#NEWS: WWE Will Air A Special Performance Center Combine

Next Sunday, May 26, WWE will air a special Performance Center Combine. It will begin at 12 PM EST and is scheduled to last for eight hours.

As the title suggests, the combine will take place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. This special airs over Memorial Day weekend and comes hot on the heels of All Elite Wrestling’s Double Or Nothing PPV.

The WWE combine (usually held in the NFL, NBA, and the NHL) is basically a competition where the WWE Superstars that attend the Performance Center compete over different events to see who is the best.

They will be putting their speed, strength, and athleticism to the test. The winner, unfortunately, doesn’t receive a title shot or anything like that. Just the honor of being recognized as the best at the Performance Center.

This WWE Network special is the first time that this event will be seen outside of the confines of WWE.com and their YouTube channel. Over the years, highlights of the combine have been posted onto YouTube, as you can see in the video above.

Blake’s Take: I never knew that this combine existed. I’m a huge NFL and NBA guy and religiously (well, when I get chance) watch the combines. So seeing that WWE now do it, and it’s being aired, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be tuning in. I have a sneaky suspicion that if this event does good numbers on the Network, there could be an incentive on the line next year. Maybe an NXT North American/Women’s title shot perhaps? That said, who would be your pick out of the NXT stars in the Performance Center? Bianca Belair apparently was dominant last year and must be in with a shout this year. On the men’s side, I’m looking at Keith Lee. He is an absolute behemoth. Either way, this could be a good watch as the WWE will air a special Performance Center combine.