A Cinderella Story | Coming Up NXT or 7/15/20 | Preview

A new faction has established dominance under a wealthy champion. A couple that wins together, starts on a new path together. The new face of fear in the women’s division lands on Wednesday nights. With one of the most historic editions of Great American Bash now in the rearview, the black and gold brand looks to move forward with what is next with just some of the stories established over the past two weeks. But if you think NXT has given everything it’s got with the Summer fireworks event, then this week’s edition will be proof they’re nowhere near done yet. It’s time for us preview what’s to come in this edition of Coming up NXT for Wednesday, 7/15/20 episode. This is a Cinderella Story.

A Cinderella Story
Photo / WWE NXT

A Cinderella Story – Coming Up NXT 7/15/20

No More Games

Cameron Grimes has been an absolute sore in the behind of NXT. But his work over the past month has proved he’s here to become the man on the brand. And even with a win over Finn Balor, then a subsequent loss, Grimes has created the idea that he’s worth the watch… and not his opponent on Wednesday, Damian Priest.

But Priest, after a loss against Balor himself 3 weeks ago, seems to be on a turning point in his NXT career as he looks to find his footing again on the brand while keeping his eyes behind his head watching out for Cameron Grimes to ruin his day.

This week’s edition will not be about drive-bys, slashed tires or Uber ordering, it will be a straight-up fight. Will Damian Priest finally eliminate the ‘little s**t’ of the Savage Technician? Or will Cameron Grimes be another pain in the… for the man who wants to live forever?

A Cinderella Story – Coming Up NXT 7/15/20

The Clock Is Ticking

Last week, NXT ended it’s Great American Bash event with the crowning of it’s first ever double champion as Keith Lee regained the NXT North American Championship and became the new NXT Champion!

But before Lee became champion, the man who wants to watch the world burn in Karrion Kross set his clock in motion towards former champion Adam Cole with his conduit, Scarlett. Now that the Limitless One holds not just one, but two of the top titles one the brand, has Kross reset his clock to focus on becoming a double champion himself? Or is he only seeking the top prize in the NXT Championship?

We are sure to see, or hear, (or fall and pray) from NXT’s resident time keeper.

A Cinderella Story
Photo / WWE NXT

A Cinderella Story – Coming Up NXT 7/15/20

Redemption Song

It has been a long road for Tegan Nox. Between injuries, heartbreak, triumph and shining wizards, Nox has been one of the brands’ most determined superstars. But Tegan Nox finally earned her chance at redemption after defeating Mia Yim, Candace LeRae and her consistent enemy, Dakota Kai, at NXT Great American Bash.

But even Nox has no idea what’s to come. Io Shirai has been on one unbelievable run since her Takeover: In Your House championship win over former champion Rhea Ripley and then champion, the legendary Charlotte Flair. So how does the NXT Women’s Champion follow up her big win of the title? She goes on to beat another NXT legend, current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks.

In a surefire main event, Tegan Nox faces Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship. Will Io Shirai continue her relentless reign as the new empress of the women’s division or will finally, after all that she has to endure, Tegan Nox defeat the champion and complete her ‘Cinderella story’ and become the only 11th woman to hold the title in the belt’s short history.

Also on the show, we hope to hear from the current NXT Tag Team Champions, Imperium, and find out who will become the next challengers to the titles; we also should find out what’s next in the story of Drake Maverick and his never-ending quest to fight Santos Escobar and Legado De Fantasma forever; will Dexter Lumis finish his crusade to torture the members of the Undisputed Era, and finally… will Robert Stone ever sign another client? Is Aliyah even a Robert Stone Brand client?

And that was Coming Up NXT for 7/15/20. Tune in Wednesday as NXT is only on the USA Network!

John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.