AEW Rampage for 11/18/22 (Full Gear Friday)

On Friday, November 18th, AEW Rampage for 11/18/22 features four matches. As we preview the go-home edition of Full Gear. MJF ‘cleaned house’ against The Firm leading into Full Gear and his AEW Championship match against Jon Moxley. Despite a moment of uncertainty by Moxley of what day the event was. (Hey, it happens to the best of us. He’s tired. He’s a parent and husband. A moment of lapsed memory will happen.)

But with the upcoming matches slated to take place tonight, we also don’t know who will be the next threat for the AEW Championship and win the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament.

While the criticism of the matches slated may be a mixed bag, it’s what they have the potential to be. The Starks/Archer match will lead to someone competing in the Eliminator tournament. Athena/Rayne could have championship implications; the FTW Championship is on the line, and the tag team match presents itself as more of a special attraction bout with a wrestling legend.

AEW Rampage for 11/18/22
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AEW Rampage for 11/18/22
Athena vs. Madison Rayne

It isn’t too often when a face will face another face, but this match presents itself a little differently. With these women facing each other on the go-home edition of Rampage, what does this mean for a future championship opportunity for the winner?

On Saturday, both the TBS and AEW Women’s Championships are on the line, and these women have held championships in the past. We have seen both Athena and Rayne compete for the TBS Championships but is an AEW Women’s or ROH Women’s championship match in their future?

With how Athena appears to be resuming her steam from when she initially joined AEW, this match may present itself with another win moving forward.

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AEW Rampage for 11/18/22
FTW Championship
Hook (c) vs. Lee Moriarty

A championship opportunity for Lee Moriarty is something fans could really get behind. But as with many matches, the booking of them facing one another came about seems rather cold. Moriarty has all the skills not only to hold a championship in AEW but to defend it regularly.

As a former IWTV Champion, Moriarty would hold the title for a little more than two months. But as many are aware, the FTW Championship is as important to Hook as it is to his family. What does Hook have in store for Moriarty, and how will he combat this threat for the title?

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AEW Rampage for 11/18/22
World Title Eliminator Tournament
Lance Archer vs. Ricky Starks

In a match that was supposed to take place last week has been rescheduled for this coming Friday, November 18th. Fans will recall that while Ricky Starks was attempting to have a backstage interview, Archer jumped Starks, ‘injuring’ him in the process. But what the week did was add to the animosity between these two.

Starks has faced the wrath of the likes of his former friend Powerhouse Hobbs. This match, however, could certainly lend itself to a championship match. We have seen Stark hold the FTW Championship in the past. But now, to see him hold an AEW championship is sorely overdue.

But in order to do that, he needs to get past the Murderhawk Monster. Will David once again slay his Goliath?

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AEW Rampage for 11/18/22
Eddie Kingston and Ortiz vs. Jun Akiyama & Konosuke Takeshita

Kingston and Takeshita have faced each other before. So for Kingston to face one of heros says a great deal about this match and what to expect. Akiyama, too many, was considered an unofficial fifth pillar of heaven in All Japan Pro Wrestling. Kingston has often said how Kenta Kobashi is his favorite wrestler and has called 6-3-94 the greatest match he’s ever seen.

On this past week’s edition of AEW Dynamite, we saw a promo where we heard from Takeshita, Kingston, and Ortiz while Akiyama looked on from a distance.

Please share with us what you expect to happen this week in the comment section below for AEW Rampage for 11/18/22.

What To Expect

  • Last-minute comments on the upcoming AEW World Championship match at Full Gear
  • More on the return of The Elite competing for the AEW Trios Championships
  • More discussion of the remaining card leading up to Saturday’s show.


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