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Absolute Pro Wrestling presents Gold Rush | Preview

Saturday night in Waterloo, Iowa, history will be made as Absolute Pro Wrestling presents Gold Rush. That night, two men – Ethan Everheart and Matty Star – will climb a ladder to reach the ultimate prize.

The prize is the Absolute Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, and with it comes the historical significance of being the first-ever APW Champion. An honor both men are driven to capture for opposite reasons.

“Leaving with the championship around my waist would mean all the hard work has paid off and that I’m on top of the Absolute Pro Wrestling food chain.” – Everheart

“I’ve been winning my whole life and winning this weekend would just be another title for the shelf. I’ve been great for YEARS and it’s about time I got some respect for it from the crappy fans in Waterloo,” – Star

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These two are no strangers to one another. In fact, during APW’s debut show, they squared off in the main event. On that night, Everheart picked up one of the biggest singles victories of his young career, defeating the cerebral veteran to close the show.

It was a tightly contested classic either man could’ve had their hand raised in the end.  Flash forward to August and APW’s second show. That night Everheart and Star were inserted into a four-man tournament along with ring veterans AJ Smooth and “Delicious” Devin Carter. 

Star faced off with Carter and the two, who have a ton of history together, wowed the Waterloo crowd with a technically brilliant contest. In the end, Star found a way to win and advanced to the finals set for this Saturday. Everheart was paired up with Smooth, someone he’d crossed paths with before in other promotions. 

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Continuing his hot streak, Everheart got the victory in the show’s main event. After the match, Star attacked Everheart, but the jungle kid fought off the assault. 

Seizing the opportunity to make the newly set “Gold Rush” main event even more monumental, APW Promoter Jason Prentice energetically announced that the APW Championship would be on the line in a ladder match. 

Now both men will have to make the dangerous trek up the ladder in order to secure the gold. 

“I’m not too happy about all this. Why do I have to subject myself to these dangerous conditions when a ladder match clearly benefits Ethan and takes away any advantage I have?” Star asked. “Seems pretty unfair and sketchy, but then again I’m not surprised Jason Prentice would put me in this situation just to make fans happy if I get hurt.”

“Saturday night is just like any other night, but instead of a tree, I’m climbing a ladder,” Everheart said. “These kinds of matches are painful and scary. But that’s what I live for, and I’m coming in with a predator mindset come November 5th.” 

The main event for “Gold Rush” is sponsored by Two Count: Comedy Meets Wrestling.

You can watch their preview for Gold Rush below:

Absolute Pro Wrestling presents Gold Rush
Cowboy Rules Street Fight
“Da Boys” Bryce Jordyn & The Shank vs. “The Cowboys from Hell” Justin Decent & Aaron Von Baron

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The bad blood in this match runs deep. This tag team showdown was originally scheduled for APW’s second show in August. However, an attack by Justin Decent left Bryce Jordyn unable to compete.


For his actions, Decent was banned from appearing at APW’s second show. So instead, fans were treated to the Shank taking on Aaron Von Baron and Cowboys ally Rex Kenway in a handicap match.

In the end, chaos erupted, and just when it looked like Von Baron and Kenway were going to finish off the Shank, Jordyn came to the aid of his partner with a baseball bat in tow.

Now these two teams look to settle the score in a fight that has the potential to go all over the National Cattle Congress Pavilion.

Absolute Pro Wrestling presents Gold Rush
First Time Ever
JT Energy vs. Cole Cannon

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Across their travels through the Iowa independent wrestling scene, JT Energy and Cole Cannon have briefly crossed paths. They’ve been on the same card numerous times, competed in the same battle royal, and most recently shared the ring in a fatal four-way match at Madhouse Wrestling.

Saturday night, they meet for the first time in a singles competition. Cannon, who’s competed in two APW events, is looking for his first victory within the promotion. Energy is making his Absolute Pro Wrestling debut and would love nothing more than to start his APW run-off with a victory.

Something’s gotta give in this first-ever meeting.

Absolute Pro Wrestling presents Gold Rush
Tag Team Action
“Chillileo” Gable Galileo & Max Chill vs. Jameson McGregor & AC Riley

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Gable Galileo has been on a hot streak in Absolute Pro Wrestling. So far the “King of the Cosmos” is 2-0 in the new promotion. At the debut show, he defeated Bam Bam Bundy before following up with a win over Danny Dollar during APW show number two. 

By his side for both victories his BFF and Chillileo partner, Max Chill. The nefarious duo has teamed together all across Iowa and now wants to leave their mark on Absolute Pro Wrestling. 

Stepping up to face them are a pair of powerhouses in Jameson McGregor and AC Riley.  Teaming for the very first time, these two want to make an immediate statement within APW.  A win over a seasoned team like Chillieo would do just that. 

Absolute Pro Wrestling presents Gold Rush
Grudge Match
The Big Picture vs. Ugly

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These two have history. They’ve gone to battle in any type of match you can imagine and now they bring their long-running feud to APW. Both have a championship pedigree and are looking to insert themselves into the main event scene within APW. 

Winning a big time singles match at Absolute Pro Wrestling’s biggest show to date would easily put them in the heavyweight championship picture. No matter who wins, this one’s going to be physical.

Absolute Pro Wrestling presents Gold Rush
Looking For A Fight

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Another competitor establishing his own legacy in Absolute Pro Wrestling is Ricky Bronson. Currently 1-1 within APW, Bronson is coming to Waterloo with a new manager in his corner and will be looking for a fight. It will be interesting to see who answers the challenge. 

The road to “Gold Rush” reaches its climax this Saturday when Absolute Pro Wrestling returns to Waterloo. With the inaugural champion being crowned, the new course for APW will begin.