AEW Weekly for 09/30/20 | Butcher vs Moxley

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AEW Weekly News for 9/30/20

  • Kenny Omega provides an update on the AEW video game. The AEW EVP discussed the game’s progress with Gamestop, “The status of the video game is that it is currently in development, I can’t say too much more other than I am working very closely creatively with a team. And every few weeks, they have very exciting new things to show us.
  • Tay Conti took to Twitter to discuss her body issues which affected her confidence when it came to choosing and wearing her ring gear. Conti explained, “I know I always post bikini pics but being in the ring without long sleeves and with low waist shorts was a challenge. A mental insecurity that almost nobody believes I have it but yes I do. After a good amount of therapy and mind work, I did it.”
  • Chris Jericho’s 30 years in wrestling will be celebrated live on next week’s AEW Dynamite. On October 7th, 2020 AEW will host a special episode of Dynamite from Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, which promises to celebrate Chris Jericho’s wrestling career and achievements.

And now for your AEW Weekly for 09/30/20 Dynamite review!…

AEW Weekly for 9/30/20
AEW Dynamite Review

After Eddie Kingston’s defeat last week at the hands of AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, Kingston was yet to take his sights off the title belt. This week he set up a mystery challenger for the champion to face. Cody shocked fans last week as he returned to AEW’s squared circle. This week he would respond to Mr. Brodie Lee’s TNT Championship challenge, but what did he reply? Keep reading to find out.

Ricky Starks vs Darby Allin 

AEW wanted to start off with an ‘absolute’ bang as Ricky Starks sought an end to his feud with Darby Allin. Even with the limited crowd, you can see and hear how much of a success AEW has created with Allin. The fans love him and he seems stronger and stronger each week. Allin started the match showing off his strength and ability locking in several submission moves on Starks. Allin sent Starks out of the ring before he came crashing into his opponent. But Starks seemed to be struggling with the damage Allin caused. That was until he got a quick break as Brian Cage and then Will Hobbs raced out to ringside.

Starks now fully recovered turned the tides on Allin throwing him around the ring. Starks was in control by this point but seemed to be struggling from the damage caused to his lower back, though he continued to fight through the pain receiving two close counts. Allin woke up, aimed for his opponent’s lower back, and received a very close two count for his efforts. Both of the opponent’s looked extremely powerful in this match-up, the high ability of both wrestlers shined through as they both hit their opponent with insane moves.

Starks climbed to the top rope with Allin but Allin reversed the hold just like we have seen so many times before. Allin dropped on Stark’s lower back with his famous coffin drop and won the match.

Winner: Darby Allin 

AEW Weekly for 09/30/20
Cody Responds To Mr. Brodie Lee’s Challenge 

After a few minutes of Cody discussing why wrestlers shake hands, Cody moved onto losing to Mr. Brodie Lee in three minutes. Before moving his career to Hollywood to be involved in a new show. Cody then denied Brodie Lee’s challenge for a dog collar match for the TNT Championship…That was until he walked back to the ring and said “no regrets” and accepted the match for next week’s Dynamite episode. Brodie Lee then raced out and all hell broke loose. Literally, no one was safe.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match
FTR (w/ Tully Blanchard) (c) Vs SCU

Tony Schiavone finally tracked down FTR to have a little chat. This went rather well then Schiavone’s usual interviews as he managed to get more than one question in. That was until the Young Bucks appeared out of nowhere and super kicked Schiavone. Well Matt did as we still haven’t seen Nick. The match started in typical FTR fashion, tough submission moves, and traditional wrestling. SCU battled FTR’s traditional style with their own high-flying ability. Making this match a complete mash-up of different styles. After a back and forth between Cash and Sky, Christopher Daniels was thrown out from ringside. Sky decided to leave the ring to cause maximum damage to FTR members.

Outside the ring, FTR turned the match as they isolated Sky, slamming him into the mat. Back in the ring, FTR continued their dominance and isolating of Sky by keeping him in their corner. Cash attempted to knock Sky down once again but Sky moved which caused Cash to smash into the turnbuckles and give us fans this brilliant bit of footage.

Kazarian attempted to come fresh into the ring and stop FTR’s dominance but it didn’t exactly end that way. Instead, an even competition played out until Sky tagged in once again. Sky and then Kazarian both managed a close call but neither count gave SCU the Tag Championship belts. FTR attempted to end the match by working together but SCU countered once again. Four more close calls for SCU but none landed successfully. FTR finally took the win after using Tully Blanchard’s help.

Winner: FTR (W/ Tully Blanchard) 

AEW Weekly for 09/30/20
Isiah Kassidy (w/ Matt Hardy & Marq Quen) Vs Chris Jericho (w/ Inner Circle) 

Jericho attempted to anger his opponent by slapping him in the face, but Kassidy outsmarted him and brought him into a false sense of security. Kassidy came out the dominant competitor in the first moments of the match-up. The action left the ring as both opponents got in some brutal shots. Leaving Kassidy with a close two count. The close call clearly woke Jericho up as he started to focus and take control over Kassidy.

Inner Circle helped strengthen Jericho’s control as they caused more damage to an already weakened Kassidy. Kassidy tried to fight back throwing punches but Jericho quickly shut that down, literally stepping on his younger opponent. Kassidy managed to find a little fight left as he reversed Jericho’s move and turned the tides of the match once again.

Kassidy took control, hitting Jericho with a stunner but still not win for one halve of Private Party. Isiah didn’t give up though as he hit Jericho with a number of hard-hitting moves attempting to take the win. Kassidy really rubbed in the dirt as he hit Jericho with a code breaker, Jericho quickly fought back though as he hit Kassidy with the Judas Effect and won the match.

Winner: Chris Jericho

AEW Weekly for 09/30/20
Number 10 (w/ Dark Order) Vs Orange Cassidy 

Preston Vance returned this week after suffering from a shoulder injury for the last few months, great to see his return as before his injury he was impressing week after week. Orange Cassidy seemed to be suffering still from his match against Brodie Lee last week as Preston Vance took control early on and threw Cassidy around like he was easy prey. While Dark Order mocked Best Friend’s hug Cassidy climbed to the top rope and flew into Vance.

Back in the ring, Preston Vance caught Cassidy after he climbed to the top rope once again. Though this was quickly reversed into a swinging DDT by Cassidy who straight away hit him with an Orange Punch and won the match-up.

Winner: Orange Cassidy 

AEW Weekly for 09/30/20
Dr. Britt Baker vs Red Velvet 

Dr. Britt Baker returned to the ring on Dynamite this week after her cinematic match against Big Swole at All Out. Britt came into the ring looking like she hadn’t missed a day in the ring, she started off extremely strong. Baker performed a huge punch to the face of Red Velvet. You could hear the huge crack of Red Velvet’s nose from the comfort of your sofa.

Red Velvet finally got some offense in against the doctor but was quickly put back by Baker once again. Taking control Britt seemed to enjoy causing as much damage and pain to Red Velvet as possible. Baker took too long to hit her next move and Red Velvet attempted a roll-up but Britt quickly kicked out, knocked Red Velvet down, and won the match.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker 

AEW World Championship
Jon Moxley (c) vs The Butcher (w/ Eddie Kingston)

After Eddie Kingston brought the referee from last week to the ring demanding an explanation as to why he lost the match to Jon Moxley last week, Lucha Bros attempted to attack the referee but Moxley ran to the ring like the sliver knight he is. While Kingston distracted Moxley, Butcher sneaked behind and knocked the champion down. Butcher worked at highlighting his power and strength in this match-up as he showed off how powerful he is compared to the current AEW World Champion.

A small mistake by Butcher caused Moxley to get some offense in, Moxley attempted to take control but was quickly knocked down by Butcher once again. Butcher now turned his attention to Moxley’s weaken knee, wrapping his leg around the bottom rope and pulling it out of place. Mox tried his best to fight back as he delivered a few kicks to Butcher’s head. Moxley saw his chance and delivered several submission moves attempting to cause the most damage to his opponent. Butcher reversed once again as he focused on Moxley’s knee and lower back with a single leg crab.

Butcher attempted to continue control of the match, receiving pep talks and help from his family members at ringside but the AEW World Champion had enough. Moxley used the top rope to throw Butcher back first into the middle of the ring, Butcher reversed into a leg lock but Moxley fought back. Moxley and Butcher fought an evenly matched competition, Butcher received a few close calls. Jon saw a split second chance to take the win, he knocked Butcher down and made him tap out.

Winner: Jon Moxley 

AEW Dynamite ended with Eddie Kingston losing his mind at Moxley’s continued dominance. Kingston was pulled away from ringside by the Lucha Bros and the show ended.