205 Live Landscape for 12/13/19 (Nese vs. Burch)

Welcome to the review of the December 13, 2019 edition of 205 Live! We have just come off the hype of a huge opener to this week’s WWE NXT on USA which saw Angel Garza become the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion!

We kick off the show with Tom Phillips and Aiden English speaking on the huge title match and Garza’s win. They introduce the opening match, the Persian Prince, Ariya Davari and the man on the hottest win streak in NXT and 205 Live currently, Raul Mendoza.

Ariya Daivari vs. Raul Mendoza

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Make that three straight weeks now on 205 Live that we get a great opener for this episode. I don’t know how much more I can sing the praises of Raul Mendoza, but week after week, he continues to be one of the sleepers of the division. His chemistry with almost anyone is almost Dolph Ziggler-esque with his selling, evident from some of the dropkicks and clotheslines Daivari laid into him throughout the match.

Daivari has picked up his aggression since being featured more. However, it seems he and resident NXT problem child, Aliyah, have been shopping at the same store. Good continuity between these two.

In the end, another week, another “Raul-up.” Mendoza catches the Persian Prince off-guard after some impressive offense on the luchador for the win.

Winner: Raul Mendoza (via roll-up)

Before the next match, Phillips speaks on the upcoming debuts coming to 205 Live via the working relationship between General Manager Drake Maverick and NXT General Manager William Regal. This starts tonight, with Joaquin Wilde. We get a highlight of Wilde’s amazing journey on the indies, his heart surgery to being in NXT during the Breakout tournament. So, get out your air horns and drop a beat, Joaquin gets a debut match on 205 Live!

Joaquin Wilde vs. James Tapia

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For a while, WWE and the NXT brand during the Breakout Tournament, Joaquin Wilde was the cinderella story after coming back from his heart surgery just a year before getting signed. Well, that’s until he hit the ring. If you’ve never seen the instant offense of Zema Ion in TNA or DJ Z on the indies, then you are in for a treat in 205 Live.

Our local superstar, James Tapia, received everything from a devastating dropkick, an amazing handstand head scissors to double knees to the chin throughout this match. Wilde showed exactly what I’ve seen in him since his TNA days.

Even with some light offense by Tapia, the sudden double up-kick to the face caught our current NXT Cruiserweight Champion with during the Breakouts Tournament, now known as Wilde Thing, is our finish and gets Wilde his debut W.

Winner: Joaquin Wilde (via pin)

To close the night, after discussing Angel Garza’s engagement to his girlfriend, and of course, the trademark Triple H picture, we introduce the resident NXT UK bruiser. Danny Burch faces the man finally standing on his own (Phillips’ words, not mine), Tony Nese.

Tony Nese vs. Danny Burch

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As good as this match was, I miss when certain polarizing stars like Enzo Amore or even Neville were on the brand. Throw in Drew Gulak in that group… It’s guys of their caliber, presence wise, gave other stars around them a story. That is what is lacking for Tony Nese regardless of his ring work. Solid throughout the match with his signature offense like that beautiful middle rope moonsault or Fosberry Flop. Nese should be right back in contention.

But Danny Burch, as stated by Aiden throughout the match, is too technically gifted. Burch, with a simple headlock, slowed this match down for a good 10 minutes of the match. His precision from catching Nese with a European Uppercut as he attempted a plancha, to his T-Bone Suplex out of the corner, Burch is paid by the minute to hurt people.

Nice transition towards the end of this match as Burch hit the London Calling, attempted a pin which Nese kicked out into a Crossface was great to see. Feels like its been, since Neville, we’ve seen a submission specialist as Burch.

In a surprising sequence, Nese gets his 450 miss turned into a Crossface, which turned into a roll-up counter. But instead of attempting the 1-2-3, Nese displays his power, lifted Burch into a Buckle Bomb and a lighting fast Running Nese for the win.

Winner: Tony Nese (via pin)

As much as it was solid ring work all around, I still want more of the Gentlemen Jack story. I would have also wanted to see Garza. However, he just got engaged, so I can excuse it for one week. Between Mendoza, Nese and even Wilde with his debut, here’s to hoping we get another cruiserweight triple threat number #1 contenders match soon. All three of these guys can go. Either way, until next week guys, for another edition of 205 Live!

John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.