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Kashing in with KJ: Always Thank The Ref

Always Thank The Ref. I truly believe that referees in professional wrestling don’t get the credit they deserve. They always carry the guilt if...

Love to Hate | Kashing in with KJ

When debating with myself about what I should write my article this week, I turned to my best friend and asked for ideas. With...

Kashing in with KJ: You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet You ain’t seen nothing yet? You haven’t seen nothing yet? You haven’t seen anything yet? Ignore all the grammatically incorrect statements I may...

Do You See Where I’m Coming From? | Kashing in with KJ

KJ is back! I bet you’re wondering where I was last week. Have no fear. I am here with an update. Last week, I...

Kashing In With KJ: My Evolution

When I write these articles, I feel like all I talk about is my emotional state towards professional wrestling. So buckle up, I’m here...

The Power of Support | Kashing in with KJ

In the latest edition of Kashing in with KJ, I think back in 2016, when the mere thought of actually becoming a professional wrestler...

Brothers I’ve Gained | Kashing in with KJ

I have consistently discussed all the things wrestling has taught me or given me. The most unexpected gift that professional wrestling has given me...

Kashing in with KJ: Creatures of Habit

People tend to be creatures of habit when it comes to routines and schedules. This can be either a bad or a...

Kashing in with KJ: Thank You for The Lessons

I will always be most thankful to wrestling for two things: friendships, and self-confidence. It is consistently teaching me lessons that can...
First Match Feels

First Match Feels | Kashing in with KJ

In my last article, I spoke about my experience surrounding my first training session. In turn, I figured that I should talk...