AEW Dynamite Weekly 03/25/2020 (Matt Hardy/Chris Jericho)

Tonight we will finally see the in-ring debut of Brodie Lee and Chris Jericho faces Matt Hardy for the first time IN HISTORY. These men have never fought and will be face to face in this episode. We open with Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega breaking down tonight’s action. Brodie Lee will fight QT Marshall. Sammy Guevara vs Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Championship. Cody drops his headset and proceeds to the ring where he will take on Jimmy Havoc.

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‘The American Nightmare’ Cody vs Jimmy Havoc

Omega makes note that while The Elite has no problems with Havoc, it would be an important win for them. He also makes note that Havoc has only seen screen time 4 times this year, so a win would be a big boost to him.

The issues of running production during this outbreak become apparent quickly. A ping to the viewer’s mind while the fighters reach out and shake hands. You realize that there is still no crowd. I have also noticed that Cody’s usually smooth chest is covered in hair. Likely unable to visit his waxer.

Havoc and Rhodes fight outside the ring, Havoc grabs a headset and smack talks Rhodes while beating on him. The camera cuts away to Jericho and his cronies cheering on Havoc who has moved away from traditional wrestling to lay straight pain all over Cody Rhodes.

Cody finally catches Jimmy off guard and uses his superior athletic skills to gain control over the match. Jimmy lays stunned in the ring and Cody runs to the back. The announcers crack a joke about him practicing social distancing before he comes flying back into the arena and clothesline’s Havoc back into the middle of the ring with a running lariat, Jericho seems displeased from the back.

Havoc manages to catch Rhodes in an armbar and holds him. Both men are back to their feet and the match continues.

Cody hits Havoc with two vicious Cross Rhodes and takes the win.

Winner: Cody

Following the match Cody turns his attention to the big screen where Jake “The Snake” delivers him a message.

Jake feels that he was left out of the original revolution when AEW launched in January. He is asking for a sit down to get Lance Archer in the ring, and to be trusted, all while fading to black with the camera deep in his eyes with a fire burning in the background….How do you trust a snake? And not just any snake…Jake “The Snake.”

Following the commercial Cody agrees to let Lance Archer debut as soon as next week!

Cody looks at the camera and says “SPOILER!” So I guess it’s happening!

Darby Allin vs. Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford

Onto a video with Darby Allin declares Kip Sabian that is a sacrifice for the sins of The Dark Order. Penelope Ford accompanies Kip to the ring.

The announcers take note that Darby and Kip are now a very similar size. Darby appears to be broadening in his chest and shoulders and Omega describes that Allin is basically the perfect counter wrestler and you can never count him out. He then states that he actually had a harder timer wrestling Kip because Kip could hit harder. Kip and Allin lay on the floor of the ring as they cut away to commercial. When we fade back in from commercial it is clear that Ford has gotten involved as she is leering over Darby’s body and the announcers comment on it shortly after.

They are making jokes about not being surprised she would get involved. Kip and Ford keep dishing out the pain but Darby is able to outlast it. He tries to launch at Kip but stops for the sake of Ford, but is able to eventually find his target. The match develops into who can hit each other harder, and it becomes clear that strength won’t win the match, so Darby hits a submission the announcers call “the last supper” with looks similar to a Gibson.

Winner: Darby Allin

Jake Hager vs. Chico Adams

Jake Hager quickly overpowers Adams, throwing him into the ring post, and then hitting him from the top rope. Chico gets out from under him just for a second before Hager finishes him off.

Winner: Jake Hager

As Hager stands tall, Moxley approaches much taller. He attacks Jake Hager with para-dime shift and Hager appears out. Hager flips over and puts him in an ankle lock before they break and roll away from each other. Hager is chastised by Moxley for backing away and shouts “I’m in your blind spot, always.” before we shift back to commercial.

Back from commercial, Moxley is shouting that he is clear, and ready to fight. He calls out Hager. He said either “[Hager] goes out on a stretcher, or I die trying.”

BRODIE LEE seems to be targeting Christopher Daniels and SCU. Next we see Brodie’s in ring debut and an inside view on how his minions are treated. We see Brodie and two members at dinner. They appear to be given the best of foods, but if they try to touch their food or sneeze before Brodie is finished eating they are chased away.

Brodie Lee vs. QT Marshall

The announcers sound in awe as Brodie enters the ring, even just at his size. As they are marveling over him the camera cuts back to Jericho’s crew clowning around. They continue to marvel at his size as we go back to the match and they talk about how we really already know much about Brodie Lee, but now he really gets to show exactly who he was without the same filter he had previously. Brodie grimaces at the screen long enough for QT to gain his wits and build some steam. Brodie only lets this go on a moment before putting a wall like a stop to QT’s movement. Brodie uses the discus lariat to turn QT inside out and claim the win.

As Brodie leave the ring he drops a mask onto QT’s body, seemingly offering him a place in the dark order. If you had someone beat you so badly, then offer to teach you….what would you do? I am sure we will see in the coming weeks where this leads.

Winner: Brodie Lee

Next: Nick Jackson’s medical update. VANGUARD1 shows us that Nick is at home working out and appears fine. The announcers make fun of VANGUARD keeping 6′ away. We return to Sammy Guevara coming into the ring which is now surrounded by caricature instead of people.

Photo / AEW

Kenny Omega vs Sammy Guevara
AAA Mega Championship
60 Minute Time Limit

Cody makes a note that he thinks Brandi announced Kenny better than him. Cody mentions that Sammy claims a lot of his moves were taught to him by the great Booker T, but Cody also questions whether or not Booker had actually done the moves Sammy was bragging about. Sammy slams Kenny into the ring post and the announcers make note of their square ring posts. You need to understand, these square posts have sharp edges, no give. Easy to snap a bone on. Sammy sits in a chair and jokes around with a caricature of Brandi, sloppily kissing it.

The camera flashes back and forth between Brandi’s face, sickened with disgust, and the stomach-churning image of Sammy’s tongue kissing a poster. We flash thru commercial and when we get back Cody lets us know the Kenny was able to put up a good offense, and then Sammy gets back in control. He continues to harass Brandi, who ends of slapping him. Aubrey Edwards lets it fly since he has been asking for it.

Austin and Billy Gunn had apparently been betting on the match in the background.

The camera flashes to them as they begin to fight over it. Then back to Sammy punishing the elbow of Kenny Omega, as he had been doing most of the match. Sammy misses a moonsault, which gives Omega an opening. Sammy gets himself into further trouble by getting into a slap fight with Omega. Sammy begins to use dirty tricks to try to steal the AAA belt from Omega but Omega hangs on. Commercial. As we return, Kenny is very much in control. To spite the pain in his elbow and broken hand, he delivers heavy blows to Sammy. Both men truly pull out all the stops, Sammy quick creative and cocky, and Omega’s veteran ring awareness are on full display.

Sammy takes a HUGE dive outside the ring and medical check on both men. Omega goes for a liger bomb before Sammy reversed, and nearly took Kenny to a 3 count. He goes for a shooting star press and misses. Omega hits him with a few V triggers, goes for a snapdragon which Sammy avoids. He goes for a J Driller, and Sammy continues to kick out. Kenny finally hits One wing Angel and retains his championship.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Chris Jericho Matt Hardy
Photo / AEW

Jericho’s music hits as we return from commercial and Kenny is breathless from his amazing win. Jericho grabs the camera from the only camera guy who is clearly rocking out to Jericho’s entrance music, making the heart truly long for the crowd again.

Chris Jericho is using some weird mic, and is kinda talking out loud to no one, and offers Matt Hardy to join the inner circle, and calls him out….

The only reply at first is the hum of VANGAUARD1. Jericho talks down to the drone…A lot. He calls the drone a piece of shit. Cuts a promo on him, but still offers him respect. And also invites the drone to join. VANGUARD turns his back on the seemingly begging Jericho before Jericho’s cries are interrupted by piano, and the cameras cut away to Matt Hardy who is disappearing and reappearing around the area, as if by (movie) magic! The announcers call it teleporting as Matt Hardy walks forward to confront Chris Jericho. Jericho claims the whole of AEW was built on his back and his back alone.

Hardy claims he owed “The Bucks of Youth” a debt, so he had helped them.

Matt Hardy declares AEW a paradise and says it needs saving from Chris Jericho. Jericho claims he is essential to Hardy’s success. Hardy absentmindedly laughs at Jericho speaks.

He also claims to be “DAMASCUS” and over 3000 years old, a bringer of chaos. It is still hard to be sure exactly where Hardy’s heart is.

When Chris Jericho asks directly “Elite or Inner Circle?” He replies “DELETE” Tired of the games, Jericho calls on help to attack Matt Hardy. Cody and Kenny run out with metal chairs to protect Matt Hardy from the Chris Jericho. Somehow Hardy gains control of the pyro and begins to roast the Inner Circle and fade to black.

Originally written by Kelley Jacobi