#NEWS: New AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Championship being made

On August 17th, Jun Akiyama announced on Twitter after thanking everyone who came to Atsushi Aoki’s Memorial Show that the current AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Championship title will be given to the Aoki Family and that a new will be designed.

The World Junior Heavyweight Championship has recently gone through a transformation on August 27th, 2019 when Ultimo Dragon defeated TAJIRI to win the newly designed belt and has been around until now with the belt going to be delivered to the Aoiki family since he was the last one to hold it before his tragic death.

I personally think it’s a classy and respectful move they would do for someone who has helped them out a lot in the business since not only are they giving the family the title to make a new one, but they would also not crown a new champion right away and wait the 6 months where they could legally vacate the belt for not being defended. This show how much he meant to the company and how they valued him.

He is still missed to this day by family, friends, colleagues, and fans all over the world since his tragic passing and they hope they could rebuild what was lost. No new details have been revealed yet as to what the belt will look like or when they will make another announcement on it, so be sure to keep an eye out for it when the time comes.

The decision to do so was a conscience one. For fans of the promotion, it shows a commitment to respecting the legacy Aoki’s place in the company while preparing to move forward as well. This decision appears unprecedented as several promotions would likely still use the same championship but in doing so it tends to lose something to the memory of the person whom last held it. Anticipation for the new AJPW World Junior Heavyweight championship can now begin.