AEW Dynamite Diatribe for (1/22/20) (Page/Omega vs. SCU)

On this special episode of AEW Dynamite, wrestling takes to the seas! As part of Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager, All Elite Wrestling holds this week’s episode on a cruise ship. An interesting locale, to be sure, but it’s sure to feature a hype crowd and a number of exciting matches. All of this will be covered in this week’s Diatribe!

Photo / All Elite Wrestling
Match 1: Hangman Page and Kenny Omega vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) (w/Christopher Daniels) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Page and Kazarian start with a lock-up. From there, they exchange holds and headlock takedowns. Kazarian maintains control of the head as Page stays grounded. They exchange forearms and clotheslines, Kazarian getting the better of the exchange. Sky tags in before he and Page get into a shoving match. Omega is tagged in before he and Sky bump fists in respect. They exchange wristlocks. Sky shoots Omega off the ropes, only for Omega to land a shoulder tackle. Sky kips up. Omega chops Sky, hitting the Kotaro Crusher for a two-count.

In the corner, Page tags himself in and knocks Kazarian to the outside. Back in the ring, Page hits Sky with a fallaway slam. Kazarian tags himself in and hits a leg lariat. SCU are in control! Kazarian nails Page with a springboard leg drop for a two-count. Sky is tagged in as SCU hit Page with a double elbow. Kazarian tags in and lands a suplex on Page for a near-fall. From there, Kazarian hits a big German suplex. Omega storms the ring as he and Sky brawl. The official resumes control before Kazarian tags Sky. After attacking a grounded Page, Sky tags Kazarian. Page starts to fight back, nailing Kazarian with a clothesline from the corner. As Page goes for a tag, Sky knocks Omega from the apron.

Page kicks out of another near-fall attempt from Kazarian. They hit one another with clotheslines and drop to the mat. Omega and Sky are tagged in, the former getting the hot tag. Omega lands a hurricanrana on Sky and a snap dragon suplex on Kazarian. Following a fisherman buster on Sky, Omega gets a two-count. Following a shooting star/moonsault combination from Page and Omega, Sky kicks out. Page hits a flying cross body on Kazarian on the outside. Meanwhile, Omega plants Sky with a sit-out spinebuster! 1… 2… Sky kicks out!

After evading one V-Trigger, Sky is hit with another by Omega! Sky escapes the One-Winged Angel. With Omega on the top rope, Sky lands a leaping hurricanrana! Omega restrains Sky, but he escapes, causing Page to inadvertently hit Omega with a Buckshot Lariat! Sky hits the TKO! 1… 2… Omega kicks out! AEW Dynamite goes to commercial, returning to Page hitting Kazarian with the avalanche fallaway slam! Page tags Omega, ejecting Sky from the ring. From there, Omega and Page take turns attacking Kazarian. Omega hits the snap dragon suplex on Sky before planting Kazarian with a double underhook driver! 1… 2… Kazarian kicks out!

Sky catches Omega with a jumping knee before SCU lands SCU Later! 1… 2… Page breaks up the pin! Page sends Sky to the outside before powerbombing Kazarian. From there, Page hits Sky on the outside with a Buckshot Lariat! He does the same to Kazarian! 1… 2… 3! We have new tag team champions!

Winners and NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions: Hangman Page and Kenny Omega

Post-match, The Young Bucks celebrate with the new champions. Page leaves the ring enjoy a drink with the crowd before bodysurfing among them.

Photo / All Elite Wrestling
Match 2: Priscilla Kelly vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Kelly’s first singles match in AEW begins with a lock-up. Baker takes down Kelly with a headlock before moving into a full nelson. Baker rolls up Kelly multiple times, targeting the arm all the while. After the commercial break, AEW Dynamite comes back to Kelly in control, chopping Baker in the corner. Baker takes back control, nailing Kelly with a series of clotheslines. Baker follows up with a knee in the corner. From there, Baker lands a sling blade for a two-count. Kelly lands a takedown on Baker for a two-count of her own.

Baker catches Kelly with a thrust kick followed by a Russian leg sweep. Lockjaw is cinched in, Baker using the ropes to push Kelly’s attempt to reach them back. Baker wins by submission!

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Following the match, Tony Schiavone approaches Baker for an interview. Baker is condescending toward Schiavone, bringing up his past job experience at Starbucks, calling AEW his “meal ticket.” She even considers him a “shitty barista.” The crowd is having none of Baker, who calls herself a role model and the hottest girl on the boat. Baker continues to talk herself up as AEW Dynamite goes back to commercial.

Photo / All Elite Wrestling
Match 3: Jurassic Express (Marko Stunt, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus) vs. The Inner Circle (Santana, Ortiz, and AEW World Champion Chris Jericho) (w/Jake Hager)

The crowd is pro-Jericho, evidenced by them singing along with “Judas” during his entrance. Speaking of, Jericho starts things off with Jungle Boy. Jericho slaps Jungle Boy, causing the younger star to lay in a bunch of attacks. Jericho makes his way to Ortiz, tagging him in. Ortiz avoids a dropkick and rakes Jungle Boy’s back. Soon, Jungle Boy takes control with a takedown followed by a dropkick. Jungle Boy tags Luchasaurus, the two hitting tandem offense on Ortiz before Stunt lands a flying body splash from Luchasaurus’ shoulders! The trio offense continues against The Inner Circle as the crowd is lively! Stunt even tosses his entrance life preserver into the crowd.

Jungle Boy is the legal man once again, attacking Santana in the corner. Luchasaurus is tagged in, continuing the attack on Santana with a huge boot! 1… 2… Santana kicks out! Luchasaurus tags Stunt, who continues the offense, before tagging Jungle Boy. Santana shoves Jungle Boy into his corner, giving The Inner Circle the advantage. AEW Dynamite goes to commercial, returning to Jericho standing on the hair of Jungle Boy. Jericho is caught by a roll-up, but continues the attack on the younger wrestler. Jericho tags Santana, who hits a backbreaker on Jungle Boy. Santana brings Jericho back into the match, but Jungle Boy goes for another roll-up. Jericho sets Jungle Boy up on the top rope. Jungle Boy avoids a superplex and hits a flying crossbody! 1… 2… Jericho kicks out!

Jericho cuts Jungle Boy off from making a tag. Santana and Ortiz double team Jungle Boy further. Ortiz covers Jungle Boy for a two-count. Jungle Boy starts to fight back, hitting a poisonrana on Ortiz! Luchasaurus is tagged in as the big man dominates. Ortiz attacks Luchasaurus from behind as he goes to chokeslam Jericho. Instead, Luchasaurus headbutts Ortiz! Luchasaurus double chokeslams Jericho and Ortiz before landing a standing moonsault on the AEW World Champion. Jake Hager attempts to get involved, which leads to him brawling up the ramp with Luchasaurus.

Stunt hits a 450 splash on Jericho! 1… 2… Jericho kicks out! Stunt goes for a series of near falls, Jericho kicking out each time. One Judas Effect to Stunt later and the match is over.

Winners: The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle share a drink on the ramp before the show cuts to a video package highlighting the Cody/MJF feud.

Photo / All Elite Wrestling
Match 4: MJF vs. Joey Janela

MJF shoves Janela in the corner to begin. Janela takes control with a wristlock, which leads to an exchange of holds. MJF attempts to shake Janela’s hand. When Janela refuses, MJF spits in his face. Incensed, Janela attacks with several strikes, causing MJF to leave up the ramp. Janela follows, but MJF turns around to deliver an eye rake. MJF charges at Janela against the outside ropes. Janela dumps him over back into the ring. From there, Janela goes to the top rope, MJF responding by rolling to the other corner. MJF uses Aubrey Edwards as a shield. MJF uses this opportunity to land a forearm and send Janela hurdling into the corner.

Following another commercial break, AEW Dynamite comes back to Janela hitting a superplex on MJF for a two-count. As Janela goes to the top rope, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford appear on the stage. This distracts Janela long enough for MJF to hit the Double Cross for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: MJF

After the match, MJF takes a mic to address Cody. MJF agrees with Cody in that he’s a chapter in his book… the last goddamn one! This brings out Cody to an ovation from the cruise ship audience. MJF taunts Cody, who can’t touch him until Revolution. He even mocks Cody’s lisp. MJF goes to give the mic to Cody before dropping it. He then kicks it away as Cody reaches down for it. MJF continues to taunt Cody, flipping him off before leaving up the ramp. The Young Bucks appear behind MJF, delivering a Superkick Party! Cody asks the crowd if they should throw MJF in the pool… to which they receive a positive response! The Young Bucks drag MJF through the crowd and toward the pool area. Before long, MJF is sent into the pool, flailing and splashing around!

AEW Dynamite returns from commercial to Schiavone interviewing Page and Omega, the new AEW World Tag Team Champions. Schiavone brings up Pac, who wants a rubber match. Omega promises Pac will get his rubber match. However, he promises that the titles will be the priority. The Young Bucks come up to congratulate them. Page says he’s surprised they got to the titles before The Young Bucks did. He leaves after dropping the awkward comment.

Before the main event, Jericho joins Jim Ross and Excalibur at the desk.

Photo / All Elite Wrestling
Match 5: Pac vs. Jon Moxley (Number One Contender’s Match for the AEW World Championship)

The match starts slow, Pac and Moxley circling one another. Moxley shoulder tackles Pac. A back elbow from Pac catches Moxley in his bandaged eye. Moxley drops Pac with a release German suplex. Pac continues to assault Moxley’s injured eye, even removing the bandage to club his exposed patch. As Pac continues the attack, the crowd chants “your ship sucks” to a passing-by liner. Pac tosses Moxley to the outside, attacking him further as we go to commerical. AEW Dynamite returns to Pac landing a missile dropkick, Moxley quickly responding with a clothesline.

Pac catches Moxley with a spinning kick. However, Moxley drops Pac with a suplex slam for a two-count. Pac lands a jawbreaker and even does the same technique to Moxley’s damaged eye. On the top rope, Moxley shoves Pac to the mat below. Moxley goes for a flying elbow drop, only for Pac to get the legs up to attack it. Pac goes for the Brutalizer, but Moxley rolls him up for a two-count. Pac lays in a series of kicks, but they’re only good for a two-count. A frustrated Pac sits in the center of the ring while Moxley attempts to recover.

Off the top rope, Pac goes for a 450 splash. Moxley gets the knees up and rolls up Pac for another two-count. Pac drops Moxley with a snap German suplex. Pac goes to the top again. He attempts the Black Arrow, but Moxley rolls out of the way! Pac lands a thrust kick. Moxley returns fire with a DDT! 1… 2… Pac kicks out! Moxley goes back to the rope, but Pac catches him, hitting a big superplex! Pac follows up with the Brutalizer! Moxley starts to shift his body and gets his leg on the bottom rope. Pac rips Moxley’s bandage off and continues to rain down on him with punches. Moxley rolls up Pac with an inside cradle for a near-fall!

Moxley hits a sudden Paradigm Shift on Pac! With one not being quite enough, Moxley goes for the leaping Paradigm Shift for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Jericho shares down the new number one contender from the announce desk as this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite comes to a close.