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#Review: Pro-Wrestling EVE “Dawn of a New Era” 6/13/19

Dawn of a New Era opens with a highlight reel recapping Wrestle Queendom 2. After the package, Emily Read announcing a quarter-final match in...

#Preview: Pro-Wrestling EVE Presents Wrestle Queendom II

Last year's Wrestle Queendom was the largest all-women wrestling event in European history with Wrestle Queendom II. It was a tremendous card and fantastic...
#Preview: Pro-Wrestling: EVE Presents - Wrestling With An Agenda

#Preview: Pro-Wrestling: EVE Presents – Wrestling With An Agenda

On Saturday, September 14th, Pro-Wrestling: EVE presents its first big event of the fall. Wrestling with an Agenda will be the first show of...
Michinoku Pro-Wrestling

Michinoku Pro-Wrestling – Turning Insults Into Valor

Rivers symbolize freedom. If you place a rock into a river, the water will flow around it. If you block a river, it will...
Jun Akiyama's Greatest Tag Team Match Ever

Jun Akiyama’s Greatest Tag Team Match Ever | 12-06-96

All Japan Pro-Wrestling had its golden age during the 1990s. That company produced some of the greatest wrestling matches to ever take place. They...
The Longest Wrestling PPV Ever

The Longest Wrestling PPV Ever – Big Egg Wrestling Universe

When people think of  ‘the longest wrestling PPV ever’, the first name that usually comes to mind is (pre-COVID) WrestleMania. Before the pandemic hit,...

Suzuki-gun and The Forever War Rising

Suzuki-gun. January 4, 2011. New Japan Pro Wrestling. Wrestling Dontaku 2011. In the era before New Japan World, before Bullet Club, and before "The...
Fight Forever

GCW Fight Forever Preview

GCW Fight Forever is here! With hours before the show, the entire program breaks down of a number of different matches and blocks throughout....
Pro Wrestling Post Podcast

PWP Podcast Episode 15 (Historic PPV Main Event)

The Pro Wrestling Post Podcast boys are back in town...or in this case back in your ears! Mark Blake & Marc Madison discuss promos...
Pro Wrestling Post Podcast

PWP Podcast 09 (RETRIBUTION Leader Revealed)

Like clockwork, the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast is back! Each week Mark Blake, Pete Moon & Marc Madison will discuss the significant happenings in the...