AEW After Dark for 6/9/20

Welcome to AEW After Dark Review for 6/9/20 for the first time with the AEW Champion will be in action on Dark. Excalibur and Taz are on commentary to call the action. We’re going to dive into unpacking what happened on this week’s episode of AEW Dark, and we have SCU in tag action to get started.

AEW Dark for 6/9/20
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Fuego Del Sol and Low Rida vs SCU

Kazarian and Fuego get the match underway, and it’s not long before SCU collectively hit a backbreaker on Fuego. Scorpio running off the ropes is anticipated by Fuego, who took full advantage and tags in Low Rida. Sky can counter the attempted double team tagging in Kazarian. Low Rida and Fuego Del Sol would pay for their mistake, and SCU would win with the SCU Later.

Winners: SCU

The Dark Order introduces Alan Angels as their recruit he will from now be known as Five.


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Lee Johnson vs Five

Five makes his way out to the ring joined by his Dark Order partners. The match starts with Five rushing Lee into the corner before Lee can reverse into a series of arm drags. Five leaves the ring to regroup before sending Johnson flying into the ring post. Five is dominating Lee at this point, sending him back in the ring before hitting a dropkick. Lee gets some offense in leading to a big over the top rope dive connecting on Five. Five kicks out and rakes Johnson off the ropes before hitting a DDT on the edge of the apron. The Exalted One appears, and Five hits a unique backbreaker for the win by pinfall.

Winner: Five

The Dark order beat up on Lee with all four members hitting their finish on him as a satisfied Brodi Lee looks on.

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AEW After Dark for 6/9/20

Mussa and Brady Pierce vs Proud-N-Powerful

Ortiz and Mussa get the match underway. Ortiz starts taking control of Mussa’s wrist. He then uses the tiger scratch and a clubbing blow before Mussa gets some offense in at the ropes. Santana cuts Mussa’s comeback short with a big kick from the outside. Brady trying to save his partner rushes Ortiz but finds himself over the top rope. Santana hits a moonsault to the outside before going back on the offensive against Mussa. The action is now back in the ring Brady mouths off to Proud N Powerful before they throw Mussa across to tag his partner. Santana and Ortiz continue to dominate the match before hitting the street sweeper and winning by pinfall.

Winners Santana and Ortiz

AEW After Dark for 6/9/20
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AEW After Dark for 6/9/20

Pineapple Pete and Anthony Catena vs The Butcher and The Blade

The Butcher and Pineapple start the match with Butcher backing Pete into the corner. Butcher tags in The Blade cut the ring in half, keeping Pete trapped in their corner and utilizing quick tags to beat up on Pete. Pineapple Pete hits a slap on the Blade before posing, and Blade hits two fisherman neck breakers on Pete. Catena gets tags himself in but is ineffective in doing anything to turn the tide and gets hit with the full death driver. The Butcher and The Blade win in a thoroughly dominating display ahead of their match with FTR on Dynamite.

Winners Butcher and The Blade

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Zack Clayton vs QT Marshall

QT Marshall comes to the ring with Dustin and Brandi Rhodes the shirts Dustin and Brandi were gifted by QT are too big. Allie joins Taz and Excalibur on commentary for the match. QT and Zack lock up, and Marshall starts well, but Zack changes the tide of the contest quickly and gains the upper hand. Allie leaves the commentary desk when QT is down on the ramp. The match moves on with Brandi trying to stop Zack undoing the turnbuckle.

Brandi is knocked off the apron by QT after Zack ducks QTs clothesline. In all the excitement, Allie starts screaming in pain, with QT going to check on her to find out its a broken nail. QT gets back in but is attacked by Zack, who clubs to the second rope but is held by Allie grabbing his leg, allowing Marshall to hit the cutter. QT wins by pinfall.

Winner QT Marshall

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AEW After Dark for 6/9/20

Chris Daniels vs Sonny Kiss

Daniels and Sonny lock up with Daniels getting the better of Sonny to start the match. Sonny uses his athleticism to get in some offense before locking in an arm hold to frustrate Daniels. Daniels counters Sonny into a throw and continues with suplexes before Sonny gets in some strikes. The commentary team talks about Daniels being more intense in the match, and Daniels does a good job getting this across.

Sonny hits a series of strikes after Daniels argues with the ref before hitting a standing moonsault. Daniels slams Sonny to the mat before Sonny rolls Daniels up. The two exchange pin attempts, Sonny hits Daniels with a big kick to the head. Daniels manages to regain awareness and hits Sonny with Angels Wings for the win by pinfall.

Winner Christopher Daniels

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Jurassic Express vs Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler

Peter Avalon and Marko start before Avalon starts laughing when Avalon’s back is turned Marko runs to tag in Luchasaurus. Avalon tries to attack Luchasaurus but is swatted away by the big man. Brando Cutler tags in and has no more success than Avalon against Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus slams Cutler into the mat before hitting a wheelbarrow suplex. Marko Stunt tags back into the match, trying to keep Cutler in. Cutler drags Marko across the ring while Marko is holding onto his ankle. Marko is taking a beating at Cutler and Avalon’s hands until he reverses Avalon into a DDT.

Marko gets the tag, and Luchasaurus goes throw the two men like a T Rex tearing through a theme park. Avalon counters an attempt at a double team, and Avalon and Cutler hit their double team. The two men can’t keep control of Luchasaurus, a double chokeslam, and standing moonsault win it for Jurassic express by pinfall.

Winners Jurassic Express

Brian Cage comes out to join Taz to observe Jon Moxley in action.

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AEW After Dark for 6/9/20

Robert Anthony vs. Jon Moxley

The two men exchange holds to start the match. Jon Wrestles Anthony to the ground forcing Anthon to get to the ropes. Anthony attempting to gain control of Mox goes for the wrist, but Mox can fight out of it, sending Anthony to the mat. Taz on commentary is talking about Mox’s wrestling style and what Cage is capable of doing to Mox. Anthony gets a dropkick and gets Mox on his shoulders, but Mox backs off. Mox hots a tope to the outside and wrestles Anthony back in the ring.

Anthony gets back in control and manages to outwrestle mix in places and culminates in him hiring a death valley driver for a two count. Taz continues speculating on Mox’s ability to beat Anthony. Mox and Anthony counter each other’s offense. Anthony counters the Paradime Shift and Mox counter the hurricarana. Moxley locks in a Texas cloverleaf and wins by submission.

Winner Jon Moxley