AEW Weekly for 10/10/21 (Starks and Cage COLLIDE!)

It’s the start of another week, and you know what that means!? Another week of All Elite Wrestling action! But before we can get to what went down on the 2-year anniversary of Wednesday night Dynamite & Friday night Rampage. Here is the AEW Weekly review for the week ending 10/10/21.

Let’s first recap matches of the week for both Dark Elevation and Elevation.

Monday 10/4/21 AEW Dark Elevation Match of the Week:

The Spotlight match for this week’s episode of Dark Elevation was the Tag Team match between The Acclaimed, who faced off against Colin Delaney & Cheech.

Delaney and Cheech attacked The Acclaimed before the bell rang. Bowens hit an insane Inside Out Lariat before ducking a clothesline from Cheech, which allowed Caster to hit a gut kick. Bowens is then tagged in to hit an Apron Enzuigiri. That was followed up with an Olympic Slam from Caster, and a Slingshot Elbow Drop from Bowens. After that, it was all Bowens till Cheech tagged in Delaney, who unloaded three knife edge chops only to be decked with a back elbow smash from Bowens, who follows up his combination offense with a Super Kick. After that, Caster became the legal man hitting a Double Wrist Lock and Double Side Russian Leg Sweep to allow Bowens to hit The PK.

Caster went on to hit a Somersault Senton only to get a two count. However, the Acclaimed kept up the momentum as Bowens hit a Dropkick/Crucifix Slam to Cheech. Delaney attacked Caster with a Springboard Cutter and tried to pull off and upset but fell short as once again The Acclaimed turned the table fighting back to connect with The Mic Drop to pick up the 1,2,3.

Tuesday 10/5/21 AEW Dark Match of the Week:

My Spotlight match for this week’s episode of AEW Dark was a big 8-Man Tag Team match that kicked off the show between The Pinnacle (Wardlow, Shawn Spears & FTR) & Baron Black, Austin Greene, Aaron Frye, Dean Alexander.  Cash Wheeler and Baron Black locked up to start the match off. Wheeler transitioned into a Waist Lock takedown, leading to a Gedo Clutch only for Baron Black to kick on a two-count. Both wrestlers then had a wristlock exchange before Alexander tagged himself in.

Alexander and Wheeler went at it. Wheeler uppercut Alexander and then went on to tag in Spears. He started his attack with a few harsh Cross Body Chops and an Irish Whip. Alexander countered, however, and dropkicked Spears. Frye is then tagged into the match who goes on the offensive, but Spears answers with a knee into the midsection. Spears then tagged in Harwood and slammed Frye’s head on to the knee of Harwood. After that, Harwood and Frye went at each other, exchanging blows and offense till Wardlow and Green were tagged in.

Green tried to Body Slam Wardlow but had no luck; Wardlow replied with a Delayed Body Slam. Black is eventually tagged in and began his attack on Wardlow, hitting him with combination and dropping him with a Back Elbow Strike. But a Deadlift Slam gave Wardlow the opening to tag in Harwood. Who went to town hitting a Leg Drop/Elbow Drop/Falling Headbutt combination before finishing with a Belly to Back Suplex. After Black hit a Backstabber on a gloating Shawn Spears, Wheeler and Frye were tagged in. Frye take control of the match until he was distracted by Spears.

In the end, it was an assisted Casualty of War that helped The Chairman connect with The C4 to gain the 1,2,3.

AEW Weekly for 10/10/21
Wednesday 10/06/2021

AEW Dynamite.
(2-Year Anniversary)

So, what do you get on a Wednesday when you have a possible career landmark win in the Women’s division, a forbidden door/debut TNT title match, topped off with a casino ladder match for a future AEW Championship shot? AEW Dynamites 2-year anniversary episode live from Philadelphia! So now the scene is set; let’s jump into the action from this past Wednesday!! Let me start with my Spotlight match for this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, which was, in fact, the open match; here’s what went down!

AEW Weekly for 10/10/21
The Super Elite (Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) vs. Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, & Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus)

Jungle Boy and Nick had one hell of a back-and-four exchange at the start of the match. Cole was tagged in only to be chopped in the corner by Jungle Boy. Christian made his first entrance into the match, tagging in for Jungle Boy. At first, it looked like he was going for the Killswitch early doors but instead chose to hit a reverse DDT; following that, he hit Matt with a flapjack. Nick Jackson took advantage on the apron, which allowed the Elite to isolate Jungle Boy; it was then time for Kenny Omega. Jungle Boy fought off a double-team attack by Matt & Nick with a double backflip arm drag before Bryan Danielson tagged in the match for the first time, going straight to Matt with some harsh kicks as the crowd chanted. “YES.”

Luchasaurus was tagged in and carry on the attack to Matt till he was isolated in the ring, and Jungle Boy, Danielson, and Christian joined the attack. Moments later, some distraction from Nakazawa Christian became the victim of an outside attack by Cutler. Matt and Nick managed then to hit an Indytaker on the ramp; this put Christen out of the match, making it a four-on-three handicap tag match.

The Super Elite beat down Jungle Boy. But the fight in Jack Perry allowed him to make a comeback. He hit both a Brain Buster and the comeback lariat. He went on to hit Matt & Nick with a double DDT before reaching Danielson for a tag. It was then time for another showdown between The American Dragon & Kenny Omega! Both stood head-to-head in the center of the ring, trading forearm shots. But it was Danielson who took control of things with a running clothesline and the corner dropkick followed by some hard kicks (again, the crowd chanting “yes”) and a top-rope Hurricanrana.

Danielson then took to the sky for a diving Head butt that connected. It looked like the end until Matt and Nick broke up the pin. Luchasaurus came to the aide of Danielson, taking out Nick & Matt. Danielson hit a Tiger Suplex bridge for a near pinfall. He then locked in his deadly Cattle Mutilation, but Nick broke it up with a Senton bomb. Cole feinted on a dive and called for “Adam Cole, baby!” He turned around into a Chokeslam and Moon Sault from Luchasaurus for two. Jurassic Express wanted their finisher, but a distraction allowed the Super Elite to land a low blow on Luchasaurus.

It was then the Jurassic express which took the fight to Adam and the rest of the Super Elite, but they took advantage of having an extra man, and the tables turned in the match; it looked like they had it won until Danielson fought off everyone and was the lone man standing. Hitting them hard kicks once again, but with the help of Omega, Danielson got hit by not one, not 2 but 3 Superkicks. Finally, a four-way BTE Trigger to Jungle Boy gave The Super Elite the win.

CM Punk promo

That crackle went off, and the Cult of Personality riff hit, and the pop was and seemed to always be electric. Punk started by thanking the fans. Then, letting them know he actually lived in Philadelphia for three years. While there, he ate, breathed, and slept pro wrestling. The city gave him so much (because of the money he made, Punk bought his first iPod and a computer). But he stated he wasn’t rich because of the money; he was spiritually rich, engrossing himself in the Philly community. He then gave the crowd a choice should he wrestle for them tonight, or would they prefer some Philly cheesesteaks, his treat? Of course, they want to see him wrestle, so Punk called out the rising star Daniel Garcia and that Friday night’s Rampage would be the stage.

Arn Anderson Promo

The in-ring segment from the former Horseman member Arn Anderson talked about splitting up from Cody Rhodes, and it has had the AEW world wondering would this happen. On Wednesday, the plot thickened as we saw a promo of him starting a fire in Cody’s backyard, dumping a suit in it, and Cody came down to confront him. Arn demanded that Cody give him his tie. Cody didn’t want him to throw it away, so Arn slapped him. Cody threw the tie into the fire himself. So the question is, what next in this story that is sure to continue over the coming weeks?

AEW Weekly for 10/10/21
TNT Championship Match:

Sammy Guevara vs. Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish took to Twitter in the week to say he wanted to be the first challenger in the Sammy Guevara TNT title reign. The Spanish God was happy to accept, and what better place to do it than at the 2-year special of Dynamite. This marked the debut of Bobby Fish in AEW, and he wasted no time during this match to show why he infected is “ALL ELITE” by hitting some heavy elbow strikes, fists, and kicks to Guevara. It was safe to say he controlled most of the match. It was easy to see the shade of the Combat sports background come into play in this match-up.

Guevara was able to battle back quite a few times; he even hit Spanish Fly out of nowhere in the middle of the ring. But, as much as Fish was putting on a clinic, The Spanish God wasn’t going to give him an easy ride into AEW, and he showed Fish why AEW put the belt on him. In the end, Guevara was able to secure the win by delivering his GTH finisher and getting the 1,2,3. Straight after the bell rang, The Men of the Year & America’s Top Team invaded the ring and took the hurt to The Spanish God. His lifelong friend Fuego Del Sol’s failed attempt led to the most iconic Entrance music in AEW hitting (Judas!), and the real backup arrived in the form of fellow Inner Circle members, Jericho & Jake Hager.

On their exit from the ring, Lambert claimed Jorge Masvidal was the real king of Miami, which if funny because that is where AEW is next week; not only that, but he stated that he wanted a match Inner Circle vs. Men of the Year & Junior Dos Santos. Jericho’s answer…. They would beat the sh*t out of Lambert and his dipsh*t team.

TBS Championship announcement.

With Aubrey Edwards’s help, Tony Schiavone revealed the TBS Championship, which is the equivalent for TNT Championship but for the AEW women’s division.

Darby Allin vs. Nick Comoroto

In the words of JR Darby in this match, from start to finish, was quicker than a hiccup. Darby hit Comoroto on the outside off the top rope. Comoroto then came back with a Body Slam and went for a Suplex, but Allin landed on his feet and answered with a Flip Stunner, and then it was Coffin Drop time for the 1,2,3; QT Marshall kept the action going by hitting Sting with a Cutter. It was no sold by Sting, who returned the favor with a Scorpion Death Drop.

Dante Martin Promo

Dante Martin took to the ring to talk with Tony Schiavone. Martin mentioned that for the last couple of months, he’d been a problem for AEW, and he offered a challenge for the AEW locker room, saying he’d fight anyone. Unfortunately, the lights went out after that, and Malakai Black appeared in the ring behind him. He shot black mist in Dante’s face and hit him with a Spinning Heel Kick once again, and the lights went out.

When they came back on, Black was stood alone in the ring, and he picked up the microphone and said, “The House of Black accepts.” The match has since been confirmed for next week on Dynamite, and what a match and opportunity this will be for both talents to put on a show; I, for one, cannot wait to watch.

AEW Weekly for 10/10/21

Serena Deeb vs. Hikaru Shida

It was time to head to a great match in the women’s division. Not only was this the first bracket match that would have implications in terms of the TBS Championship. But if Hikaru Shida won this match, he would hit her 50th win. It would have been a landmark in her career at AEW. That in itself is no small task, as the very talented Serena Deeb was who stood in her way of achieving that landmark win.

This match was a showcase of some very technical movies, grapples, and counters. Both wrestlers had an answer for each other as they went pound for pound, with neither having the upper hand until the end of the match when Deeb locked in her Serenity Lock on Shida, making her tap out and stopping her from achieving her landmark 50th win. To add insult to injury after the match, Deeb grabbed the 50th win trophy and broke it over Shida’s head. One thing for sure, this could well be the start of an outstanding rivalry that could take the women’s division to another level if they have more matches like that.

AEW Weekly for 10/10/21
Casino Ladder Match to become the #1 Contender to the AEW World Championship.

(Jon Moxley, Lance Archer, PAC, Andrade El Idolo, Orange Cassidy, Matt Hardy, and Hangman Adam Page)

For those unsure of the rules of the Casino ladder match, two wrestlers start the match, and entrants join the match every two minutes after. After that, the poker chip can be grabbed, and a new #1 Contender can be crowned. So let’s look at what went down.

The match started with Orange Cassidy and Pac. Two guys that not so far back fought in a Triple Threat Match against Omega for a chance to win and become AEW World Champion both fell short and lost; however, now was their time to again to rise as the number one contender. It was a steady pace with some well-executed moves from both Cassidy and Pac. The next man in was Andrade El Idolo made a beeline for Pac due to their recent rivalry. The highlight reel moment between the two was when Andrade Sunset Flip Power Bombed Pac off a ladder.

Following Andrade, the next man in was Hardy, who immediately went at Cassidy, hitting a Side Effect. Lance Archer and Moxley followed as the next two guys in the match and went at each other like two titans clashing. We even saw some vintage Matt Hardy who performs leg drop from the top of a ladder crushing Cassidy through a table on the outside of the ring. We then found out the Joker was in this match, and it was no other than the ‘Hangman’ himself Adam Page, who returned to a pop from the crowd that could give CM Punk a run for his money. He went through multiple opponents (Pac, Moxley, and Archer) during his time in the match, dishing out one or two Buckshot Lariats as he went.

The end of this match came down to Adam Page and Moxley, who both face-off on top of a ladder. Both were reaching for the poker chip as they struck each other with some stiff punches. But the returning Page stepped up a gear with some very intense blows that made Moxley fall from the ladder; Hangman unhooked the poke chip and was victorious and the new No1 contender for Kenny Omega’s AEW World Championship.

AEW Weekly for 10/10/21
Friday 10/08/21

AEW Rampage

CM Punk vs. Daniel Garcia

As the match began, CM Punk wins a test of strength to put Garcia down; from there, Punk kept control using locks and by hitting a few Body Slams. Garcia, however, came back by focusing on the leg of Punk. Till Punk avoided a running dropkick in the corner, answering back to Garcia with a Leg Lariat, Neck Breaker combination, which then set Punk up to land running knee in the corner to Garcia. However, the third peace to 2.0 managed to hit a well-executed Angle Slam; Punk hit back with an old-school movie as he pulled out the Pepsi Twist. The big match moment had to be Punk’s big dive from the top rope onto Garcia and 2.0. This time punk ended the match by making Garcia tap to Anaconda Vice.

AEW Weekly for 10/10/21
Lio Rush, Matt Sydal & Dante Martin Interview

Tony Schiavone interviewed Lio Rush, Matt Sydal, and Dante Martin. Sydal said that Rush sounds like a “junk bond salesman.” Rush replied that what he has with Dante is the real deal and continued to comment. He said that what he is selling is real also. Rush pushed the buttons of Sydal by saying that he is the one out of the three of them yet to prove their value. Rush added CM Punks name into the mix, saying Sydal can face the Cult of Personality next week. Sydal was excited to have a match with CM Punk. Dante, however, never got to speak.

AEW Weekly for 10/10/21
AEW Tag Team Championship match:

Lucha Bros vs. Acclaimed

The Acclaimed went straight at The Lucha Bros, attacking them from behind give them the upper hand early in the match. Fenix was taking out after taking a boom box to the head. That allowed the Acclaimed to take it Penta; it looked like this would be all Acclaimed until Penta hit DDT to give the chance to bring in Fenix. Caster then became the victim of some kicks and a Cutter. Penta and Caster go at it when they are back up, but Fenix hits a Double Handspring Cutter to put everyone out. Bowens tried to end things with a Mic Drop, but a spike Fear Factor finisher for The Lucha Bros gave them to win.

Jade Cargill vs. Skye Blue

This match was pure domination by Cargill. From the off caught Blue in her arms and landed a Fallaway Slam. Blue tried once again with a move off the ropes. Cargill seen this coming and moved out of the way and hit a Pump Kick. Cargill finished the job with her finisher (Jaded) to pick up the 1,2,3. After the bell, Cargill continued to attack Skye Blue until Thunder Rosa ran out with a steel chair gunning for Cargill after last week’s events in their match. However, Cargill and Smart Mark did the safest thing and got the hell out of dodge. It’s safe to say these two ladies are not through with each other yet.

The main event was, of course, the Philly Streetfight for the FTW Championship. This match is also my showcase match for Friday night’s episode of AEW Rampage.

AEW Weekly for 10/10/21
Philly Street Fight for the FTW Championship:

Ricky Starks vs. Brian Cage

Starks went straight for a chair, but Cage stepped on the chair and hit him with a clothesline. Cage then hit a Belly-to-Belly overhead Suplex before taking advantage of the match stipulation and Starks in the back two times with a chair. Cage kept up the pressure on the outside and executed Belly to Back Slam onto the edge of the ring apron. Starks tried a takedown only for Cage to block it. So went hardcore Starks with a pool cue shot to the side of Cage’s head. Starks then followed with a DDT off the ropes. Finally, Cage got some offense in with a Fallaway Slam.

Starks answered with a forearm to the head followed by punches to the jaw. Then with the help of a trash can, Starks hit a running leg drop. Cage was able to come back and hit a Superkick and wrap a trash can around Starks’ head. After Cage got a two count, Taz screamed “Send Hobbs,” and Jericho yelled, “Send Hook.” As if by magic, Hook made his way down to the ring, weapon in hand, but Cage fought him off. Next up was Powerhouse Hobbs, who was welcome with a Superkick from Cage. Meanwhile, Starks set up a belt shot to the head and followed with a Spear onto the pipe for near fall on Cage.

Cage sidestepped a charging unhinged Starks sending him into a steel chair that was against the ropes. A Discus Lariat connected, and Cage went for the pin only for it to be broken up by Hobbs. With the help of Hook hitting a low blow on Cage. Starks hit a Rochambeau Powerslam for them and got the 1,2,3. This wraps up all the action this week in the world of AEW. However, look at what’s in store for next week.

Rampage next Friday, October 15:
* CM Punk vs. Matt Sydal
* Ruby Soho vs. The Bunny
* The Inner Circle’s Chris Jericho, Jake Hager & Sammy Guevara vs. Ethan Page, Scorpio Sky, and Junior Dos Santos with Dan Lambert & Jorge Masvidal.
Dynamite next Saturday, October 16:
* Dante Martin vs. Malakai Black
* Luca Brothers defend the AEW Tag Team Titles vs. A Masked Tag Team (who are close friends of Andrade El Idolo)
* Bryan Danielson vs. Bobby Fish
* World Title Eliminator Tournament bracket announced with the finals taking place at Full Gear.

This was the AEW Weekly review for 10/10/21.


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