AEW Dynamite Diatribe for (12/4/19)

With just a few weeks left in the year, AEW Dynamite is back with action for days. In addition to the latest singles match in the SCU/Lucha Bros feud, AEW Champion Chris Jericho will make an announcement. What impact will this announcement have on the title scene in the future? This, and more, will be covered in the Diatribe!

Match 1: The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) and Dustin Rhodes vs. Sammy Guevara and Proud-N-Powerful (Santana and Ortiz)

Rhodes and Guevara start things off. The Natural takes advantage, controlling the arm, before tagging in Nick. Matt is tagged in and the trio attack Guevara with group offense. Santana and Ortiz storm the ring and take control of the match. The Elite members regain control and triple superkick Guevara in the face! Matt lands a flying crossbody to the outside before Nick and Rhodes follow up with flying moves of their own. Back on the ring, Matt lands triple northern lights suplexes before catching Santana and Ortiz! The Inner Circle gang up on Matt, triple powerbombing him into the corner. They follow up with corner offense capped off by a cannonball by Santana. Guevara lands a sunset atomico for a two-count.

Guevara tags Ortiz, who tags Santana, continuing the attack on Matt. The Inner Circle members exchange tags. Matt escapes a stalling suplex by Guevara and lands a superkick. Matt tags Rhodes, who takes the fight to Santana! Rhodes lands crisp powerslams and a diving crossbody. He even executes a Canadian destroyer on Santana! He goes for the Unnatural Kick, but behind the official’s back, is hit with a loaded sock. Guevara capitalizes with a 630 from the top! 1… 2… Rhodes kicks out!

Rhodes makes the hot tag to Nick, who lands a running bulldog on Guevara. The Young Bucks hit tandem offense on Guevara for a two-count. On the outside, The Young Bucks are attacked, Santana landing a giant senton! Back in the ring, The Inner Circle land a diving knee/powerbomb combination on Matt. Guevara brings out his phone to record himself climbing to the top rope. He goes for the shooting star and is greeted by double superkicks by The Young Bucks! Rhodes takes the phone and records stereo superkicks! The match ends with a senton/piledriver combination by Rhodes and The Young Bucks for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: The Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes

Match 2: Trent (w/Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy) vs. Rey Fenix

Trent takes control early on. Fenix fires back with quick offense, going for the inverted musclebuster early. Trent goes for the Dudebuster, which Fenix fights out of. They evade one another’s moves, clearly at a stalemate. Fenix sweeps Trent’s legs out from under him, causing him to fall off the middle rope and hit the turnbuckle. AEW Dynamite goes to commercial and returns to Fenix still in control. Trent catches Fenix in midair with a dropkick. He follows up with a half nelson suplex, sending Fenix to the outside. Fenix evades a baseball slide and launches Fenix into the barricade. However, Trent fires back with a quick spear!

Back in the ring, Trent hits a tornado DDT for a two-count. Fenix fights back with a monkey flip followed up a pinning powerbomb for a two-count of his own. Fenix hits a tightrope walking kick, but Trent once again fights back. They exchange chops on the apron. Fenix fights out of a piledriver and leaps to the top rope, hitting an apron double stomp! The action returns to the ring, where Fenix goes for a flying splash. Trent catches him with the knees and hits a running knee strike! Trent follows up with a piledriver! 1… 2… Fenix kicks out!

Fenix catches a running Trent with the cutter followed by a jumping kick in the corner. The match concludes with Fenix landing the musclebuster for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Rey Fenix

After commercial, Cody makes his way to the ring, where Tony Schiavone stands. Schiavone asks Cody about MJF. He says that the scar on his forehead is a reminder of his failure to win the AEW World Championship. Cody says he reached out to those he commonly would – Dustin, Brandi Rhodes, and MJF – who he couldn’t. He addresses The Butcher and The Blade, saying he will wrestle them anytime. While MJF said he won’t wrestle Cody, Cody says MJF owes it to him after handpicking him. Cody calls MJF an “nWo version of Chris Jericho.” Initially, Cody saw MJF as hungry and “his” bad guy. Cody wonders what it will take to get MJF to wrestle him, such as his car keys and fancy clothes.

Cody motions to Justin Roberts, who presents him with a briefcase. Inside the briefcase is over $50,000 in cash, which Cody will give to MJF if he wrestles him. Cody still believes MJF is the future but he will teach him. He asks MJF what the price will be before making his exit.

Backstage, Joey Janela is interviewed regarding his upcoming match with Jon Moxley. Janela says he was one of the first AEW signees but feels like he’s been on the back burner. Janela recalls his match with Moxley at Fyter Fest, but in this sanctioned match, Moxley will have to kill him to win. Moxley enters the frame. “Kids,” Moxley says before leaving the frame.

AEW Dynamite returns to a video package hyping Dark Order. They make numerous entrants go through initiations to join the group.

Match 3: Nyla Rose vs. Leva Bates (w/Peter Avalon)

Rose catches Bates with a big boot early on. She follows up by hanging Bates across the top rope and landing a flying knee! Rose goes for the Beast Bomb, which Avalon intervenes to break up. Rose wrenches Avalon’s hand. Bates hits Rose with a book but is unphased. Rose hits Bates and Avalon with a double chokeslam! The match concludes with Rose landing the Beast Bomb for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Nyla Rose

Post-match, Rose hits another Beast Bomb on Bates. The attack continues before Shanna intervenes, hitting a flying crossbody! Shanna continues to attack, only to be leveled with a powerslam by Rose as we cut to commercial! During the break, Rose levels Shanna and an official, leaving a broken table in her wake. Due to this, Rose has been suspended from in-ring competition.

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho walks to the ring, followed by Jake Hager. Jericho starts by hyping his “A Little Bit of the Bubbly,” which is sold online. He also says that he’s contractually obligated to have one more match in 2019. Jericho has the option to choose whoever he wants to face before bringing out a list, “The Lexicon of Le Champion.” The list has names he refuses to face, including Moxley, Cody, and The Young Bucks. He also points out random people in the crowd.

As Jericho lists off names, Jurassic Express make their way to the ring! The trio confront Jericho and Hager. Jericho says he won’t face dinosaurs or children. Luchasaurus takes the mic, saying dinosaurs have been marginalized for 65 million years. He also says Stunt is more man than Jericho ever will be. Jericho brings his attention to Jungle Boy, calling him “a piece of shit.” He also says Jungle Boy wouldn’t last 10 minutes with him. Jungle Boy takes the mic, saying he can and he’ll kick Jericho’s ass.

This is where a brawl breaks out. Jericho and Hager escape the ring, Jurassic Express standing tall.

Match 4: Kris Statlander vs. Hikaru Shida

The match starts with Statlander and Shida jockeying for position. Statlander performs a series of cartwheels before poking Shida in a taunting way. They exchange strikes before AEW Dynamite cuts to commercial. The show returns to Statlander and Shida fighting on the apron. Shida hits a running knee strike off the apron. Shida climbs to the top and hits a missile dropkick for a two-count. She avoids Statlander’s suplex and cinches in an armbar! Statlander grabs the bottom rope. The action moves to the top rope, where Shida hits a suplex for another two-count.

Statlander catches Shida’s running knee. They exchange a series of kicks before Statlander lands a lariat. Statlander hits an electric chair drop followed by a scissor kick! 1… 2… Shida kicks out! Shida rolls up Statlander for a near-fall. Quickly, Shida lands a running knee! 1… 2… Statlander kicks out! They exchange maneuvers and pinfall attempts afterward. Statlander hits the cradle tombstone piledriver for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Kris Statlander

Statlander’s celebration doesn’t last long, as Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes make their way to the ring. Mic in hand, Rhodes says that she and Kong are “The Nightmare Collective.” They execute jobs no one else does. Rhodes says she has no business with Statlander and presents an opportunity to her. She suggests Statlander pledge herself to The Nightmare Collective. Kong steps up to Statlander. Suddenly, a fan shouts from the crowd, saying she would like to pledge herself! The fan makes her way up the ramp, presenting her ponytail. Kong begins to cut it off as AEW Dynamite goes to commercial.

Match 5: Christopher Daniels vs. Pentagon Jr.

Before the bell even rings, Daniels hits Pentagon with a plancha to the outside! Daniels continues the attack on the ramp. Pentagon avoids a piledriver and hits a superkick to the back of Daniels’ head. He clotheslines Daniels back in the ring, where the match officially begins. Pentagon continues the attack in the corner, but Daniels fights back, hitting a spear. He catches Daniels with a kick in the corner followed by a diving stomp! After AEW Dynamite returns, Pentagon stays on Daniels in the corner. Daniels catches Pentagon with a flatliner! He starts to fight back further, hitting Pentagon with a Blue Thunder Bomb!

Pentagon lands a sling blade! 1… 2… Daniels kicks out! Pentagon hits the backstabber for another two-count. The action returns to the outside again. Daniels counters a Canadian Destroyer and floors Pentagon with a single leg dropkick. Daniels goes for the Arabian Moonsault, but misses the move, landing hard on the ramp. Back in the ring, Daniels is able to fight back and hit Angel’s Wings!

Fenix rushes to ringside, distracting the official. Daniels knocks him off and takes down Pentagon. Daniels retrieves his mic stand, which Fenix threw in the ring before. He decides to do away with it, but is met with a low blow by Pentagon! Daniels is soon planted for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

Following the match, The Butcher, The Blade, and “The Bunny” Allie cut a promo on Cody. They are in Cody’s house to cause him pain. They will “cut the head of the snake.”

Match 6: Joey Janela vs. Jon Moxley

This sanctioned match begins with mat wrestling, Moxley taking control of Janela early. Moxley shoulder tackles Janela, who fights back with a tackle of his own. They exchange chops before the action spills to the outside. Janela goes to the top and lands a double axe handle. Moxley floors Janela as we cut to commercial. AEW Dynamite returns to Janela and Moxley continuing to fight on the outside. In the ring, Moxley plants Janela with a front suplex. Moxley goes for the Paradigm Shift on the outside. Janela escapes and hits a swinging DDT on the ramp! Janela hits a tope on Moxley on the outside!

They make their way to the top, where Janela hits a crucifix bomb for a two-count. Janela catches Moxley with forearms followed by a superkick. Moxley fires back with a big clothesline! Janela sends Moxley into the corner, his head hitting the turnbuckle. From out of the frame, Janela flies onto Moxley, both of them crashing through the nearby table! Back in the ring, Janela plants Moxley with a flying elbow drop! 1… 2… Moxley kicks out!

Moxley hits Janela with a Paradigm Shift on the top turnbuckle! He follows up with a proper Paradigm Shift for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, Jericho and The Inner Circle come through the crowd. Moxley stares down Jericho from the ring as this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite comes to a close.