Action Arcade Episode 4: CHIKARA Action Arcade Review

The Action Arcades fourth episode gives viewers a look at some great singles matches as well as a Crucible rules match (for something a little different). There’s also more Young Lions Cup action in this show, too. We’ll find out more about this year’s Cibernetico event and to cap it all off this week there’s a first-rate tag team main event. You can check out the replay of this episode on IWTV and CHIKARAtopia! We present to you Action Arcade Episode 4, the CHIKARA Action Arcade Review.

Action Arcade Episode 4 Review

Match 1: The Whisper vs. Mobius

This week’s Arcade was like bookends in that both the opening and closing matches were true bangers. Great action in the beginning with both Mobius and The Whisper being two of CHIKARA’s best on the current roster. I’m really fascinated with Whisper’s odd character and I enjoyed his strange promo at the beginning of the episode. He also has great in-ring finesse, but his skills did not quite outmatch Mobius’s technique in this particular match. Mobius gets the victory, but I don’t think The Whisper is quite done with his interactions with Mobius just yet.

Match 2: EM Demorest vs. Tommy Knight (Crucible Rules match)

Demorest is a beast, that’s all. In a Crucible Rules match, though, he’s an outright monster. Demorest puts away poor Knight in less than a minute with a solid knockout. A quick win, but it’s a win that should appease Ophidian’s high standards.

Action Arcade Episode 4 Review

Match 3: The Spoiler vs. Joshua Wells vs. Matt Vertigo vs. Green Ant (Young Lions Cup Semifinal match)

I’m for anybody but The Spoiler here! Yes, the guy is talented, but he’s far too annoying (in my opinion) to be the true winner of the Young Lions Cup tournament. Plus, he’s a known cheater. Every other opponent in this semifinal match was my preferred option, yet Joshua Wells is who I really wanted to advance. Wells was a standout in this bout, though, as was Vertigo and Green Ant.

The real story here is Green Ant’s path of redemption. The Colony has been doing their best to find their way in Chikara recently and the Young Lions Cup may be the catalyst that spurs them to success. The finish of this match comes when The Spoiler is disqualified for giving Green Ant a blatant low blow (cheater, see?) and Green Ant advances to the tournament final, having been awarded the victory.

Match 4: Dasher Hatfield & Molly McCoy vs. Razerhawk & Danjerhawk

Fantastic tag action finishes the show off this week with the Xyberhawx taking on Hatfield & McCoy. Razerhawk has been on a good run lately, and both he and Danjerhawk did excellent teamwork in this bout. Dasher and Molly were a formidable pair as well, not slowed down a single step and connecting very well as a team. The balance of power swung precariously back and forth between both teams and I felt that this could be anyone’s match. However, when Hatfield & McCoy gain the dominant edge, they use it most effectively. Dasher gets the win for his team (and family pride) after hitting Danjerhawk with a DDT for the pinfall three count.

Strong episode this week with four quality matches in addition to plenty of news and updates about upcoming CHIKARA action. Be sure to take a look at this show and catch up on other episodes of the Action Arcade to keep up with the Young Lions Cup, Ciberneticos, and more!