WWE NXT 2.0 for 8/30/22 (NXT Worlds Collide Go-Home Show)

The upcoming episode of WWE NXT 2.0 for 8/30/22 features four matches for the show in the go-home edition ahead of this coming Sunday’s NXT When World’s Collide event. Whether we call it a pay-per-view or a premium live event is completely up to you, the fan, we won’t dictate how you address it.

Of the four matches on tap for this show include two separate six-person tag team matches and a tag team match. While all the multi-person matches advertised for this coming week? Hopefully, it will make more sense upon watching the show. Here is the preview for WWE NXT 2.0 for 8/30/22 below.

WWE NXT 2.0 for 8/30/22
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WWE NXT 2.0 for 8/30/22
Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley

After all their time together, Carter and Chance are finally at the top of the mountain. But as they say, the current NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions will now have to put in the work. Standing across from them is a duo that could fall under the radar as they don’t appear to be on the same page.

However, Ivy Nile has all the tools to stand out in the women’s division. With Tatum Paxley doing whatever is necessary to win by her side, anything is possible. Will this be the match that cements Paxley and Nile as threats for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship?

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WWE NXT 2.0 for 8/30/22
Grayson Waller vs. Apollo Crews

The time for talk is over! After last week’s debuting Grayson Waller Effect show was a bust, it became apparent that a match between these two was bound to happen. Waller and Crews are bound to put on a spectacular show between them. Fans have seen just what Waller is capable of.

They are equally aware of the feats of athleticism of the former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Apollo Crews. Will this match be make it or break it for Grayson Waller in elevating him on the NXT 2.0 roster, or Apollo Crews become a title contender on the brand after this match?

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WWE NXT 2.0 for 8/30/22
Six-Person Tag Team Match
Fallon Henley, Josh Briggs, and Brooks Jensen vs. Pretty Deadly and Lash Legend

It was bound to happen that these six were going to war with each other. Henley and Legend was a feud that was simmering until now. But Briggs, Jensen, Wilson, and Prince have no love lost for each other. If anything, the former NXT UK Tag team Champions are more determined than ever to regain some momentum in their favor.

Will this match help Pretty Deadly’s push for regaining the NXT UK Tag Team titles? Or does this end their feud once and for all?

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WWE NXT 2.0 for 8/30/22
Six-Person Tag
Diamond Mine vs. Gallus

With Gallus’ desire to become the NXT Tag Team Champions likely on the horizon, this match against Diamond Mine is likely to be a step in that direction. What is interesting to note is that Damon Kemp and not Roderick Strong that is there to represent Diamond Mine.

What fans of NXT and not NXT UK may not know is that Joe Coffey is a singles threat and someone for them to keep an eye on moving forward. A win here likely sets up a future championship opportunity for Gallus. But if that’s the case, could a loss also lead to a split for Diamond Mine? This match is sure to showcase a ton of stiff strikes from all involved.

What To Expect

  • Does Dexter Lumis seek the help of Indi Hartwell?
  • What will Tyler Bate and Bron Breakker say ahead of their title unification match at NXT When World’s Collide?
  • Do Meiko Satamura, Blair Davenport, and Mandy Rose have any last-minute things to say ahead of the Women’s Unification match-up?

What do you anticipate will happen on this week’s edition of NXT 2.0? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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