Kashing in with KJ: You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

You ain’t seen nothing yet?

You haven’t seen nothing yet?

You haven’t seen anything yet?

Ignore all the grammatically incorrect statements I may have just said. This isn’t an English 100 class. But this term will be relevant towards the end of this post.

June 15th, 2019. Red Deer, Alberta.

Why is this date/location so important? It may be my Dad’s birthday (sorry I am missing Fathers Day and your birthday), but it is also the day that RCW/CWC will return to Red Deer, featuring a match, that in my personal opinion is a year in the making.

You Haven't Seen Anything Yet
Photo / RCW/CWC

Kylie Morgan versus Zoe Sager versus Kayla Jaye

This time last year, I watched two brand new wrestlers, who were freshly graduated from Storm Wrestling Academy walk into Nait’s gym in Edmonton. At this point, I was only in the business 15 months and barely had any experience myself.

I remember introducing myself and asked them both. “So who do I get to wrestle first?”

I laugh back at it now, because they both looked at each other at the same time and I got no response. Instead, I stated, “Okay, so both then?”

Over the last few months, I have met Zoe Sager across the ring 3 times. I am humble in defeat (only against her, of course) in saying that she has my number in those matches.

2-1 in favor of Zoe if you must know.

I have also had the pleasure of being Kylie Morgan’s first match in wrestling. Which I am extremely flattered she would allow me that honor.

So how did this match come about?

I took an off weekend just a few weeks ago and decided to visit my former promotion to watch those two ladies face off for the first time against each other in a singles match. As soon as Kylie Morgan made her entrance I thought “Damn, you can just feel the change in her confidence since her first match. She is owning that space, and commanding your attention”

When Zoe Sager made her entrance, you could just feel the joy the crowd has for her, and you find yourself immediately wanting her to prevail.

You Haven't Seen Anything Yet
Photo / Target Photography

Watching them lockup, I thought “Damn, I NEED to have them both in a match. It has to happen”

Let’s make it happen. This has been my #1 response since I started wrestling. Not just for myself, but for everyone around me.

Oh, I really want to try this.

Let’s make it happen.

I really want to wrestle you.

Let’s make it happen.

I immediately told RCW’s promoter, I want them in a triple threat, and that I needed this match. Followed by a laugh, because I never thought it would happen.

5 minutes later I get a text, “Can we confirm this triple?”

I said, “Yeah, I am down for this!”

“Okay, you got the match. I will plug it.”

In my head, I thought “Wait, that just happened so quickly. What is happening?”

This match is more than just a match. I truly believe each one of us has something prove. We each have a statement to make, that we can hold our own, and we are some of the best in western Canada.

Zoe isn’t just the nice girl who is there for a smile. She is tough and resilient.

Kylie isn’t just the green girl, who is all flash. She is smart and fast.

As for myself? Neither opponent nor Red Deer has met Kayla Jaye yet.

The fact that this match is taking place in Red Deer, is very special to me. Red Deer gave me my first match, and I have grown right in front of them. They haven’t met Kylie Morgan or Zoe Sager yet. I promise that by the end of the show they will either love or hate, in the best possible way.

This is where I think of the hashtag #WomensWrestling.

This isn’t about separating “abilities”, or “style”.

I see #WomensWrestling as being proud, entertained, and enthused because of women IN wrestling.

I am proud every time I see one of my friends, or opponent’s progress. If you aren’t moving forward, no matter what the pace is, you are moving backward. I have seen Kylie and Zoe since day one, and let me tell you…

You haven’t seen anything yet.