Action Arcade Episode 6: CHIKARA Action Arcade Review

Saturday morning on IWTV means only one thing – it’s time for the Action Arcade! Episode 6 has two amazing matches as a part of a really good lineup. Be sure to check out this episode on or CHIKARAtopia for the Young Lions Cup quarter-final match as well as the main event. There’s also a fun match to start off with indie favorite Cabana Man Dan making his first appearance in the Arcade, too! This is the CHIKARA Action Arcade Review for Episode 6.

Action Arcade Episode 6: CHIKARA Action Arcade Review

Match 1: Cabana Man Dan vs. Terry Zeller

That’s right, that’s our Cabana Man Dan in the Action Arcade! The New South wrestling champion appeared on this episode in a match against Terry Zeller. The master of the Flip Flop Chop makes waves everywhere he goes, but in CHIKARA he fits especially well among the colorful cast of characters. It didn’t take long for Dan to introduce himself to the show by getting a win over Zeller and making an impression. An impression of a flip flop on Zeller’s face, that is.

Match 2: Oswald Project vs. Donna Rama vs. ZERO vs. Noah Striker (Young Lions Cup Quarterfinal Match)

This episode’s YLC quarterfinal match went wild quickly! Two debuts were made in this match. Oswald Project made his first appearance on the Action Arcade a memorable one as he showed off his unique skills. Prior to this match Donna Rama has only been seen in CHIKARA in a correspondent capacity. However, once she hits the ring we see a whole different side! Donna Rama in her wrestling gear transforms into a high energy, high powered beast. ZERO and Noah Stryker rounded out the rest of the competitors in this bout. I wanted to see Donna Rama advance to the next round, but it took all three of her opponents to overcome her at once and eliminate her.

The remainder of the match saw Oswald Project stand out especially in his first CHIKARA match. Stryker was impressive as well, but it was ZERO who made the biggest mark in this match, getting the win after pinning Oswald. This victory for ZERO was a big one as he’d advance from this point to the Young Lions Cup semifinals.

Match 3: Tunku Amir vs. Bobby Perez

Tunku Amir made another appearance on the Arcade in this Crucible rules match. With another chance to prove his worth among the group, Amir had no time to waste. However, his opponent Bobby Perez was not the easy task Amir needed for a quick win. With two minutes on the clock, it took Tunku Amir a majority of the given time to finally put Perez away with a knockout. How much quicker would this one have gone with one of the Crucible’s stronger members, and how much time is left for Amir to make a grand impression?

Match 4: Dasher Hatfield vs. Razerhawk

This was an excellent way to close out the show! Razerhawk and Dasher Hatfield went one-on-one in a non-title match for this episode’s main event. Hatfield brought his usual masterful and imposing presence to this match. But I was happy to see Razerhawk on the top of his game here as well. Here’s to hoping more matches like this are in both Razerhawk and Danjerhawk’s future as both the ‘birbs’ have worked hard to become part of CHIKARA’s new ‘class of the first-class’. Action surprisingly went back and forth for a good part of this one, Hatfield didn’t dominate completely throughout although his moments in charge left an impact.

Razerhawk kept coming back after Hatfield put him through his most grueling paces, and finally after enough time going at each other Hatfield found his opening to get the victory over Razerhawk and prevent what could have been a satisfying and shocking upset win.

The Action Arcade shows are all very much worth a watch, no matter which episode you’re starting out with. It’s easy to catch up as long as you’re following along here as well as checking out what went down via IWTV or CHIKARAtopia!