Action Arcade Episode 3: CHIKARA Action Arcade Review

The third episode of CHIKARA’s Action Arcade featured some of the activity surrounding the 16th annual Young Lions Cup. This show also highlighted some of the best bouts that took place earlier this year from January and February. Action Arcade Episode 3 showcased another great week of matches in the Arcade. More of the CHIKARA regular talent continue to build their characters through very effective ‘old school’ promo segments.

The episode also introduces an insightful segment on wrestling training, but it also has a fun comedy side with a very well-done parody on the old ICOPRO brand of sports, ‘LIKABRO’. It’s pretty cool to see what could have been a simple ‘recap’ or highlight show become a solid quality presentation.

Action Arcade Episode 3 Review

Match 1: Sonny DeFarge vs. Thief Ant

Sonny DeFarge comes to us from the old world where shady street hustlers have a penchant for carrying watches and germs. He fits in perfectly with this day and age, the walking poster for why we quarantine! DeFarge brought the dirtiness to the ring in this match with Thief Ant, using all of the sick tactics he could to psych out his opponent. Thief Ant had a challenge on his hands, but he has improved his game lately. I thought that Thief Ant would be able to get the win on DeFarge here, but this wasn’t that match. DeFarge put Thief Ant away with the Fever Dream for the pinfall victory.

Match 2: F.I.S.T. (Travis Huckabee and Icarus) vs. Tony Webb & Mike Maraldo

Travis Huckabee and Icarus (and Icarus’s back tattoo) showed up for a fight this week, but the real question is who’s ready for them? Although they made rather quick work of their opponents, F.I.S.T. sent a message to all opposition via this match. They’re still as dominating a team as ever and standing as unified as they’ve ever been. Huckabee and Icarus get a quick and easy win in less than four minutes, but the big news here is their new finisher, a devastating tandem move they’ve named Custer’s Last Stand.

Action Arcade Episode 3 Review

Match 3: The Crucible (Lance Steel, Tunku Amir, Devantes) vs. Forged (Xavier Faraday, Joshua Wells, Josue Ibanez)

If you’ve been following CHIKARA lately, you’re likely well versed in the ways of Ophidian’s stable of firepower, the Crucible. The reach of the Crucible has considerably grown throughout the promotion. The stable’s secretive ways, however, were brought to light by the team of Wells, Faraday, and Ibanez, better known as the Forged. This reveal has led to a riveting rivalry between the Forged and the Crucible.

This match was definitely a memorable battle in the war. The Forged held steadfast in the fight. They showed off excellent teamwork, eventually escaping with a huge victory while exposing the Crucible’s flaws in a standard regulation match. The Crucible works well under their own rules, but when the playing field is leveled the Forged takes the win.

Match 4: Razerhawk vs. Joey Maggs

How awesome has Razerhawk been lately? The burb has been flying high, yet he deserves recognition for his accomplishment. His match here with Joey Maggs is a fine showcase of Razerhawk’s skills. This was a short but sweet match. But it made its point that Razerhawk is not to be taken lightly. Razerhawk put Maggs away in around two minutes’ time for a quick victory.

Action Arcade Episode 3 Review

Match 5: Boomer Hatfield vs. Max the Impaler vs. Masha Slamovitch vs. Jack Ball (Young Lions Cup Semifinal)

Action Arcade 3‘s main event was a semifinal match for the Young Lions Cup. I truly enjoyed this one for a few reasons. Max the Impaler and Masha Slamovitch have caught my eye this past year as an indie wrestling fan. To see them wrestling for CHIKARA in the Young Lions Cup is excellent. Both Max and Masha are fantastic fighters, but both Jack Ball and Boomer Hatfield brought their own high-quality style to this semifinal bout as well. It was the newcomer Max the Impaler, however, who took the win here and advances to the finals for the Cup.

Another great main event this week on the Action Arcade, but what’s really impressing me is the overall production quality of the show. The character promos, the commentary, and the news segments all have the sleek look and feel of a high-quality product. This is a nice touch to make the show have that nostalgic vibe that so many of us enjoy, but I think it works on a ‘new fan’ level as well. Anybody who’s into wrestling can get into these episodes.