AEW Road Rager 2021 | Preview

After nearly sixteen months, AEW is finally back on the road again with AEW Road Rager 2021! For the first time since March 11, 2020, All Elite Wrestling will take place outside of Jacksonville. It will be great to see live, rowdy AEW crowds again. The Miami crowd will be rewarded with an amazing card on Wednesday night. Let us find out more about this exciting night in Miami in the latest edition of AEW Dynamite IGNITE for 7/7/21. 


AEW Road Rager 2021
MJF & Chris Jericho Face to Face Standoff 

Road-Rager-Jericho-and-MJF-Face-to-FaceStandoff-Twitter-1920x1080.jpg AEW Road Rager 2021
Photo / AEW

On last week’s AEW Dynamite, MJF defeated Sammy Guevara in an epic main event. Unsurprisingly, Shawn Spears of the Pinnacle helped MJF pick up that victory. Now it is time for MJF to turn his attention to the leader of the Inner Circle.

MJF has vowed to give Chris Jericho a match against him in the near future. At AEW Road Rager, they will face off in front of the AEW crowd. MJF has vowed some unique stipulations before agreeing to one last match. What will the stipulations be, and what will Chris Jericho’s reaction be? It will be fun to see the two of the best talkers in an AEW ring together again. 

Andrade El Idolo vs. Matt Sydal

Photo / AEW

On the June 4th edition of AEW Dynamite, Andrade El Idolo made his shocking debut. At AEW Road Rager, he will finally be making his in-ring debut in All Elite Wrestling. He will face an interesting opponent in Matt Sydal.

Sydal inadvertently interrupted Andrade’s “big announcement” a few weeks ago. Ever since Andrade El Idolo has shown disrespect to Matt Sydal, as he challenged him to a match last week, he constantly called him Matt Something. So, iSo, in what will surely be a high-flying match, can Sydal upset Andrade in his debut? I am sure if he does, Andrade will remember his name.

Kris Statlander & Orange Cassidy vs. The Bunny & The Blade

Photo / AEW

At a recent AEW Dynamite, Kris Statlander defeated The Bunny in a very physical match. But the members of Matt Hardy’s Family Office are not done with Statlander just yet. So it is time for a rare Mixed Tag Team at Road Rager.

Everyone’s favorite alien will be working with the always popular Orange Cassidy in this match. Will the laziest man in wrestling be ready for their dangerous opponents on Wednesday night? We know the crowd will be behind Statlander and Cassidy for sure. 

AEW Road Rager 2021
Cody Rhodes vs. QT Marshall
(South Beach Strap Match)

Photo / AEW

QT Marshall and The Factory have been a major thorn in the side of the Cody’s Nightmare Family in recent months. At AEW Road Rager, it seems the feud between the two groups is coming to an end. But the ending will be in the most brutal fashion possible. It is time for a South Beach Strap Match.

Cody Rhodes has another disadvantage on Wednesday night. He hasn’t been on AEW programming since the birth of his daughter in mid-June. Will the new father be possibly prepared for a motivated Marshall? If he isn’t, he could be brutalized by the leader of the Factory in Miami on Wednesday night.

The Inner Circle (Jake Hager, Santana, Ortiz) vs. The Pinnacle (Wardlow & FTR)

Photo / AEW

The Inner Circle versus Pinnacle feud has become very personal in recent weeks. The part that has become the most personal is the one between Santana & Ortiz and FTR. They have been talking about their very different backgrounds and how much they truly detest each other. They get their hands on each other in a six-man tag team match this Wednesday night. 

One of the wildcards in this match is that Tully Blanchard and Konnan will be ringside as well. They got into a heated argument on a recent AEW Dynamite. So who will gain the upper hand at AEW Road Rager? This personal feud seems to just be getting started on Wednesday night.

AEW Road Rager 2021
The Young Bucks vs. Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero M
(AEW World Tag Team Title Championship Street Fight) 

Eddie Kingston Rips Into The Young Bucks Before Tag Title Match AEW Road Rager 2021
Photo / AEW

Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero M pulled off a huge victory last week in the opening tag team action. However, it was the Young Bucks’ first loss in a traditional tag team match in months. The Young Bucks have been cocky champions in recent weeks and have made themselves a lot of enemies. Will this affect them as they defend the AEW World Tag Team Championships? 

This AEW World Tag Team Championship match will be contested under Street Fight rules. So who will benefit from this stipulation at AEW Road Rager? We know the Young Bucks will have no problem using members of the Elite to hold onto their titles. But will the challengers use some additional help as well? Frankie Kazarian would like nothing more than to cost the Elite an AEW title. It should be a fun main event for a hot Miami crowd.


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