WWE NXT Preview for 4/20/21 (Sarray to Make Her Debut!)

In the latest WWE NXT preview, we look at what is planned along with what to anticipate on the 4/20/21 episode of the show. While several matches are scheduled as of the writing of this preview, it isn’t to say more won’t be announced the day of (Tuesday) or even during the program. For now, what is scheduled is a debut, a return, and a celebration. Fans will see the debut of rising Joshi star Sarray, who has been set to join the company since before the pandemic. Her inclusion as part of the NXT Women’s division will be discussed later in the preview.


After their unsanctioned match, Kyle O’Reilly makes his return after he and Adam Cole were taken to a ‘medical facility’ after their match. Also, fans will witness the celebration of KUSHIDA, who became the NXT Cruiserweight Champion last week.

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WWE NXT Preview for 4/20/21
Sarray set to make her debut.

She long shared that she was coming to the WWE. In fact, it was over a year ago that Sareee (spelled differently) shared that she was leaving Japan and would be coming to the WWE. Her journey to come to the WWE has not been without its obstacles. However, she joins a growing list of Japanese women looking to capture the attention of the North American audience. Asuka, Kairi Sane, & Io Shirai have all gone through NXT and become successful during this time.

She will likely come in as a face but don’t allow that to sway one’s opinion on how effective she will be in the ring. Sarray is not only highly touted but comes with a vote of confidence from the boss herself, Meiko Satomura. Who will step up and challenge Sarray right off the bat? It isn’t announced as of yet. However, the match possibilities during her time in NXT are numerous.

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Kyle O’Reilly Returns

It was almost two weeks since Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole went to war. These two frienemies managed to hit each other with everything, including the kitchen sink. Although Kyle O’Reilly was able to walk out of the ring and to the backstage area, it was after his departure that was also documented. As he walked backstage, O’Reilly collapsed and was immediately seen by backstage medics. What proceeded was not an example of two men hell-bent on destroying one another. But one of two men arguing with one another as well!

Footage showed both O’Reilly and Cole being wheeled into the hospital, with William Regal following behind. The visual of Regal shaking his head as Cole screaming he will end O’Reilly while being strapped to a stretcher was somewhat comical. It was other furthered by Regal response as he followed both men. What will O’Reilly say as he speaks to the NXT universe?

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WWE NXT Preview for 4/20/21
KUSHIDA’s NXT Cruiserweight Championship Celebration

Last week, KUSHIDA captured the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. He defeated Santos Escobar in a match not many had predicted would have happened. That said, his win is well-deserved and is a testament to his commitment and dedication to his time in NXT. After winning the title, KUSHIDA was congratulated backstage by NXT General Manager William Regal immediately. However, as KUSHIDA was recovering from the match, he was quickly approached by the former NXT Cruiserweight champion, Jordan Devlin.

Devlin called himself the man and was quick to say that KUSHIDA was lucky. The Irish Ace also said that he was coming for him. What can fans anticipate will happen during KUSHIDA’s championship celebration? If Devlin interjecting himself after KUSHIDA’s win and likely a bitter Santos Escobar after losing the title have anything to say about it, no good will come of it.

WWE NXT Preview for 4/20/21
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Dexter Lumis vs. LA Knight

The only announced match of the night pits two men that faced one another as part of the NXT North American Championship gauntlet match. Both men made a difference in that matchup, but now it appears as though another distraction could be in the sights of one man. Lumis may be fixated on one Indi Hartwell after The Way member was carried away by the silent yet violent Dexter Lumis. What can fans anticipate happening during this match? If The Way has anything to say about it, no good for Lumis. Gargano & LaRae, in particular, continue to try and pull Hartwell’s lovestruck gaze away from Lumis and cost him the match.

What To Expect:

  • Finn Balor is likely set to address his loss to Karrion Kross and what is next for him.
  • Tomasso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher continue to pursue MSK
  • Is Dexter Lumis likely to step up to Johnny Gargano and become a threat for the NXT North American Championship?


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