Hands hit a double leg sweep & a double elbow drop on Dreamer for a near fall. Hotch hits an uppercut on Dreamer before Skyler hit a hip attack on Dreamer. Skyler went for an inverted DDT but Dreamer reversed it with a Cutter before James tags in.

James hit a series of lariats, a back elbow, a roundhouse kick, a hurricanrana & a flapjack on Hotch before hitting a diving Thesz Press on Hotch for a near fall. James hit a Spinning Heel Kick on Skyler before Busted Open Radio hit stereo DDTs on The Good Hands for the win.

Winners: Busted Open Radio

After the match Bully Ray attacks Dreamer from behind then James confronted Bully afterwards but was hit with a back fist & a Snowplow by Masha Slamovich from behind. Bully Ray smiles at Slamovich but Slamovich disregarded Bully.

Zicky Dice & Johnny Swinger were with Dirty Dango & Director of Authority Santino Marella to set up an easy win for Swinger for his road to 50 wins.

There was a video package to hype up for the IMPACT World Title match at No Surrender.

Steph De Lander cut a promo addressing her debut in IMPACT Wrestling, saying that she was the Powerhouse Predator. De Lander then ran down on Grace ahead of their match before calling herself Grace’s worst nightmare.

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After The IMPACT for 02/09/23
Jordynne Grace vs. Steph De Lander

Match begins with Jordynne Grace & Steph De Lander locking up before Grace hit a chop on De Lander. Grace skimmed the cat and kicked De Lander out of the ring with an up kick. De Lander slams Grace onto the apron before hitting a pump kick on Grace. Back in the ring, De Lander hit a series of corner spears on Grace before hitting an Irish whip into a corner splash on Grace for a near fall.

De Lander hit a series of strikes on Grace before locking in a headlock. De Lander hit a snapmare into a back elbow on Grace for a near fall. De Lander attacks Grace in the corner before attempting another Irish whip but Grace locked her foot on the bottom rope before hitting a chop on De Lander.

De Lander hit a snap suplex on Grace, but Grace responded by hitting a series of chops, a back elbow strike, and a deadweight German suplex on De Lander for a near fall. Grace went for the Grace Driver but De Lander evaded before De Lander hit the snake eyes into a big boot on Grace for a near fall.

De Lander went for a Cross Jacket but Grace evaded and hit a lariat on De Lander. De Lander went for a lariat on Grace but Grace evaded before hitting Fall Of Grace for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Matt Cardona was kicked out of the arena due to complaining of his assigned locker room in the storage room. Cardona changed out of the arena to prepare for his involvement in the main event later on in the show.

IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander was interviewed backstage by Gia Miller, but was interrupted by Kenny King. King tried to talk trash to Alexander about Rich Swann, but Swann confronted King backstage. King & Swann talked trash to each other before Swann challenges King but King rejected the challenge and stated that he would see him whenever he sees him.

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After The IMPACT for 02/09/23
Non Title Match

Death Dollz (c) vs. Killer Kelly & Taylor Wilde

Killer Kelly & Taya Valkyrie began the match locking up before Kelly hit a back elbow on Valkyrie but Valkyrie responded with a kick, a corner lariat, a corner splash & a sliding German suplex on Kelly before Rosemary tags in. Rosemary hit a corner splash on Kelly before hitting an exploder suplex on Kelly.

Rosemary went for another corner splash but Kelly evaded before Rosemary locks in the Tarantula on Kelly on the ropes. Taylor Wilde was reading some cards before tagging in the match. Rosemary greeted Wilde with a forearm strike before laying the punches on Wilde. Wilde hit a backbreaker on Rosemary before locking in a half tarantula on Rosemary on the ropes before Kelly tags in.

Kelly hit a stalling fisherman’s suplex on Rosemary for a near fall before Wilde held another card and tags in for Kelly. Wilde hit a series of strikes on Rosemary before going for a lariat but Rosemary evaded before they collided & hit each other with stereo lariats. Kelly & Valkyrie tagged in with Valkyrie hitting a gut kick, a rising knee, a boot kick, a lariat & a Blue Thunder Bomb on Kelly for a near fall.

Valkyrie went for Road To Valhalla but Kelly evaded and kit a PK Kick on Valkyrie before attacking Rosemary. Kelly pulls Valkyrie to her corner from her hair to tag in Wilde, but Wilde got a Devil card and threw it on Kelly & this allowed Death Dollz to hit an assisted Road To Valhalla on Kelly for the win.

Winners: Death Dollz

After the match Father James Mitchell talked on the ramp to address Death Dollz. Father James Mitchell said that she would have to pay respect to her father & promised to put a Hex on Rosemary which allowed to the debut of none other than The Hex to attack The Death Dollz. The Hex hits The Hex Marks the Spot on Rosemary.

Eddie Edwards talked to Shera & Raj Singh ahead of Shera’s match against PCO. Singh said that whatever Edwards wanted done on PCO would have a cost.

Time Machine were backstage talking before Bullet Club confronted them backstage. Austin & Bey challenges Time Machine to a 6 Man Tag Team Match at No Surrender with their partner being revealed as Kenta.

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After The IMPACT for 02/09/23
#1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way No Surrender Qualifying Match

PCO vs. Shera

PCO kicked Shera in the abdomen to begin the match before hitting a series of punches on Shera before hitting a jab to Shera’s throat. PCO hit a Homicide Cannonball on Shera & Raj Singh on the outside before PCO continued to stare down Singh. PCO got Shera & Singh, but the two pushed PCO onto the apron.

Back in the ring Shera slams PCO into the corner before hitting a corner spear & suplex on PCO. PCO rose from the dead with a busted open forehead before he got Shera from the throat. PCO tried to choke out Shera before hitting a lariat on Shera. PCO got Shera & hit a reverse DDT on Shera. PCO climbed to the top rope before hitting a Moonsault to get the win.

Winner: PCO

Matt Cardona was backstage interviewed by Gia Miller before storming out of the interview. Cardona met with Brian Myers who was eating food from Joe Hendry’s locker room, which caused Cardona to get furious.

Frankie Kazarian was backstage with Sami Callihan to tell him to not join The Design but Callihan was distracted by scrolling through Twitter before The Design came in to tell Kazarian that any inquires to Callihan would have to go through them.

Before the match Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry cuts a promo by saying he was about to defeat Edge’s Bitch to retain the Digital Media Title & make the crowd to believe in Joe Hendry.

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After The IMPACT for 02/09/23
Digital Media Title Match

Joe Hendry (c) vs. Matt Cardona

Match starts off with Matt Cardona hits the Radio Silence immediately on Joe Hendry for a near fall. Cardona continued the onslaught before going for the Reboot but Hendry tossed Cardona to the outside with a Bandera. They brawled on the outside before they got back in the ring. They evaded each other’s offense before Hendry hit a spinning body slam & a stalling suplex on Cardona for a near fall.

Cardona rolled out of the ring, but Hendry brought him back in before rolling out again. Hendry tried to get out to get Cardona, btu Cardona slammed Hendry onto the apron before hitting a neckbreaker on Hendry onto the floor before the commercial break.

After the break Cardona stomps on Hendry in the corner before hitting a Reverse Stunner on Hendry for a near fall. Cardona stomps on Hendry again before he laid his boot on Hendry’s neck. Cardona hit a lariat into a leg drop on Hendry for a near fall.

Cardona hit an elbow strike on Hendry before slamming his face onto the mat but Hendry hit a pump kick & went for another suplex but Cardona reversed it with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Cardona got a headlock on Hendry before he transitioned into a Guillotine Choke on Hendry but Hendry powered through and reversed it with a suplex on Cardona.

They exchanged strikes Hendry hit two lariats & a fallaway slam on Cardona for a near fall. Cardona pulls the referee between him & Hendry before hitting a DDT into the Reboot on Hendry but Hendry kicked out at the count of two. Cardona set Hendry up for another Reboot but Hendry caught his boot and reversed it with a Trust Fall on Cardona for a near fall.

Hendry hit an Irish whip into a corner lariat before hitting an Irish whip into a cutter on Cardona for a near fall. Cardona hit a back elbow before hitting another Radio Silence on Hendry, but Hendry kicked out at two. Cardona got on the top rope & went for a diving senton but Hendry caught him with a powerbomb for a 2 count.

Brian Myers came to the ring and distracted the ref before he went for Roster Cut on Hendry but he hit Cardona by accident. Hendry took advantage of this and hits Standing Ovation to put Cardona away.

Winner: AND STILL Digital Media Champion: Joe Hendry

After the match Moose speared Matt Cardona by accident before Hendry sent Moose out of the ring. Hendry walked down the ramp & played Edge’s Bitch. A distraught Cardona was serenaded with Edge’s Bitch chants from the Florida crowd to close out this week’s IMPACT.

Next Week’s IMPACT

Chris Bey vs. Kushida

#1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way No Surrender Qualifying Match
Steve Maclin vs. Rhino

#1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way No Surrender Qualifying Match
Heath vs. Eddie Edwards

Rich Swann vs. Kenny King

No Surrender Card (Feb 24th) (Non Spoilers)

Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham

Knockouts Title Match
Mickie James (c) vs. Masha Slamovich

IMPACT World Title Match
Josh Alexander (c) vs. Rich Swann

#1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way Match
Brain Myers vs. PCO vs. Steve Maclin or Rhino vs. Heath or Eddie Edwards

6 Man Tag Team Match
Time Machine vs. Bullet Club

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Gisele Shaw


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