AEW Weekly for 9/23/20 | Main Event Mayhem

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AEW Weekly News for 9/23/20

  • Jon Moxley’s next challenger has tested positive for COVID-19. Lance Archer announced on Twitter yesterday that he had tested positive for the virus after coming into contact with an exposed family member. Lance Archer tweeted, “while at home, now I’ve also gotten sick tested positive. I feel ok, expect to see me in 2 wks.”
  • Matt Hardy provided an update on his condition following his botched fall at All Out. Taking to Twitter Hardy stated, “I just want to say thank you and let you know I’m okay and I’m going to be okay.”
  • Jim Cornette’s lawyer Stephen P. New has issued a cease and desist to AEW. Joey Janela tweeted on Monday sharing that he has permission to use the name ‘The New Midnight Express’ with tag team partner Sonny Kiss. Then shared a graphic of the team with Midnight Express written below it. Stephen P. New jumped onto the tweet. Letting Janela and AEW know that he was issuing a cease and desist as Cornette recently trademarked the name.
  • AEW also announced another signing this week. Former WWE Performance Center coach Serena Deeb was announced as signed on the company’s social media channels.

AEW Weekly for 9/23/20
AEW Dynamite Review

Wednesday became a busy night for All Elite Wrestling before the show had even begun. One of their main stars Lance Archer announced he had tested positive for COVID-19 and this led to a last-minute match change. Instead of the promised six-man tag match instead, Jon Moxley put his title on the line against Eddie Kingston.

Miro & Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford) vs Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela 

AEW didn’t want Miro’s in-ring debut to be a wasted opportunity. Instead of the typical squash match, Miro and the groom-to-be Kip Sabian faced off against Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela. Miro was about to get into the ring but old tensions between Janela and Sabian rose it’s ugly head. Sabian was desperate to get his hands on his future wife’s former boyfriend. Miro finally got into the ring and quickly showed off his insane strength, knocking Janela out of the ring and making quick work of Sonny Kiss.

The differences between Kip Sabian and Miro were easy to see. Miro has been set up to be another beast. No one seemed to be able to get any offense in against The Best Man. The AEW locker room must be starting to look like a scene out of Godzilla with all these huge monsters being signed. Maybe AEW are setting up for the Godzilla Battle Royale?

Janela attempted to get some momentum against his opponents, knocking Miro out of the ring who then started limping. Janela then countered Sabian knocking him onto the concrete outside the ring barriers. Back in the ring, Janela received a close two-count but Miro knocked Janela headfirst into Kiss disarming both teammates. A huge kick from Miro knocked Kiss down. A huge boot to the back and then locked in his Game Over submission to take the win.

Winner: Miro and Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford) 

AEW Weekly for 9/23/20
Evil Uno (w/Dark Order) vs “Hangman” Adam Page 

Kenny Omega joined the commentary team once again this week. “Hangman” Adam Page continued to remind everyone how great he can be as a singles wrestler this week. He fought in a tough harder-hitting battle against Mr. Brodie Lee’s number 3 cult member, Evil Uno. “Hangman” didn’t allow Uno a second to breathe. Knocking him out of the ring then throwing him back in. Evil Uno saw his chance to take control by hiding behind referee Rick Knox and surprise attacked Hangman, turning the match into his favor.

“Hangman” saw the trouble he was falling into and took the fight out of the ring once again. Page seemed to be taking back control from the Dark Order until a mistake allowed Evil Uno to knock “Hangman” into the guard rails. Back in the ring, Uno tried a headlock to gain the win but to no success. The other Dark Order members standing at ringside tried to get involved but were stopped by Evil Uno.

The distraction from his team members gave “Hangman” too much time to recover and changed the whole match. Page knocked Uno onto the hard part of the ring. Then hit a huge shooting star press for a two-count. It was close until Evil Uno climbed onto the top rope, flew into Page, and got an extremely close two-count. “Hangman” Adam Page took the win after knocking Uno down with the Buckshot Lariat.

Winner: Hangman Adam Page 

TNT Championship Match
Brodie Lee (c) (w/Dark Order) vs Orange Cassidy 

Brodie Lee seemed in no rush to start the match as he took a sit on the top rope and allowed his cult members to insult and intimidate Cassidy. Orange hit his signature knee kicks but this as expected got him nowhere with Lee. Cassidy had better luck with his somersault, but the Dark Order was waiting when Orange flew out of the ring. Brodie quickly followed crashing into Orange Cassidy.

The Dark Order members continued to get involved, not always to Brodie Lee’s pleasure but they stayed focused on helping their leader get the win. Brodie Lee continued his brutal attack on Orange Cassidy, knocking him down again and again until Orange Cassidy seemed to be bleeding orange juice. Cassidy, the man who beat Chris Jericho just a few weeks ago seemed to be getting nowhere with his usual tricks. That was until Cassidy started to show some life, flying into Brodie Lee outside the ring and then knocking every Dark Order member down.

Attempted DDT from Brodie Lee was turned into a stunner and then Cassidy quickly hit a diving DDT but wasn’t able to cover quick enough so focused on causing some more damage. John Sliver saved Brodie Lee as he took Cassidy’s Orange Punch, leaving Brodie the chance to hit Cassidy with a huge punch and Brodie Lee took the win.

Winner: Brodie Lee 

A 2006 emo looking Cody Rhodes came out to the ring, taking out the Dark Order members one by one. Brodie Lee looked understandably shocked just before the segment ended.

AEW Weekly for 9/23/20
Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida vs Ivelisse & Diamanté

Diamanté and Ivelisse wasted no time starting this match, straight away attacking Shida and Rosa. Diamanté and Ivelisse’s experience as a tag team seemed to give them an advantage in the opening moments, until Thunder Rosa and Shida started to learn to work together. Ivelisse and Thunder Rosa’s rivalry from last week seemed to spill over as the two had another hard hitting battle mid-ring. Thunder Rosa’s tough time continued as Diamanté took her moment to cause damage to the NWA World Women’s Champion.

Shida tagged in and tried to turn the tides in this match, Diamanté and Ivelisse seemed to continue their dominance as they worked well as a team. Shida and Rosa got it together though and teamed to knock both their opponent’s down. The refeere lost control at this point as every opponent started brawling for the advantage, Ivelisse seemed to be the winner getting two extremely close calls, the second having to be broken up by Thunder Rosa.

Diamanté attempted a Code Red but Thunder Rosa raced to the ring and saved her teammate once again. Shida hit Diamanté with a falcon arrow but Ivelisse saved her teammate. Third-time lucky and Shida dropped Diamanté and took the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa 

AEW World Championship
Jon Moxley (c) vs Eddie Kingston 

Neither Kingston or Moxley wanted to be the first man to make a mistake, both seeming very aware of the other’s moves. A few minutes of wairness ended in a hard-hitting punch battle. All concern left the two men as they exited the ring, Kingston started to get an advantage as he threw Moxley into barriers and the ring announce table. Moxley tried to use the barriers to his advantage, throwing Kingston into barriers and the hard side of the ring.

Kingston didn’t allow Moxley to take control though, hitting him head first with a huge boot, and then Kingston worked on chopping Moxley down. Moxley seemed to be getting nowhere against Kingston, every attempted shot he was knocked down once again. That was until Moxley’s fire was relit, Moxley used the outside and inside of the ring to gain some small control over Kingston.

Kingston seemed to wake back up, not letting the current champion win easily. A pretty even battle continued between Kingston and Moxley, close two-counts and hard hitting moves flew around. Moxley quickly locked into a Bulldog choke to win the brawl.

Winner: Jon Moxley 

A huge brawl broke out as the Lucha Bros raced to the ring attacking Moxley. Gaining some revenge for their fallen family member. But Will Hobbs and Darby Allin came to Moxley’s rescue. Ricky Starks quickly came to attack Darby Allin. The show ended with Kingston, Starks, and the Lucha Bros destorying anyone who came in their way.