Absolute Pro Wrestling – Ready to Carve Their Own Legacy


If you scan the Iowa independent wrestling scene, you’ll find a robust land of thriving promotions. You’ll also find a collection of talent that has made Iowa a hotbed for professional wrestling. This is where Absolute Pro Wrestling comes in.

On Saturday, May 14th, Absolute Pro Wrestling joins that fraternity when they have their first live wrestling event. Front and center for the event, emanating from the National Cattle Congress Pavilion Center in Waterloo, Iowa, will be Mike Vandy.

Known to pro wrestling fans as Jason Prentice, Vandy has been a fixture in the Iowa independent wrestling scene for years.

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Always dressed to the nines, Prentice has managed some of the top talent in the state of Iowa. While he loves the role of professional wrestling manager, the position of promoter is something that always intrigued him.

It’s a position that runs in his family, one his uncle, the late Bert Prentice, mastered for decades. Just like his nephew, Bert Prentice began as a manager. During his time as a manager, Prentice aided the likes of Tully Blanchard and Vampire Warrior aka Gangrel in the WWE.

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Jason Prentice and his uncle Bert Prentice.

Eventually, he found himself the promoter of USA Championship Wrestling where he garnered much acclaim as the head man in charge. Seeing his uncle working his craft at an elite level, gave Vandy the drive and inspiration to eventually take the plunge into the world of promoting.

Something his uncle continuously pushed him to do. 

“My uncle was my biggest motivation to get into promoting,” Vandy said. “He always hoped I would get into the promoting side; he would actually give me a hard time about it.”

After Bert Prentice passed away in August of 2021, Vandy was quick to create a show in honor of his late uncle. It was his introduction to the promoting side and a chance to pay tribute to a loved one.

“Sometimes grief can make good things come together,” Vandy said. “Putting together the tribute show with my aunt Marilyn and my family was an amazing experience. When we put that show together, I got that bug and just like my uncle said, once you get that bug it doesn’t go away.”

That bug has led Vandy to the debut show of Absolute Pro Wrestling. When the Pavilion Center doors open on Saturday, May 14th he won’t be alone. By his side in this venture into pro wrestling promoting will be Brandon Eubanks and Grant Hatton.

Both of which will be playing double duty the day of the show. Eubanks wrestling as The Shank and Hatton wrestling as Bam Bam Bundy.

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Brandon “The Shank” Eubanks (right) will be teaming with “The Golden God” Bryce Jordyn (left) at APW’s debut show. Photo @TagTeamPhotographyDYE

For Eubanks, this is his opportunity to take a on challenge that has always intrigued him going back to his days as a mixed martial arts competitor.

“I’ve always wanted to be a promoter. MMA was going to be it. It’s where I came from and what I knew,” Eubanks said. “I would daydream forever about having my own MMA show doing it the right way and bringing a “show” to the fights instead of the plain two athletes fighting in a cage. Lights, a ramp, great announcer, pretty much a pro wrestling show.”

Absolute Pro Wrestling – Ready to Carve Their Own Legacy

The creation of Absolute Pro Wrestling was the perfect combination of three like-minded individuals coming together to offer wrestlers one thing, opportunity. After deciding to create Absolute Pro Wrestling, a decision that came during a 2 am conversation, it was time to begin planning their debut show.

“We all have that same drive and want the same thing for APW,” Vandy said. “We are hungry and passionate about pro wrestling, and this is our chance to help talent grow and through a new opportunity.”

The search for a location for show number one brought them to Waterloo, Iowa. A city with pro wrestling roots, it was one they knew would be an ideal landing spot. Waterloo is where the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame is located.

It’s also where Impact Pro Wrestling, a promotion Vandy and Eubanks are affiliated with, hosts their annual Hall of Fame weekend. This inaugural show in Waterloo is just the first step in the development of APW.

Vandy and crew have tentative plans to expand into Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi. These efforts of expansion are Vandy’s way of making a pro wrestling pipeline from the Midwest to the south.

With a venue selected it was time to put together a wrestling card that would bring in the excitement. The card they have put together is something Eubanks feels will go over well.

“Fans can expect a great show all the way through. From show one to the last show we ever do, we will bring the heat and electricity the fans want,” Eubanks said. “We’re going to have good wrestling! I can’t preach it enough, it will be hard-hitting, smooth wrestling. A lot of very well-trained athletes with the best coaching around.”

Absolute Pro Wrestling
Main Event
Jimmy Wylde vs Matty Star

Photo @AbsoluteProWrestling

Fans looking for a headliner that will deliver, need to look no further than this one. These two have met before and each time, whether in front of a jam-packed crowd in Des Moines or at a county fair in Knoxville, Iowa, it’s a show-stealing performance.

Iowa fans know all too well just how good Matty Star is and has been for over a decade. Jimmy Wylde has been red hot over the past year, wrestling for a plethora of promotions and always delivering one of the night’s best matches.

Both are determined to prove why they were chosen to close the show on May 14th.

“My team and I knew right away what our main event would be. It’s a student of the game vs the game,” Vandy said. “They have similar mindsets as far as proving a point in the ring and on May 14th we will see who proves to the fans who the absolute best truly is.”

Absolute Pro Wrestling
Tag Team Match
“The Golden Boys” Bryce Jordyn & The Shank vs “Original Violence” Saint & Cole Cannon

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Talk about four guys with chips on their shoulders. The Golden Boys have both held championship gold in other promotions and their pairing is the perfect combination of speed and power.

They are oozing with confidence heading into May 14th. Original Violence came together through a mutual appreciation of beating each other up. They’ve gone to battle in a variety of matches and are now coming together to inflict violence upon others.

Two teams with something to prove and the drive and determination to establish the tone of a tag team division with great potential.

“I want APW to be where the tag teams come to test themselves because we have the best tag teams,” Eubanks said. “And you know me, and Bryce Jordyn will be the first ones to welcome any team that walks through those ropes.”

Absolute Pro Wrestling
The Death Dealer vs The Wanderer

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Photo @AbsoluteProWrestling

Two of the most unique wrestlers in the Midwest that are going to try and destroy each other. Each has left a trail of broken bodies in their wake and this fight could spill all over the Pavilion. The potential for chaos is something Vandy is excited for. 

“Hoss Fight, Monster Mash, call it what you will,” Vandy said. “These two will destroy one another if it means being the victor. We also got insurance on the building because of them.”

Absolute Pro Wrestling
Gable Galileo vs Bam Bam Bundy

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Photo @AbsoluteProWrestling

The Mid-South Prodigy Bam Bam Bundy wants to prove he is the kingpin of Absolute Pro Wrestling. Looking to take a seat on his own APW throne is the “King of the Cosmos” Gable Galileo.

Both men have proven time and again that they will do whatever it takes to win. This will be a volatile situation which is why Vandy, and his team made this match.

“This match is unique, and I truly believe this will be Gable’s toughest of his career. Bam Bam is a veteran who has gone from prodigy to kingpin and is no slouch. Looking forward to this one,” Vandy said.

 Absolute Pro Wrestling
Aaron Von Baron vs Jaxon King

Absolute Pro Wrestling
Photo @AbsoluteProWrestling

This is another case of a crafty veteran taking on the young upstart. Aaron Von Baron brings an attitude and toughness to every match he competes in. His opponents know they are in for a fight. 

Further proven this is the battle wounds they are left with after stepping into the ring with him. Jaxon King has only been wrestling for a couple years now but has shown he will not back down from a fight. Something must give when these two intense individuals step inside the squared circle.

“This is the 10-year veteran, who has everything to lose in this match, while the young upstart has so much to gain,” Vandy said. “AVB is one of the best technical wrestlers in the Midwest. King to his credit, brings a lot of fire and heart to every match. The veteran wants to put that fire out on the 14th.”

Absolute Pro Wrestling
Max Chill vs Ricky Bronson

Absolute Pro Wrestling
Photo @AbsoluteProWrestling

The contrast of personalities best describes this one. In Ricky Bronson you have the free riding, devil may care attitude of a guy who loves to kick ass and have fun.

Max Chill is the definition of a dude with an attitude. Full of confidence and bravado, Chill believes he is the toughest guy in the room. Both want to get their APW run off to a hot start. 

“Two different individuals will have a clash of styles in this match,” Vandy said. “Neither one truly likes the other and when that is the case you know you’ll see a knock-down drag-out fight.”

Absolute Pro Wrestling
Triple Threat Match
Ethan Everheart vs Omega vs Zay K47

Absolute Pro Wrestling
Photo @AbsoluteProWrestling

This may be the show’s most unique match. You have a vicious, take no prisoner performer in Omega. Ethan Everheart has a motor that won’t stop and is one of the most energetic wrestlers in Iowa.

Then there is Zay K47, still learning the ropes but growing by leaps and bounds across multiple promotions.

“What a cast of characters,” Vandy said. “This is probably the biggest wild card on our show as far as predicting a winner. I promise, this one will deliver and all three deserve the spotlight.”

 With a roster full of hungry talent, Absolute Pro Wrestling could be on the verge of a debut for the ages. One that sets the tone of what APW can become.


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