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New South Pro Wrestling Presents

New South Pro Wrestling Presents Top Shelf | Preview

You're missing out if you haven't been keeping up with New South Pro Wrestling presents this summer! I've been devotedly following this crew throughout...

New South Pro Wrestling Presents 5: The Anniversary Show | Preview

On Saturday in Hanceville, AL, the dirty south will see its biggest bash of the summer! New South Pro Wrestling celebrates its 5th anniversary...

Southern Pro Wrestling New Zealand | A Brief History Of

The entire wrestling world is constantly searching out trying to discover where the next untapped source of talent and excitement is going to come...
Indigenous American Wrestling

Indigenous American Wrestling – The Gathering Of Skill

Indigenous American Wrestling - The Gathering Of Skill. My connection with Indigenous American culture dates back to when I was a young child. My...
Chris Tatanka Chavis

Tatanka | Pro Wrestling’s Unsung Native American Hero

Tatanka, aka Chris Chavis, was essential to the WWF in the '90s. He was beloved as a fan favorite and despised as a member...
Suma Te Woke

Suma Te Woke – The War Chief and Warrior of Wrestling

Suma Te Woke La grew up dreaming of being a professional wrestler. He saw it on the television, and ever since then, he was...
Wahoo McDaniel

Wahoo McDaniel | Celebrating Wrestling’s ‘Chief’

One of wrestling's legit toughest was Edward "Chief Wahoo" McDaniel. With little evidence he was ever recognized as a Chief, Wahoo McDaniel was unquestionably...
The Missing Link

The Missing Link – Wrestling’s Original Unknown Terror

The evolutionists seem to know everything about the missing Link except the fact that it is missing. - Gilbert K. Chesterton For Dewey Robertson, his...
Adrian Street

Adrian Street – Pro Wrestling’s Renaissance Man

Adrian Street. According to the Webster’s Dictionary the definition of a Renaissance man is “a person who has wide interests and is expert in...
The UWF Beach Brawl

The UWF Beach Brawl | A Wrestling Catastrophe

On June 9th, 1991, The Universal Wrestling Federation held their first pay-per-view event. The Supercard, known as The UWF Beach Brawl, would also be...