Action Arcade Episode 7: CHIKARA Action Arcade Review

The CHIKARA Action Arcade reviews continue with Episode 7; check back soon for reviews on Episodes 3 and 4! This week on the Arcade there’s Semifinals action for the Young Lions Cup as well as amazing singles matches. Check out the replay on or CHIKARAtopia if you missed any of the good stuff! This is CHIKARA Action Arcade Episode 7.

Review: Action Arcade Episode 7

Match 1: The Spoiler vs. Masked Enforcer 2

The Spoiler has been out of control in the Arcade lately. Last week we were wondering who would be the one to put The Spoiler in his place. Ring veteran Masked Enforcer 2 seemed to be the one up to the task, sharing his distaste for The Spoiler’s actions and seemingly hardy enough to back up the strong words in his Episode #6 promo.

However, this wasn’t the day for Enforcer 2 to teach The Spoiler a much needed lesson. There was a noble effort put forth from the Enforcer, but The Spoiler was able to sneak by with a cheating pinfall victory complete with his foot on the ropes. Someday he’s going to get what he has coming to him…

Match 2: Max the Impaler vs. Ricky South (Young Lions Cup Semifinal)

Both competitors delivered a strong semifinal match here! Max the Impaler recently made an impressive CHIKARA debut in the Young Lions Cup Tournament. Now she looked to progress even further in this match against returning Aussie grappler Ricky South, who is a great talent in his own right even if he isn’t as fearsome as Max. This was a good mix of brawling and technical skill as Max wasn’t shy to throw South around with suplexes and throws. South, though, cannot be counted out that easily, and he escaped with the victory and advanced to the final round after hitting his Kiss of Death on Max to get the pinfall.

Review: Action Arcade Episode 7

Match 3: ZERO vs. Green Ant (Young Lions Cup Semifinal)

Prior to this week’s episode, we saw an impassioned promo from ZERO directed towards Green Ant, his semifinal opponent in the Young Lions Cup. You really get the feeling from this promo that ZERO’s ready for the next level, and this match only drives that point home. Exceptional work in this match from both Green Ant and ZERO.

In the end, though, it’s Green Ant who comes through with the victory and advances to the final round of the Young Lions Cup to face Ricky South. Have we finally come to a point where the Ant who has done so much to prove himself to the rest of the Colony can score his biggest win yet? The final match of the Young Lions Cup will determine whether or not this is so!

Review: Action Arcade Episode #7

Match 4: Mike Quackenbush vs. Sonny Defarge

Any time Mike Quackenbush is in the main event you know you’re in for something exceptional. We have a trainer versus trainer match to end Episode #7 this week as Quackenbush went up against the vile but versatile Sonny Defarge. Most are already well familiar with Quack’s famed history in the CHIKARA ring, but you also have to respect Defarge’s skill as well. Both are technical masters, but Defarge has got a level of brutality to him that’s on another level.

Quackenbush gets the victory for the main event via submission on Defarge. I’d really love to see these two in a sequel match; Defarge is a consummate wrestler and this is truly one of those matches that deserve a ‘fight forever’ chant. Let’s have a follow-up, please!

This week’s episode of Action Arcade felt like the most packed and stacked yet. There’s activity going on from all places – the Young Lions Cup final is ahead of us as well as Cibernetico 2020 to look forward to. The weeks ahead for professional wrestling are still up in the air. You’re on solid ground, though, every Saturday morning in the Action Arcade – be there for next week’s episode!