Sareee Announces She Has Signed With WWE

Sareee WWE
Photo / @1996Sareee

As stated on the Yahoo! Japan publication, Japanese wrestling star Sareee has announced that she has signed with the WWE. Earlier today she stated this during the World Woman’s Pro-Wrestling Diana Event. The announcement also stated that she was going to be traveling to the United States in a likelihood of April or beyond.

At 23 years of age, is already a veteran of almost nine years. Highly regarded for her matches for several promotions along with World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana. They include most notably Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling and Pro-Wrestling WAVE.

Below are her comments translated.

The contract with WWE has been completed, but I’ve told many people that I really wrestle Japanese women’s wrestling and that Japanese women’s wrestling is the best. I’ll prove it. I’ll do my best so please support me!

I will travel to the United States after March. Asuka and Kairi Sane play an active part in WWE, and their popularity with Japanese female wrestlers is increasing.

In a separate tweet, Sareee showed her admiration for what lied ahead for her. At only 23 years of age, her best years could still be ahead of her especially with not having to compete in such a stiff style of combat. Her comments from the tweet are translated below.

I decided to think about doing professional wrestling abroad outside of Japan. And WWE joining has been decided. I am relieved to be able to properly report to everyone.

Spreading Japanese women’s professional wrestling, Aiming for the top of WWE, Aim for the pinnacle of women’s professional wrestling. I will fight over my life. #wwe #Sareee

The potential matchups that she is likely to engage in are countless. Whether it is from established NXT, Raw or Smackdown talent such Asuka, Kairi Sane or Io Shirai just to name a few. The former two-time World Women Pro-Wrestling Diana World champion. Many will wonder just how good she will ultimately be. With a ceiling yet to be reached yet, the future for Sareee with the WWE is quite bright.