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Kenta Kobashi vs Jun Akiyama

Kenta Kobashi and Jun Akiyama – An Amazing Match With The Wrong Ending

Kenta Kobashi and Jun Akiyama. On July 10th, 2004, the Tokyo Dome bore witness to one of the most intense and exciting pro-wrestling matches...
Jun Akiyama

Jun Akiyama | The Unsung Pillar of All Japan Pro-Wrestling

Jun Akiyama is unjustly forgotten when people talk about AJPW's success in the 1990s. When one heard the words ‘All Japan Pro-Wrestling’, a few...
Jun Akiyama's Greatest Tag Team Match Ever

Jun Akiyama’s Greatest Tag Team Match Ever

When exploring Jun Akiyama's Greatest Tag Team Match Ever, one need not go any further than looking at his time in AJPW. All Japan...

Jun Akiyama Stepping Down As President of AJPW

I can say that it's been a crazy week for the world of professional wrestling, especially in the Japanese scene. During a press conference...

#NEWS: New AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Championship being made

https://twitter.com/jun0917start/status/1162694336011595776 On August 17th, Jun Akiyama announced on Twitter after thanking everyone who came to Atsushi Aoki's Memorial Show that the current AJPW World Junior...
Kenta Kobashi and Kensuke Sasaki

Kenta Kobashi and Kensuke Sasaki – Their Big Dream Match

Kenta Kobashi and Kensuke Sasaki. You couldn’t find a more perfect pairing in Japan for a big dream match. The two of them were...
Naomichi Marufuji

Naomichi Marufuji | The Mastermind Behind Modern Pro Wrestling

Naomichi Marufuji. Think of the first image that comes to mind when you hear the term ‘modern professional wrestling’. Is that image the sight...
Pro Wrestling NOAH Satruday Night RetroView with Ethan Black

Navigation Against The Current 2004 Night 1 Pro Wrestling Noah Saturday Night RetroView

On October 9th, 2004, Pro Wrestling Noah aired the 1st night of the Navigation Against The Current 2004 Tour live from Tokyo, Japan, inside...
History of the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

History of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship – Part 3

Tadao Yasuda’s first and only reign as IWGP Heavyweight Champion lasted a mere 48 days. On April 5th, 2002, he lost the title to...
Maki Itoh and Miyu Yamashita

Maki Itoh and Miyu Yamashita: Twice in a Million Love Story

In 2021, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling asked the question: What is love? Some say it’s when two people have enough in common...