AEW Dynamite Diatribe for (12/18/19)

Only a few weeks ago, AEW up-and-comer Jungle Boy answered the challenge of Chris Jericho. Though the AEW Championship will not be on the line, the wild-haired blue-chipper of Jurassic Express will be battling for pride. Can he last in this ten-minute encounter with “Le Champion?” This, and more, will be detailed in this week’s AEW Dynamite Diatribe!

This week’s show opens with tag team action!

Match 1: The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix) vs. “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega

Fenix and Omega start things off. Omega takes control of the wrist, but Fenix escapes with his trademark quickness. Omega catches Fenix for the One-Winged Angel in this quick encounter, but Fenix evades. However, Omega takes control, planting Fenix with a Kotaro Crusher. Fenix tags Pentagon while Omega tags Page. Pentagon and Page stand off, the masked luchador taunting him. Page taunts Pentagon in return. They unload chops on one another. Pentagon kicks Page in the face, but Page returns fire with a running boot. Page tags Omega as The Elite members light up Pentagon with chops. They do the same to Fenix, Page and Omega visibly reluctant to work together.

Omega catches Pentagon with a hurricanrana, sending him out of the ring. He follows up with a tope on The Lucha Brothers! Back in the ring, Pentagon takes control of Page, nailing him with a superkick. Fenix lands a double stomp on Page. Pentagon covers Page, but Omega breaks up the pin attempt. In the corner, Pentagon kicks Page, focusing on the legs. He whips Page into the corner, but the “Hangman” fires back with a clothesline. Page tags Omega, who lands a flying crossbody before taking the fight to Fenix as well. Pentagon catches Omega with the knees off the middle rope moonsault. The Lucha Brothers double team Omega, Fenix hitting a suicide dive. During the match, the split-second image of Evil Uno appears on the screen.

Back in the ring, Fenix catches Omega with a hook kick. Omega catches Fenix with a powerbomb followed by a running knee. Pentagon sends Page off the apron as Omega goes for the tag. In the corner, Pentagon chokes Omega while Fenix distracts the official. Omega finally makes the tag to Page, who attacks both Lucha Brothers with strikes and dives. Page hits a dropsault on the Lucha Brothers for a pinfall attempt. Fenix catches Page with a corner roundhouse kick followed by a facebuster. 1… 2… Page kicks out! The Lucha Brothers unload on Page with kicks before hitting an assisted splash for a two-count of their own.

Off the super fallaway slam, Page makes the tag to Omega. He hits Pentagon with a running back elbow in the corner. Omega catches Fenix and corner powerbombs him into Pentagon. Omega plants Pentagon for another two-count. Pentagon lands a sling blade, only to be hit with a discus forearm from Page. Omega lands a snap dragon suplex on Fenix. He goes for the same on Pentagon, who fights out of the attempt. Pentagon goes for the package piledriver, but Omega fights out of it. Page misses the Buckshot Lariat, inadvertently hitting Omega! The Lucha Brothers hit the package piledriver/foot stomp combo on Omega for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers

Post-match, Page and Omega mouth off to one another before resorting to shrugs. Pac appears on the tron, addressing Omega. Pac reminds Omega what he’s capable of by going into the backstage area. The camera follows Pac, who enters a locker room where Michael Nakazawa is sitting with his back turned. Pac slowly closes the door behind him. Omega rushes to the back through the crowd. In the back, he’s jumped by The Lucha Brothers during the break. Page rushes to Omega’s aid.

Match 2: The Butcher and The Blade (w/The Bunny) vs. Darby Allin and Cody

The Butcher starts things off with Cody. Allin tags himself in before locking up with the larger opponent. The Butcher quickly overpowers Allin before tagging The Blade. Quickly, Allin dropkicks The Butcher off the apron before landing a springboard arm drag on The Blade. Allin tags Cody while The Blade tags The Butcher. Cody catches The Butcher with an uppercut, only to be eaten by a big clothesline for his troubles. The Butcher tags The Blade, who is caught by Cody’s powerslam. The Butcher is tagged back in before The Bunny distracts the official.

After a brief encounter on the outside, The Blade brings Cody back in the ring, he and The Butcher hitting a leg drop/backdrop combination. After the commercial break, AEW Dynamite returns to The Blade in control of Cody, the opposing team keeping him from tagging Allin. The Butcher is tagged in as he continues the attack. The Blade is tagged in, but Cody sends him to the outside. The two meet with crossbody splashes, sending them both to the mat. Cody makes the hot tag to Allin, who hits Code Red on The Blade. The Butcher catches Allin with a backbreaker before cinching a cloverleaf. Cody tries to break the hold with various kicks. The Blade drags him to the outside as The Butcher continues to attack Allin in the ring.

Allin avoids a powerbomb attempt and hits a stunner on The Butcher! Cody is tagged in and he hits Cross Rhodes! The referee is distracted by The Bunny, costing Cody the pinfall. The Blade is tagged in. Cody sends him to the outside before he and Allin hit stereo dives! Back in the ring, Cody tosses his weight belt into the crowd and hits The Butcher with a Disaster Kick! Allin follows up with an apron Coffin Drop! Cody plants The Blade with the Cody Cutter for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Darby Allin and Cody

Match 3: Awesome Kong (w/Brandi Rhodes and Melanie Cruise) vs. Miranda Alicea

Kong immediately takes control of Alicea, landing a spinning back fist. One Implant Buster later and it’s 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Awesome Kong

After the match, Kong takes the familiar knife from Cruise, cutting a lock of hair from her fallen opponent.

AEW Dynamite cuts to a backstage interview done today, by Jim Ross, with Jungle Boy. Though he has respect for Chris Jericho as a legend, Jungle Boy is ready to tackle the opportunity. Jungle Boy says his father would be proud of the success he’s found.

Photo / All Elite Wrestling
Match 4: AEW World Champion Chris Jericho (w/Jake Hager) vs. Jungle Boy (w/Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt) (Non-Title; 10-Minute Time Limit)

Jungle Boy goes for a quick roll-up, which Jericho kicks out of. He follows up with kicks followed by a dropkick to the champion. Jungle Boy follows up with a springboard armdrag takedown. He fights out of the Walls of Jericho and lands a pinning hurricanrana for a close pinfall attempt. Jericho takes control, chopping Jungle Boy in the corner. He lands a Codebreaker, taking his time with Jungle Boy. Jericho hits another Codebreaker! 1… 2… Jericho pulls Jungle Boy up from the mat. He sends Jungle Boy to the outside, where Jake Hager attacks. Luchasaurus intervenes as the two powerhouses brawl. Hager hits a flying Marko Stunt out of midair before the official regains control of the match. Hager, Luchasaurus, and Marko Stunt have been ejected from ringside.

Jericho escapes a quick pinfall encounter before regaining control of Jungle Boy yet again. Jungle Boy evades an apron dropkick and hits Jericho with a series of suicide dives followed by a plancha! Diving DDT by Jungle Boy! 1… 2… Jericho rolls out of the pin! Jungle Boy hits the backstabber for another two-count. Jericho misses a Lionsault before Jungle Boy hits one of his own! 1… 2… Jericho kicks out! Jericho plants Jungle Boy with a big clothesline as the clock ticks down under 3 minutes. The champion continues to take his time with Jungle Boy, though.

Jericho plants Jungle Boy with a powerbomb before locking in the Walls of Jericho. Jungle Boy moves to the ropes, but Jericho drags him back to the center of the ring. All the while, the clock continues to tick down. The clock reaches zero! Jungle Boy never tapped!

Winner: Time Limit Draw

After the match, Jericho demands five more minutes! Jericho reenters the ring, slapping Jungle Boy across the face. Jericho tosses Jungle Boy over the top. Jungle Boy skins the cat and hits the pop-up hurricanrana! 1… 2… Jericho kicks out! Jungle Boy with the crucifix pin! 1… 2… Jericho kicks out again! Jericho rolls out of the ring and leaves up the ramp with his title, a victorious Jungle Boy in the ring.

Tony Schiavone approaches Jericho after the match. After a brief verbal spat, Jericho rips the microphone away from him. He declares Jungle Boy didn’t beat him, but he will get his. Jericho brings his attention to Jon Moxley. He believes Moxley will join The Inner Circle. Nonetheless, on the next episode of Dynamite on January 1st, they will have a huge surprise for Moxley.

AEW Dynamite cuts to a backstage interview with SCU, who will be defending the AEW World Tag Team Championship against The Young Bucks. The Lucha Brothers interrupt. Christopher Daniels stands up to Pentagon, but slowly walks off. Confused, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky go after their partner.

Match 5: Kris Statlander vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (Number One Contenders Match for the AEW Women’s World Championship)

They exchange wristlocks before Statlander pulls off a series of cartwheels. Statlander goes for a boop, but Baker takes the arm for a Lockjaw attempt. Statlander manages to boop Baker’s nose. They exchange a series of maneuvers before Statlander rolls up Baker for a pin attempt. Baker rolls up Statlander with a crucifix before going for a schoolboy for another pin. Statlander is caught by a neckbreaker. Baker applies a chin lock as AEW Dynamite goes to commercial. AEW Dynamite returns to Statlander and Baker exchanging running corner attacks. Statlander fights out of another Lockjaw attempt. She catches Baker with a running knee across the apron followed by a missile dropkick! 1… 2… Baker kicks out!

Statlander and Baker exchange roll-up attempts. Baker plants Statlander with a sling blade! 1… 2… Statlander kicks out! As the match rolls on, “#JoinDarkOrder” appears on the bottom of the screen. Baker hits a superplex. Statlander returns fire with a falcon arrow. They exchange hands before Baker hits the fisherman’s neckbreaker. Statlander hits Baker with a roundhouse kick, to which Baker responds with a superkick. Baker goes for Lockjaw, but once again, Statlander fights out. Statlander uses her strength to plant Baker with the Big Bang Theory for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Kris Statlander

Schiavone is waiting at ringside to interview Statlander, the new number one contender. Statlander boops Schiavone before Rhodes makes her way down the ramp. She dismisses Schiavone before congratulating Statlander on her victory. Rhodes asks, “are you with The Nightmare Collective or not?” Statlander holds up a finger, effectively declining her offer. She is approached by Kong and Cruise before Rhodes strikes her with her high heel! Officials and Sadie Gibbs come to check on Statlander.

Shawn Spears, with Tully Blanchard by his side, addresses the AEW tag team scene. Spears tells Blanchard to find a guy that could be his partner. Blanchard says they need a partner with a mental connection like he had with Arn Anderson back in the day. They leave the frame.

Photo / All Elite Wrestling
Match 6: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) (c) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Nick and Kazarian start things off. Sky makes the blind tag as SCU goes for the SCU Later. Nick evades and tags Matt. The Young Bucks go for their own tandem move, but Sky escapes. The Young Bucks take down the champions. With Sky on the outside, they hit a corner combination on Kazarian. Fighting back, Kazarian hits a backstabber while Sky hits a hurricanrana off the apron. Kazarian tags Sky as SCU hits a double shoulder tackle. Matt tags Nick, who attacks with a series of kicks. He lands a bulldog/clothesline combination on SCU. Nick and Sky meet at the top rope, where the former lands a hurricanrana! Matt follows up with a flying elbow drop for a two-count.

From the apron, Nick takes down SCU as AEW Dynamite cuts to commercial. AEW Dynamite returns to Matt and Sky tagging Nick and Kazarian, respectively. Kazarian takes the fight to The Young Bucks, hitting a double lariat. He follows up with a hurricanrana before Sky lands a tope over the top rope on The Young Bucks! In the ring, SCU hits a tornado DDT on Matt. 1… 2… Matt kicks out! Matt hits a spear on Sky before tagging Nick. Off the hot tag, Nick goes for a springboard crossbody, only for Sky to catch him with a cutter. Sky applies the dragon sleeper on Nick before Kazarian does the same to Matt. With a suplex, Matt drops Kazarian onto Sky, breaking up the submissions.

Matt goes for a tombstone piledriver on Kazarian. Sky tags himself in as SCU takes the fight to the challengers. Matt rolls up Sky for a close pinfall attempt. Sky hits the TKO and tags Kazarian. SCU Later on Matt! 1… 2… 3!

Winners: SCU

Following the AEW Dynamite main event, Dark Order’s Creepers surround the ring, The Young Bucks and SCU still inside. The lights go out and they come back up, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson of The Dark Order making their entrance. Uno congratulates both teams on a hard-fought match. He addresses The Young Bucks, and while they would normally recruit them, this is an initiation. The Creepers storm the ring as both teams join forces. The Creepers, including Alex Reynolds and John Silver, finally overwhelm the teams. Daniels attempts to make the save, only to be overwhelmed himself.

Omega storms the ring! Like the others, however, he’s taken down. Cody and Dustin Rhodes race down to fight as well. Grayson joins the fray while Uno takes his time entering the ring. Uno takes the mic, saying no one will doubt Dark Order, as Reynolds and Silver don their masks. They attack Matt’s jaw as the final AEW Dynamite of 2019 comes to a close. See you on January 1st!