AAA Running Empty Arena Shows

As of Saturday, April 25th, AAA will begin to running empty arena shows. These shows will air for the following four consecutive Saturday’s airing at 9 PM Eastern. Each episode will air on either their Facebook page or YouTube. What is interesting to note is that they will not appear on AAA’s Twitch paid subscription channel. At the moment there hasn’t been a reason as to why that is maybe according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Triple-A will also host the Lucha Fighter Tournament. This tournament will consist of twenty-eight competitors. Eight Women, Four Minis and Sixteen men will take part in the tournament. Who is involved and where it will take place is yet to be announced. This decision suggests something positive could be coming in light of a rather dire situation. The decision could be based on the need to rebuild the economy or the need for entertainment as a distraction. Whether it is even a combination of the two the choice to move forward likely was met with support.

This first episode will air tomorrow (Saturday, April 18th) on YouTube.

With the recent announcement coming that a task force has been created to help build the economy a likely ripple effect for sports could be taking place. The decision to run these events also suggest that in moving the programming forward therein lies the hopes that the situation within the country may be improving as well

AAA Will Begin Running Empty Arena Shows

With the COVID-19 pandemic, AAA has had to cancel events much like the rest of the wrestling world. Whether or not this is a test remains to be seen. It could be to gauge the talent within the promotion’s level of comfort or the public response to the programming as well. Fans are encouraged to visit the AAA’s YouTube and Facebook pages as well.