AEW Weekly for 10/07/20 | Celebrating Mr Bubbly Himself

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AEW Weekly News for 10/07/20

  •  Chris Jericho discussed the plans AEW had for him to have a match against the former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson. Chris Jericho stated, ‘originally, I was supposed to work with Tyson at the September pay-per-view, All Out 2, and we just couldn’t get it done in time.’ We last saw Mike Tyson within an AEW ring in May earlier this year, but Jericho is hopeful there may be a storyline between the two in the future.
  • Ahead of Chris Jericho’s 30th-anniversary show on Dynamite, the former TNT Champion Cody discussed the impact Jericho had on the company. Cody explained, ‘There’s no denying that. AEW simply doesn’t happen without him. His ability on the microphone, his abilities in the ring, and his attitude have helped countless wrestlers and entertained millions.

And now for your AEW Weekly for 10/07/20 Dynamite review!…

AEW Weekly for 10/07/20
AEW Dynamite Review

Dynamite featured a special 30th-anniversary show for Mr. Bubbly himself, Chris Jericho. The episode boasted exciting matches on paper and a look back through the career of Le Demo God within All Elite Wrestling and before that. Jericho will also be in tag team action alongside Jake Hager. We would also see the rematch between Mr. Brodie Lee and Cody for the TNT Championship in a dog collar match.

FTW Championship
Brian Cage vs Will Hobbs 

In this match-up, the two monsters started in a power battle, focusing on knocking the other monster down and hopefully causing some vital damage early on. Will Hobbs seemed to be the first to take some control against Brian Cage, but of course, that lasted all of a minute before the machine Brian Cage turned the match around. A wasted opportunity for a cover from Cage didn’t stop his momentum, going straight for a chin lock and standing moonsault.

Neither man seemed to be winning the control; instead, it turned into more of an evenly fought match; neither monster managed to cause maximum damage to the other. After some big hits from both competitors, the fatigue was finally starting to kick in; Hobbs was close to the win after hitting Cage with his finisher. Brian Cage saw Hobbs’ frustration and turned it into his favor, dropping Hobbs mid-ring on his head and winning the match for Team Taz.

Winner: Brian Cage (Retained FTW Championship) 

AEW World Tag Team Championship
TH2 vs FTR (w/ Tully Blanchard) 

Another brush with greatness this week as TH2 returned to Dynamite since the pandemic caused the two to be stuck in another country. Jake Evans tried to sneak a win quickly using several roll-ups, none successful. Angelico tagged in and continued TH2’s high flying style, something FTR didn’t seem prepared for. FTR attempted to walk out of the match but was stopped as Evans and Angelico flew into the two. It seemed FTR was struggling in this matchup as Tully Blanchard had to get involved, distracting the referee allowing Dax to attack Evans.

FTR released to win this brush with greatness. They were going to have to play dirty. Both Dax and Cash focused on hitting Evans with brutal damage to stop his high-flying around the ring. They focused on the left knee and stopped him from leaving their corner at all costs. Angelico finally tagged in and used his Mexican training and strength to perform an excellent double headlock on FTR, one they struggled to break until Blanchard helped. Evans and Dax broke into an evenly fought competition, but Dax quickly turned the match, receiving a close two count for his efforts; Cash performed a splash from the top rope and won the match for FTR.

Winner: FTR (w/ Tully Blanchard) 

TNT Championship Dog Collar Match
Mr. Brodie Lee (c) vs Cody

Mr. Brodie Lee attempted to use his bigger build and strength to bring Cody into his corner; Cody flew and knocked John Silver down, cutting his head open. Brodie Lee then used the chain and his strength to knock the former TNT Champion down, focused on breaking Cody’s spirit once again. Cody wasn’t ready to give up yet, though, as he fought back, racing to the top rope but was pulled down by Brodie Lee. The Dark Order leader continued to use the chain to his advantage as he pulled him out the ring and threw him into the side of the ring.

Mr. Brodie Lee used his Dark Order minion Silvers to take a huge hit from Cody before dragging Cody back into the ring once again. Brodie hit Cody with a DDT onto the chain. Instead of taking advantage of Cody’s now found danger Brodie became distracted by Slivers and Anna Jay at ringside. The beating of Cody continued, blood now freely pouring from his face.

AEW Weekly for 10/07/20

Brodie’s dominance continued as Cody seemed to struggle to break free. Outside the ring, Brodie pulled Cody into the barrier repeatedly. Cody got a tiny bit of offense until he went through a table alongside with Brodie Lee, blood pouring from both men’s faces. He received a two count, but Brodie somehow kicked out. Cody fought back from the beating he had received earlier on, striking Brodie with the heavy-duty chain. Brodie reversed the match once again, knocking the life out of Cody Rhodes. The brutal fight continued but became more evenly fought, Cody and Brodie both gave it everything they possibly could. Cody acted quickly, using the chains to cut Brodie’s face, a quick cross-Rhodes and he won the TNT Championship back to the Nightmare Family.

Winner: Cody (New TNT Champion) 

Big Swole vs Serena Deeb 

Our one and only women’s match this week featured Serena Deeb and Big Swole. Serena was making her Dynamite debut after being featured on Dark for the last few weeks. The match started with an even competition, Deeb took control using the ropes to damage Swole’s knee before twisting her whole body in the ropes. Serena dragged Swole mid-ring and continued the focus on the knee, delivering big elbow after big elbow. Serena focused on showing fans her technical wrestling style, using a range of traditional harder hitting moves.

Swole kicked out of every cover Serena attempted. Big Swole started to break out of Serena’s holds as Swole used her strength to her advantage against Serena. Swole was close to a win as she successfully covered Serena but at the last second her opponent kicked out. Another even competition broke out as they both attempted to take the win, Swole finally broke the pattern though after hitting Serena and taking the win.

Winner: Big Swole 

AEW Weekly for 10/07/20
Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs Chaos Project 

As it was his anniversary show Chris Jericho, of course, took the main spot, fighting in tag team competition for Dynamite’s main event. This matchup has been many years in the making as Luther and Chris Jericho had been waiting for a rematch since their early days in Japan. Chaos Project seemed to take control of the match as both teammates hit Chris Jericho with move after move. Jericho finally managed to knock Luther down and race to tag Hager in. Luther seemed to hold his own against Hager, which was strange as we hadn’t really seen anyone do that before within an AEW ring. Luther used his years of experience and his team mate’s body to knock Hager down.

Hager and Jericho realized to win this matchup they would have to turn their focus onto Serpentico. That plan seemed to be working until Luther went mental and flew off the top rope into everyone at ringside and all his opponents. Luther continued his dominance against Jericho, the relationship between the two was clear as Luther knew exactly what Jericho was planning each time.

Jericho tried to turn the match around but was quickly stopped once again by Luther, Jericho was about to lose the match but was saved by Jake Hager. The Inner Circle brought Jericho a few seconds of time so he could hit Luther with a Judas Effect and win the match for him and Jake Hager. After the match, MJF came to the win to present Jericho with a beautiful present, a picture of himself which ended as well as to be expected. All the AEW heels then came to the ring to celebrate with Jericho and the Inner Circle members.

All images and videos courtesy of All Elite Wrestling