AEW Rampage for 9/10/21 (PAC vs Andrade El Idolo)

Hot off the heels of AEW All Out and fresh out of another episode, we are getting ready for another installment of one of the top-rated shows out there, in AEW Rampage for 9/10/21. Between last week’s episode and this week’s episode of Dynamite, we saw the card unfold. We also saw some huge debuts, some of which were speculated, but how will they affect Rampage and the overall direction of All Elite Wrestling.


One thing is for sure, as per usual, you won’t want to miss this Friday’s episode of Rampage! We will see some continuing feuds, in addition to a couple of new ones that have formed. We will see Sting & Darby Allin while not in action; they will be in attendance to address Tully Blanchard and respond to his challenge. Continuing the trend so far, we will also see another display of the talented women of All Elite Wrestling, this time in the form of a trios tag match. We also saw Brian Pillman, Jr. get into an altercation with The Acclaimed, which will boil over into Friday night’s card. In addition to that, we will see Pac and Andrade El Idolo in action. Let’s get to the previews!

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Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens vs. Brian Pillman, Jr.

We saw this match develop on Wednesday night during Dynamite. First, we saw The Acclaimed’s Max Caster & Anthony Bowens come out and address the audience; however, during their promo, they ended up bashing on Cincinnati and throwing some disparaging remarks at the crowd. Once they started trashing the Cincinnati crowd, we saw Brian Pillman, Jr. come out. He had enough of the trash-talking, especially since his father, Brian Pillman, is from Cincinnati, and he made it a point to bring that up and Jon Moxley and himself.

Within minutes we see a brawl break out between The Acclaimed and Pillman, Jr., which finds Griff Garrison trying to come out to the aid of his friend. This match will be one to watch because two up-and-coming wrestlers and such fresh talent will go head to head and hopefully put an end to this brawl, but only time will tell. Will Brian Pillman, Jr come out on top, or will Caster be able to put his money where his mouth is?

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AEW Rampage for 9/10/21
Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, Rebel & Jamie Hayter vs. Kris Statlander, Riho, & Ruby Soho
– Trios Tag Match

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen that certain components of this match have been building, but a certain dynamic was just added at All Out this past weekend – the debut of Ruby Soho. Since her release from WWE, we had seen a lot of speculation that she would end up here in AEW, and those rumors came to fruition. Soho immediately came in, proving she is here to make an impact in the Women’s Division of All Elite by winning the Women’s Casino Battle Royale after being The Joker entrant and starting up a feud with reigning champion Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. She also picked up a win over Jamie Hayter Wednesday on Dynamite which saw Baker, Hayter, & Rebel attack her after her victory.

Kris Statlander & Riho both ended up in the ring to help even the playing field leading to this match. We have seen both Riho and Statlander battle Baker, so now we will see former Woman’s Champion Riho, a strong contender in Statlander. The possible threat to Baker’s title Soho went against Baker and her two buddies. The outcome of this match could put Ruby Soho at even more of an advantage to get Baker’s title. So which team will take it all? Can Ruby Soho keep up her already impressive streak alongside Statlander & Riho, or will Baker, Rebel & Hayter be able to put a stop to this?

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AEW Rampage for 9/10/21
Pac vs. Andrade El Idolo w/ Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

After being postponed from All Out due to travel restrictions, we will finally see Pac take on Andrade el Idolo. These two wrestlers both have a ton of experience, which will more than likely be one heck of a match. Andrade el Idolo is another who came to All Elite Wrestling looking to make an impression, so far, he has not had any high-profile matches, but this could be a chance for him to create an impression with a win over Pac. Pac, however, has a pretty impressive record of wins. Both of these guys are powerhouses in their own right, though; it will be interesting to see who takes the win from this one.

Will Andrade el Idolo be able to use this match as a way to boost himself in the rankings and start to head for gold, or will Pac pick up the win and keep Andrade under the radar still. Tune into Rampage this Friday!!

What to expect:

  • What will Sting & Darby Allin’s response to Tully Blanchard be? Will we see them square off once more?
  • Can Ruby Soho and her team pick up the win this week and help her pick up momentum in her venture towards the AEW Women’s World Championship?
  • Will CM Punk make his normal weekly appearance on Rampage this week to address the fans?


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