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AEW Weekly News for 8/27/20

  • Jon Moxley was awarded the top spot on Pro Wrestling Illustrated PWI 500 List for 2020. This marked the first time Moxley had ever topped the list, his previous highest position was 20th in 2019.
  •  500 fans attended this week’s Dynamite live show, this was the first time fans returned to AEW since the pandemic forced the promotion to film their shows behind closed doors in late March. The fans were kept to social distancing rules and wore face masks for the whole show.
  • Excalibur is set to return to AEW on July 29th, 2020, as part of the commentary team for AEW Dark. Excalibur did not appear on this week’s Dynamite commentary team with Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone.

AEW Dynamite Review

Dynamite started to feel more like it’s post-pandemic self this week as All Elite Wrestling allowed a limited number of fans into the arena. It was great to see fans back in the arena while they kept social distancing from other groups and wore face masks throughout the show.

Tag Team Gauntlet Match – Natural Nightmares Vs. Young Bucks Vs. Best Friends Vs FTR 

Young Bucks and the Natual Nightmares started the tag team gauntlet match tonight. QT Marshal went for a quick roll-up on Nick Jackson, something that was never going to work but nice try QT. Dustin seemed to struggle to keep up with Matt Jackson’s pace but this was all a ploy to trick the Bucks and hand them a tough beating. Though nothing the Natural Nightmares tried worked very well and they were quickly eliminated.

Best Friends were next to come to the ring. Trent was the first to turn the tide in this matchup as he speared Nick Jackson outside of the ring, after Nick had just attacked Chuck Taylor. Best Friends then took it in turns to inflict pain on Nick while his brother laid waiting at ringside. A fresh Matt Jackson came into the matchup and made quick work of the Best Friends but no successful cover. Both teams seemed to be extremely wore down by this point, Trent kicked out of a 450 and it seemed to be going in the Bucks favour. That was until Hangman Adam Page came to ringside and held Nick’s leg, leaving Best Friends to take the win.

Going into the final match of the tag team gauntlet, Best Friends faced FTR. FTR came to the ring once again with Tully Blanchard. FTR focused on utilizing their tough traditional tag style against Best Friend’s more highflying abilities. Best Friends were clearly struggling due to the beat down they had received from Young Bucks, every time they started to gain momentum; it was quickly crushed. Best Friends never recovered from the earlier beat down, Dax took the win as Chuck Taylor tapped out.

AEW Weekly for 8/27/20

Lance Archer (w/ Jake Roberts) Vs. Sean Maluta 

Our quick squash match this week felt into the hands of Lance Archer as he spent a whole 3 minutes demolishing Sean Maluta. The matchup could have ended a lot quicker, but Archer just wanted to play with his victim, pulling him out of the cover and hitting Maluta with the Black-out.

Contract Signing Between MJF & Jon Moxley 

Will the double-armed DDT or Paradigm Shift as Moxley dubbed it to be banned at All Out? Yes, after a whole lot of talking from MJF and a threat to Moxley’s wife, Jon did sign the contract. BUT! It’s not simple enough to just ban the Paradigm Shift, no instead, Moxley added something to the contract and announced that Moxley’s lawyer will face the champ in a match next week on Dynamite.

Lucha Bros, Butcher & Blade (w/ Eddie Kingston) Vs. Joey Janela, Sonny Kiss, Brian Pillman Jr & Griff Garrison 

Eddie Kingston sought a victory for his new faction in this matchup; they faced the pick n’ mix team of random wrestlers AEW found in the back just hanging around. Eddie Kingston seemed to have ironed out a lot of the problems his little group experienced last week, the whole team seemed a much more united front and stayed in control for 90% of this match.

The referee’s control seemed to completely disappear as a massive brawl broke out between all the competitors. Brian Pillman Jr received a package pile-driver onto the hard side of the ring by Pentagón Jr. This affected Pillman as he was then dragged into the ring and covered, resulting in a win for the Lucha Bros, Butcher, and Blade.

AEW Weekly for 8/27/20

Dark Order Celebration 

Mr Brodie Lee won the TNT Championship on last week’s Dynamite, this week the focus was completely on celebrating his win with his ‘group of friends.’ Tony Schiavone attempted to interview the new champion, but it went about as well as Schiavone’s interviews usually go, one questioned answered and a whole lot of brawling. Brodie Lee declared the open challenge was over! No more weekly matches for the TNT Champion. SCU, Matt Cardona, and the Natural Nightmares ran to the ring, attempting to get revenge for Cody.

Big Swole Vs. Penelope Ford, Britt Baker & Rebel 

This week’s women’s match featured a handicapped match. If Swole won, then she could face Britt Baker anytime, anywhere. There was a lot of slip-ups in the matchup, and in the end, it looked rather sloppy, which is a real shame as AEW are building this feud up for Baker vs Swole. Swole took the win after an incredibly short match by pinning Penelope Ford.

AEW Weekly for 8/27/20

Tables Match:

Sammy Guevara Vs. Matt Hardy 

The moment we have all been waiting for followed next, the murder of Sammy Guevara. Ok, ok, Matt Hardy was never going to actually murder Guevara, but he did want to cause as much damage as possible in their tables match. Matt Hardy went straight to it focused on taking the win by putting Guevara through a table.


A bloody Sammy attempted to put Hardy through the table, but this was to no avail. Hardy was next to try but ended up causing more damage to himself, as he struggled to walk around the ring. Sammy won the match by putting Matt through a ‘deletion’ table.

AEW Dynamite ended this week with Orange Cassidy racing from backstage and attacked Jericho, who was on commentary.

All images and videos courtesy of All Elite Wrestling and FITE TV